Dec. 19, 2018: Someone recently wrote this to me:

"Please know there is someone else out there in the world who finds your words to be a breath of fresh air, as they say. You are talented with a gift of explaining things that there were times in my life that I believed were impossible to explain to anyone."

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The essence of mankind's situation

Here I will try to express the essence of the things I explain, for instance, in the first 3-4 chapters of my text The Transformation, and which I have spent several years thinking through, and which I think are quite logical - or almost obvious - if you invest a sufficient amount of time trying to get to the bottom of the subject:

When you experience something traumatic, you fragment, and thus you lose memory, personal strength, insight and awareness. But if your soul was whole, that is, not fragmented, then you would not get entangled in traumatic situations. In few words, you would be too smart to let that happen. This means, that we must have been fragmented from the beginning of our creation!

Memory loss is a consequence of traumatic experiences. You can not experience memory loss if it is not the result of some kind of traumatic experience, and thus, some degree of fragmentation.
Given the fact that we remember very little of our past - before the current incarnation - we must have fragmented again and again, and the experience of dying and reincarnating must be traumatic itself. Thus we have fragmented more and more through the ages. In other words, our soul has become smaller and smaller and we have become weaker and weaker. Thus, we can not really say that we have evolved - rather the contrary. And to survive in the long run, obviously, at some point, we need to 'turn around' and start to regain - or integrate - all our fragments, to finally become whole souls. That's the process which I call The Transformation and which in The Bible for instance is referred to as the emergence of a whole new world where illness, suffering and death no longer exist. Thus, there is obviously no ageing either, because ageing, disease, pain, and death are 4 sides of the same thing - or rather 4 effects of the same phenomenon - namely denial. In other words: Ageing, etc. are the consequences of the fact that we deny that we are fragmented. All problems that seem insoluble are fundamentally results of the fact that we are fragmented and that we deny it.

Personally, I think that all these insights and discoveries are so logical and consistent that it is almost impossible to avoid the conclusion that everything must be connected in exactly this way - if you have a genuine desire to understand yourself, life, death, the Creator, and the Creation.
At the same time, I also think it is logical, that you need to have a real desire to understand yourself, life, and the Creator('s intentions and plans), if you want to continue to exist.

What makes things a bit overwhelming is, that our fragments incarnate into independent human bodies. That is the primary reason that there have been more and more people on Earth through the ages.

Now I don't think the essence of my realizations and conclusions can be expressed shorter. But questions, comments, etc. are of course welcome. You can find my email address in the header at the top of the screen. You can post comments below in the Facebook Comments Box.

Henrik Rosenø
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