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Speech to Cambridge MA City Council

by Roy Bercaw

From:             "Roy Bercaw" 
Subject:          speech to Cambridge City Council
Date sent:        Mon, 14 Dec 1998 22:32:34 EST

    Though their rules allow ten minutes to each citizen, on Monday, 
Dec. 14, 1998 when I spoke Cambridge Mayor Duehay limited each of us to 
four minutes. I had prepared 7 minutes so even though I omitted some I 
was unable to finish what I prepared.
     Most of those who spoke were interested in a parcel of land being 
used for a public garden. I wondered what I was doing there. 
    There were some audible gasps as I spoke in response to what I said. 
Here is what I said.

                         *   *   *   *   *

     My concerns are experimentation on human subjects without informed 
consent, and the denial of access to law enforcement authorities to get 
relief from this illegal activity. The right to access is a part of the 
First Amendment. Some people believe that the first duty of government 
is to protect its people. If it fails at this, it fails at everything.
     Experimental drugs and high tech devices are being tested on human 
subjects. The devices are prohibited under the Massachusetts General 
Laws Chapter 140 Section 131-J.
     50 years after the fact, MIT's President announced  $100 million 
compensation for disabled students of the Fernald School in Waltham who 
were used for illegal radiation experiments from 1944 to 1974. He said, 
"The researchers believe they did no wrong." Neither did the Nazi 
doctors who experimented on concentration camp prisoners.  (Omitted: 
Seven of the Nazi doctors were hanged.) After 65 years of human 
experimentation abuses in this country, (Omitted: it is clear that) 
money damages are no deterrent.
     Pulsed microwaves and electromagnetic radiation devices to 
influence human behavior were developed for military purposes. Called 
non lethal, and less than lethal, they are banned under international 
law. But they are used on domestic populations and studied at Harvard 
and MIT.
     According to a draft statement, in January, 1999 the European 
Parliament will issue a declaration urging governments to regulate and 
control these electronic devices developed by the Russians and the US 
government. (Omitted: Without a demonstration the International 
Committee of the Red Cross banned blinding laser weapons. This standard 
must be applied to microwaves and electromagnetic radiation.)
     The July, 1998 issue of the "Bulletin of Atomic Scientists" reports 
complaints similar to mine. Behaviorist psychiatrists believe that use 
of pulsed microwaves is the "cutting edge" of therapy. I am told that 
students at Harvard's School of Government and Lesley College are being 
trained in the use of these devices for experimentation. 
     No one knows the effects of microwaves on humans, but research 
shows that substantial exposure to pulsed ionized microwaves on the 
brains of rodents, creates lesions consistent with Parkinson's and 
Alzheimer's diseases, and cancer.
     I never volunteered for any medical experiment. I am not under the 
care of any psychiatrist nor any psychologist; nor is there or has there 
ever been any court order to allow this experimentation or treatment 
without consent. Enrolling people in psychological programs without 
consent is a lucrative business. If you think that consent is not 
important, consider the issue of assisted suicide which is now performed 
on television. 
     I am denied access to government agencies to get relief from this 
problem. That is an issue for the Human Rights Commission. Section 
2.76.120 subsection A of the Municipal Code of Cambridge states, "It is 
an unlawful practice for the City ... or any of its agencies, 
departments, subdivisions or employees, to discriminate against any 
person in the provision of services, facilities ... or other 
opportunities because of the ... disability ... of such persons." On 
Dec. 2, 1998 the Acting Director of the HRC Ms. Vale Delund told me they 
do not accept complaints against the city.
     The "Boston Globe" series on human experimentation (November 15-18, 
1998) focused on abuses in Cincinnati, Los Angeles, New York and 
Baltimore. But a great deal of experimentation is conducted in this area 
at MIT, Harvard, Mass General and McLean's Hospitals. According to a 
National Science Foundation report as of November 4, 1998, Harvard 
University receives more than $230,000,000 to conduct research for the 
NSF alone.
     Each week in the "Boston Phoenix" there are numerous solicitations 
for studies, also called experiments on humans. There are ads on the T, 
on radio stations and signs on bulletin boards. They offer to pay 
volunteers up to $300 for risks which are seldom fully explained. The 
New York Post reported in April, 1998 about experiments on the poor 
population of New York City. 
     On Dec. 2, 1998 I filed a bill with the Massachusetts House of 
Representatives called the "Protection of Human Subjects in 
Experimentation Act." The academic community, the pharmaceutical 
industry and the medical profession desire to keep the laws relaxed as 
they are. 
     There are no penalties for non compliance with federal laws on 
human experimentation. Neither the Code of Federal Regulations nor the 
United States Code carry any penalties. They require informed consent, 
but if consent is not obtained there is no penalty. There are no related 
laws in the Commonwealth besides assault and constitutional violations. 
     New York, California, and Virginia have state laws on human 
experimentation. California codes carry penalties. That state also 
regulates behavior conditioning and experimentation on prisoners. 
Massachusetts does neither. 
     One might conclude that the technology used on civilians is not 
available in this state; that the gene pool in this area was cleansed of 
evil researchers, misguided doctors, dishonest leaders, mendacious 
academics and lawyers. Do you believe that?
     I seek relief from the City Council due to the negative responses 
from city, state and federal officials. (Omitted: One of US Senator 
Kerry's aides tried to have me committed to a hospital. At US Senator 
Edward Kennedy's office they looked at me as if I had three heads. 
Supporters of US Rep. Joseph Kennedy not only ignored my complaints but 
joined in the harassment and the campaign to discredit me.)
     (Omitted: Congressional protocol requires seeking relief from one's 
representative. The US House subcommittee which studies human 
experimentation laws refused to respond to my complaints without being 
asked to do so by Rep. Kennedy. They demand "credible evidence.)
     (Omitted: I spoke with aides of Congressman-elect Capuana outlining 
the years of abuse asking that they contact US Rep. Christopher Shays. 
Shays can order an investigation by the General Accounting Office for 
abuse, fraud, and waste of taxpayer funds for illegal experimentation.)
     (Omitted: After I wrote to Richard Cole, the [Massachusetts] 
assistant attorney general for civil rights, a man chased me from the 
state McCormack office building. He said he was a state police officer 
but was unable to produce identification. What is ironic is that Mr. 
Cole is one of a group of attorneys who argued a Massachusetts case 
before the US Supreme Court making treatment without consent illegal, 
even for patients in a hospital.)
     My letter to the City Council dated Dec. 10th details my inability 
to obtain relief from the Human Rights Commission, which has my 
complaints about city and state agencies. I called to and wrote to the 
US Attorney in Boston, Mr. Donald K. Stern. A paralegal, Ms. Mary Ann 
Casoli called me admitting that she knew nothing about  [at this point I 
was cut off. The Mayor told me, "Mr. Bercaw, your time is up." He also 
mispronounced my name as Bersaw, and called me Ray when he introduced 
me. So the rest of this was not said] she knew nothing about human 
experimentation. I told her there are books about it. She said to me, "I 
don't have time to read books." 
     Slander is broadcast to cover up this activity. I was told that  
government files were erased and altered. Being disabled, and being 
shunned due to a disability is one thing. But the creators of the 
disability broadcast slander playing on pervasive prejudice.
     The HRC has the authority under section 2.76.140 subsection B 2 of 
the municipal code to file any complaints "that relate to acts of 
discrimination" received, "with other government agencies" which are 
"under the jurisdiction of such agencies."
     Section 2.76.150 subsection I 1 of the municipal code states that 
with a finding of an unlawful practice the HRC shall initiate a criminal 
complaint in a court of proper jurisdiction. The perpetrators enjoy 
protection from the very authorities who should be stopping the abuses. 
Pervasive discrimination against persons with disabilities allows this 
to continue. The issue of elitism applies here. Are academic researchers 
above the law? 
     Thank you for your time.

[I can appear again next week to finish up what I started. Permission to 
post with credit to any appropriate lists granted.]  

Roy Bercaw

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