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"Please know there is someone else out there in the world who finds your words to be a breath of fresh air, as they say. You are talented with a gift of explaining things that there were times in my life that I believed were impossible to explain to anyone."

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Your perception of your identity limits your evolution

Most people identify themselves with their current form, for example "my name is James and I am from England." But that is a far too limited perspective, if you want to understand your real identity and realize your true potential.

You get the most immediate illustration that the perspective is too limited, by taking into consideration that you have incarnated hundreds of times, and all these identities, where you have lived in many different countries in many ages, are also your identities.

But why can most people not remember much from their previous lives?
Traumatic experiences are the cause of memory loss, so it must be traumatic to die and reincarnate, which is quite logical.

But why do we experience this death-rebirth trauma again and again?
We do so precisely because we identify so "blinder-like", on the face of it, with the person we are, in any given incarnation.
If you have lived in all kinds of countries in all kinds of ages in your previous incarnations, then you can say that they all reflect aspects or parts of your identity, or at least aspects of your ideas and beliefs about who you are. But exactly because you just identified yourself with the person you were, at that time, in that incarnation, it limited you, and locked you in the form and situation, and made it necessary for you to die and reincarnate in order to experience all the other things that your Higher Self also wanted or needed to experience. And this is, of course, also the situation in your current incarnation, whether or not you are conscious, that there are a whole lot of other experiences, feelings, etc., which are also parts of you and your needs, and which cannot be accommodated in your current consciousness and perception of identity.
So if you are sufficiently sincere towards yourself and your feelings, then, at some point in your life, you will be able to feel that you cannot get much further within the scope of your current form and perception of who or what you are.
In that situation, you actually have the choice between aging, disease/illness, pain, death and loss of memory or realization, emotional release, acceleration, expansion, transformation, healing of your soul and the creation of a new world, where there need not exist aging and death, etc. But this requires that you are prepared to let your body and your emotions make you aware of your judgmental and locking misunderstandings and ideas of yourself and who you are, and recognize and release them, in order to let your body and your emotions accelerate their vibrational frequency and thereby expand your consciousness and your understandings of yourself, life, death, the Creator (or creators) and the Creation, whereby you gradually come into contact with your intuition, your Higher Self, and God the Father and God the Mother.

If you allow this evolution and transformation, you will discover that everything you thought you knew or understood, and everything you identified yourself with, will 'blow up', and on the one hand it will become far more complex and on the other hand it will become a lot more multifaceted and balanced.
Gradually there will be fewer and fewer 'things' that you are 'for' or 'against'. From a situation where you might have felt that you had friends and enemies, or you were fighting for or against different things or causes, you will begin to be able to feel that these are primarily different starting points and "blinder-identities", and that the opposites will have to meet and communicate and engage in a dynamic 'higher unity', first and foremost inside yourself, for you and humanity to survive.

World history is full of examples of people who have felt that their own positions or ideas were the best, and this has led to violence, wars, and oppression etc. But every variation of aging and death is in fact a result of believing - consciously or unconsciously - that one's current identity and shape is 'better' or more 'right' than other forms and identities, which are, in fact, also parts of or aspects of yourself.

If you want to know who you really are and what potential you actually have, then, in principle, you have to 'dismantle' all of your past, and all the ideas and beliefs about who or what you are, that you have created during all of your previous lives, until you get back to the time before your first incarnation. There you will find a more genuine experience of who or what you are.

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