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Soul fragmentation

- the real cause for the existence of both heartbreak, unfaithfulness, polyamory, jealousy, etc.

Our souls are fragmented. This problem is as yet only known and understood by very few people, although the oldest book I know on the subject was published in 1986: "Original Cause I - The Unseen Role of Denial" by Ceanne DeRohan.
Soul fragmentation is a very comprehensive subject, but together with denial, it actually explains all the problems that mankind has not so far been able to understand and solve. Therefore I have spent many years gathering and working up the most important understandings on the subject into a short and concentrated text of about 15 pages: The Transformation - about mankind's situation and possibilities here on my website. So I will not try to explain it here, but if you read and understand that text, starting from the chapter Denial and Fragmentation, then gradually you can start to get a real understanding of why there exist phenomena like heartbreak, infidelity, polyamory, jealousy, etc. etc. A real solution for these types of problems and peculiarities is only possible if you begin to accept and understand that we are fragmented, and that we need to heal our fragmentation, to survive in the long run.


Henrik Rosenø
(or: Roseno, Rosenoe)

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