Involuntary Implants

Involuntary Government Experimentee Blanche Chavoustie

Visitor should note that these implant sites are around 40 years old, that is, they were implanted during the most active years of the MKULTRA institutional/kidnap/drug/implant phase. It appears that bone has grown partially around some of the implants.

Blanche was kidnapped and held against her will in the same upper New York state lab as the "Son of Sam" multiple murderer, David Berkowitz.

Blanche also remembers electronic and chemical implantation as part of a "break-the-maternal-bond" experiment.

"W" shaped wire in left ankle. Some obscuration in the posted image, but absolutely clear as a wire in the original x-ray. One purpose of such a wire is a passive re-radiating microwave antenna, used for tracking the movements of the implantee.

Another view of a wire implant in Blanche's left foot.

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