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"Please know there is someone else out there in the world who finds your words to be a breath of fresh air, as they say. You are talented with a gift of explaining things that there were times in my life that I believed were impossible to explain to anyone."

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Abortion - why "pro-lifers" are not really pro life

Anti-abortionists claim to be "pro-life". But that is actually a self-contradiction - a delusion or deception. I also explain this in my text The Transformation here on my website. In this text I will paraphrase it so that you don't need the larger framework:

To oppose free access to contraceptives and abortion is actually a denial of life. God has given us all a free will, so if a woman (or a man) can feel that it is not the right time or right situation in general to have a child, this feeling has to be acknowledged, expressed, and acted on as balanced as possible. Else the person is suffocating himself or herself. Actually the feeling that it is not a good idea to have a child right now can be a signal from the spirit, which you are drawing into incarnation, that it does not want to be born here and now!

So why do "pro-lifers" want to deny others the free will that God has given us?
Many of them are furious or resentful because they were forced into a physical body, and therefore they try to take revenge by trying to deny the needs and feelings of others and try to force them to do something they don't want to do, and thereby hinder the free will as it was hindered for them.
Others are types of spirits who do not really belong on this planet, but they are confused and afraid that they cannot find their right place, so, mainly unconsciously, they are afraid not to be able to reincarnate here on Earth, if we become more particular about who we allow to enter. Actually we should do this to force them to find their right home. It is neither for their or our best that they are here on Earth.

Many people have thought that you have to respect all life. This is not entirely true. You have to respect all life that respects life, that is, all life that seeks life, or seeks acceptance or reciprocity.
So when the "pro-lifers" use the argument that "you have to respect all life" they themselves do not really respect all life or seek acceptance or reciprocity, because they do not accept the feelings, desires, and choices of others - or the free will with which God has created us, and which is a prerequisite for eternal life. So this is a good example of the somewhat paradoxical logic of denial.

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Henrik Rosenø
(or: Roseno, Rosenoe)

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