by Ms. Kai Bashir

REVIEWS - What people are saying about this book:

"This is the fascinating, true story of on courageous and articulate woman's valiant attempt to expose the 'secret' government's war on not only her, but the general population as well. The Microwave Pulse/Mind warfare has great advantages in that a desired subject or population has no knowledge of the procedure being implemented. The methods used by these 'black' budget governmental agencies allow those implementing the manipulation of the mind and body to maintain complete anonymity. ... This frightening expose is sure to be an award-winning classic. A must read for all concerned and questioning Americans.

- Elizabeth Russel-Manning, Editor/Publisher "Whistle-Blowers; Mind Control and Non-Lethal Weapons"; Mass Mind Control of the American People

"The best receachers into the subject of mind control are the victims. The best books you'll find on the subject are those written by survivors and victims, and self- published - books from people like ... Brice Taylor in the early 1990's and Kai Bashir's book, which I received two days ago in galley form. I can't wait to get home and read it..."

- Walter Bowart, author of a best selling book that sold millions of copies, translated into five languages.

"Ms. Bahsir, like Aldous Huxley's mynah birds in "Island", is calling to us... In this fascinating and enlightening presentation she reveals the devious and hidden controls that threaten to enslave all humanity... Through her research we learn the facts and through our identification with her we experience what it is to be trapped as prey and tortured in an invisible prison. As a person concerned with the future of humanity I would feel much more comfortable if "Mind Control Within the United States" were required reading for everyone on the planet.

- Blanche Chavoustie, who has highly recommended the book on the Wayne Morris radio show on CKLN-FM 88.1 Toronto.

Not available to the best of this writer's knowledge.

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