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Texts and discussions on spiritual and ethical subjects etc.:

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Nov. 03, 20173Open letter / “contact ad”: Do women want ageing and death? – about the Creator's intentions with the sexual energy, etc.
June 30, 201711Transcript of the interview ”Remote Viewing the Phoenix Lights - The Plane Truth” on YouTube - Clairvoyant observation of and communication with the aliens that visited Phoenix, Arizona, USA and several other states in 1997 in a large space ship - under scientific blind conditions.
April 07, 201730Maria Occult Gala - Satanic Gala with Hollywood celebrities...
Oct. 28, 20135Examples of soul fragmentation - examples where several people feel or remember being the same person in a past life. - [på dansk]
Sep. 29, 20131The essence of mankind's situation - [en castellano/español] - [på dansk]
Sep. 29, 20132Your perception of your identity limits your evolution - [en castellano/español] - [på dansk]
Sep. 6, 201320Updated version.  The Transformation - about mankind's situation and possibilities - [på dansk]
Mar. 14, 20112What is Personal and Spiritual Evolution - [på dansk]
Jan. 23, 20115New version!  Is it the creator's intention that there should exist ageing, illness, pain and death? - [en castellano/español] - [på dansk]
Mar. 30, 20101What does God think about homosexuality etc.? - [på dansk]
Jan. 12, 20100.5Soul fragmentation - the real cause for the existence of both heartbreak, unfaithfulness, polyamory, jealousy, etc. - [på dansk]
Jan. 04, 20101Abortion - why "pro-lifers" are not really pro life - [på dansk] - [en castellano/español]
June 15, 2009The missing understandings of the traditions of sacred sex - about the higher purpose of Sacred Sexuality in our time.
Mar. 31, 20091'Judgement Day', the plagues of our time, & death - cause & solution - [på dansk]
Feb. 25, 20081Both men and women can experience 2 fundamentally different types of orgasm - about how sexuality and spiritual transformation are connected.  (New improved version Apr. 2, 2008.) - [på dansk]
Jan. 5-8, 20081I was invited to present The Transformation at the World Congress on Psychology and Spirituality - 2008 in India.
Click here for a short introduction of me and The Transformation from the website of the congress.
Video recordings of parts of the congress can be bought on the website of the congress.

Category 2:
Texts and discussions on politics, power-conspiracies, etc.:

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June 30, 201712'Planet X': The cause of global disasters foreseen by RUOW and The Revelation (in The Bible) - Magnetic pole shift in the near future! See the evidence! - This text might save your life! It is both scientific, spiritual and about a power-conspiracy.
NB! January 29, 2018:
In the last quarter of 2017 a friend of mine one day saw a 'psychedelic sun-rise' which he interprets as Planet X passing more or less directly on the line between the Earth and the Sun. In that case the danger is probably over more or less without any repercussions, unless Planet X's orbit is on the same plane as the Earth. In that case we could run into it's 'tail' within the next year. He claims to have some photos of it, but I haven't seen them.
Nov. 6, 20149Manipulation of Wikipedia covers up serious crime - Analysis: Wikipedia's credibility as a serious independent media has been undermined. Within a year, in the Wikipedia article "Chemtrails conspiracy theory", we have registered 14 examples of users' attempts to add serious and relevant information and sources about chemtrails, which then immediately is removed by someone else... In addition, this document contains some of the best photos documenting chemtrails, that we have been able to find!  - [på dansk]
Sep. 03, 20132Unconditional Basic Income and Joint Division of Labor is a natural evolution of democratic societies - [på dansk]

Click to enlarge photo of Henrik Rosenø About me:  (May 2, 2010) I feel that I am a part of The Heart - The Father's Heart [The Heart Son - The Son - The Heart of The Father - The Heart of God - The Heart of Father-God - Spirit Heart] - the very first spirit that emerged as a result of the union of The Father (Spirit) and The Mother (Will) in the beginning of the creation, according to "Original Cause I" (the "Right Use of Will"-books). - Love, Henrik Rosenø (or: Roseno, Rosenoe)

Updated January the 29th, 2018.

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