Different Types of Perp Audio Phenomena

February 24, 2009

Electronic harassment targets planning to carry out public information
campaigns or other activities involving contact with the public, authorities, or
uninformed family and friends should take the time to get a clear idea
of the different types of perpetrator acoustic transmissions.  This page
lists the types and their characteristics:

    This type of audio is hearable by anyone in the area, and is
    tape recordable.  I (Eleanor White) have had various sounds
    such as wolf whistles and hammering on sheet metal appear in
    mid air inside a closed apartment.  Because the now well known
    "acoustic spotlight", also known as "HyperSonic Sound" aka
    "acoustic heterodyning" cannot penetrate walls, we know that
    the technology used for this type of perp audio is very
    advanced.  When an "acoustic spotlight" beam hits a wall, the
    sound is dumped at that point.

    This type of sound is possibly used to make odd sounds come
    out of electrical appliances like fans.  Outdoors, this type
    of perp sound is used to create the loud, obviously faked
    "bird calls" which are reported by about a quarter of mind
    control targets.  The advanced technology can make the sound
    switch on and off with the appliance switch.  Tests while this
    is happening have shown that there is no audio being fed in by
    way of the 120 VAC power - the power shows as a perfect smooth
    sine wave on an oscilloscope.  Similarly, a pickup coil through
    the iron core of the appliance motor will show no audio
    waveforms present in the core.

    Because Dr. Eldon Byrd's experiment used microphones suspended
    in front of his test subjects' ears (and enclosed in headphone
    casings), his experiment tested for this type of perp audio.

    With voice to skull, aka "V2S", a SILENT signal is sent to the
    target's brain directly, without creating conventional sound
    in the surrounding air.  This type of sound can be transmitted
    by way of the Dr. Joseph Sharp pulsed microwave method.

    However, we also know that the perps can transmit voice to skull
    using advanced signal types which can penetrate electromagnetic

    This type of perp audio may have been recorded.  At this time it
    is not clear which of the types - mid-air or V2S was actually
    recorded, as it could have been either, if the silent V2s signals
    can be detected electronically.

    This type of perp audio requires extremely advanced equipment.
    As the title says, the breathing and vocal cords of the target
    are manipulated so the target says what the perps want him/her
    to say.

    The involuntary speech can be muffled by closing the mouth, but
    it takes effort to stop the sound altogether.  One use for this
    is to force the target to wake up or stay awake, and in that
    situation, the target is trying to relax, so the perps usually
    get some kind of speech "said".

    I (Eleanor White) have a short audio clip of one instance of
    involuntary speech available on this site at:


    One or the other of the clickable audio files there should work
    on your PC.  If you see hieroglyphics on your browser screen,
    hit Stop and try the other.