Version 1.00, Aug. 8, 2018

Privacy Policy:

All my pages use the Facebook Comments Box. This means that you can write comments at the bottom of all my pages and these comments are simultaneously posted on your Facebook profile.

I am sorry that my website doesn’t have it’s own comments system! Facebook is infamous for storing all information they can get their hands on, so in that sense my website is a bit invasive on your privacy. And maybe the Facebook Comments code sets cookies. I don’t know.

My site also uses ‘jquery-3.3.1.min.js’. But that file is hosted on my website, to minimize the amount of tracking.

Beside that, the servers of my web hosting company has statistics. Probably more or less equal to any other unix-based web server.

A few of my web pages may still use StatCounter for statistics, but that is a reminiscence…

Well… That’s all I know about the privacy of my website.


Henrik Rosenø

Privacy Policy