"Brainchip": Psychiatry Looks at the Crime of Electronic Harassment

November 13, 2008

This page is to show an excerpt from a comic book style publication posted on this web site:


This booklet is titled The Secret of the Brainchip: self-help guide for people experiencing psychosis. The web site and booklet are the work of psychiatric drug maker Janssen Pharmaceutica. The booklet is intended to be used by psychiatric patients.

For readers not familiar with the crime of electronic harassment (EH), this crime has been steadily growing, largely unknown to the general public due to its covert nature, over the last couple of decades of the 1900s, and continuing to the present. An on-line booklet, written for the unaware general public, is available at this link:


Readers unaware of the crime of electronic harassment should note that covert, criminal use of electronic assault technology is almost always accompanied by stalking by groups tasked to aggravate the effects of EH. These groups engage in what is variously called criminal harassment (Canada,), organized stalking, cause stalking, group stalking, or gang stalking.

The booklet referenced above, titled Organized Stalking: A Target's View, provides current evidence that organized stalking and electronic harassment are both do-able, and are happening. Readers who are interested in the summarized evidence should visit that booklet.

Important: While the Janssen Pharma comic book focusses on a young man who believes he has a tracking/monitoring brain implant, that approach by the mental health system is currently being applied to all people who report either organized stalking or electronic harassment.

The question of whether brain implants are commonly used among targets of electronically-aggravated organized stalking is wide open, since the medical establishment consistently refuses to prescribe scans for people who suspect they are implanted. However, we do know that silent, through-wall-capable electronic assault weapons have been available, and not classified secret, for one to five decades. There is, strictly speaking, no need for implants, also known as "brain chips," to deliver disabling electronic attacks.

But two electronically assaulted people, who appear to have been involuntary experiment subjects, Robert Naeslund and David Larson, actually did have monitoring implants diagnosed and removed by doctors.

Implantee Robert Naeslund and implant removal
(Implanted involuntarily 1967, implant removed 1978.)

Information about David Larson's implants (below)
(Implanted involuntarily 1997, removals circa 2000.
The implantation was associated with initial
contract #N01-NS5-2325 and funded by

Several other targets, out of thousands, claim to have medical scans showing objects which may also be implants, in various parts of their bodies. Those targets have been unable to locate a doctor who will investigate the objects. In one case, although the object was undeniably a "W" shaped wire, the doctor denied seeing the wire on the xray. That OS/EH target is a survivor of the MKULTRA-era atrocities which were "mind control" experiments. Clearly, the possibility that some targets of OS/EH do have "brain chips" should not be dismissed without a valid medical examination.

If scans show no anomalous objects, the doctor should still weigh very carefully the fact that through-wall-capable electronic harassment devices have existed, and been available to the public, for decades, since the Korean War. If the target is in a state where they are literally "starving in the street," meaning totally unable to look after their needs as a result of their mental state, psychiatric care is certainly justified.

And if psychiatric care is considered, one would hope that the care is not prescribed on the basis that the doctor believes no one would harass an individual electronically, or that organized stalking groups are not possible. Organized stalking groups are a standard feature of dictatorships, for example.

Investigation of organized stalking cases has revealed that a community-based campaign of vicious lies, including fake "police record" documents, raises the target from a "nobody" to the status of "dangerous criminal." This is what fuels these harassment programs in most cases. That a target is not a high-profile activist or whistleblower doesn't mean they are anonymous in their community.

See the on-line booklet titled Organized Stalking: A Target's View, above, for excerpts from the investigator's report.

Against this background, then, the Janssen Pharma booklet claiming that belief that one has a brain implant must indicate mental illness requires this plea to all mental health workers: please read the Organized Stalking: A Target's View booklet, linked above. Surely, mental health workers don't want patients mis-diagnosed, locked up against their will, and forced to take medications with serious side effects, if in fact they are not mentally ill but victims of crime?

And to mental health workers, please ask yourselves this: How would a mentally healthy person react to organized stalking and electronic harassment? When evaluating someone claiming OS/EH, is it possible that they are in fact exhibiting the behaviour of a mentally healthy person experiencing organized stalking and electronic harassment?

The first set of pages of the Janssen Pharma booklet Brainchip is displayed below, visit the Janssen web site link for each of 11 additional sets of pages.

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Note: The page numbering on the original images jumps from
(3) to (5). There was no original (4).

The last frame depicts "hearing voices." Be aware, reader, that through-wall-capable, pulsed microwave voice-to-skull technology is not secret, and was demonstrated in 1973 by Dr. Joseph Sharp. The method was outlined in the March 1975 issue of the journal "American Psychologist." Implants are NOT required to transmit voice to skull.
End excerpt. Eleven more "episodes" follow.



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Full original implant removal report prepared by David Larson.

Sample image of cochlear implant removed from David Larson

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Sample images of implant removed from David Larson

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Sample image of implant removed from David Larson with comparison of patent

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