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Following one the urls below -
I found this article on Military Biological Warfare Experiments on
the mentally retarded in Texas.  The actual url for this is

Military Biological Warfare Experiment Kills Mental Patients

by Ed Hohmann

Joe Johnson, a former employee at the Austin State School in
Austin, Texas, has revealed that military personnel based at the
adjacent Camp Mabry have been apparently conducting biological
warfare experiments on mentally retarded patients. Some of these
experiments have resulted in death.

Mr. Johnson reported that on the night of January 5, 2001, five
patients at the school died. Military personnel arrived and froze
the bodies using liquid nitrogen. The bodies were then loaded into
large white vans to take them to the morgue. However, instead of
going to the morgue, Mr. Johnson observed that the vans drove
across the street onto the adjacent military base, Camp Mabry.

Joe Johnson is the co-host of the Austin cable television show
What's on Your Mind? He is a young black man with a reputation as
a solid, reliable citizen, helping young people in his community
to s ay off drugs and keep out of gangs.

On December 24, 2000, Mr. Johnson began working at the Austin
State School. He discovered that military doctors and nurses at
the school were conducting biological warfare experiments on
patients th re. According to Mr. Johnson, some of the biological
warfare experiments are conducted in the infirmary. Guards are
assigned to each patient in the infirmary in order to provide
one-on-one supervisi n. Mr. Johnson also discovered that there are
underground tunnels connecting the school to Camp Mabry. When he
began asking questions about what was going on, efforts were
initiated to get him fired 

On Wednesday evening, March 14, 2001, Mr. Johnson called in from
his home to the Infowars television show, hosted by Alex Jones.
Alex has known Joe Johnson for several years and knows Joe to be a
levelheaded person who would not make up wild stories. After
hearing what Joe had to say about the biological warfare
experiments, Alex closed his television show by telling Joe to get
out of the house for his own safety and come down to the television
station, where hopefully the following show would put him on the
air so that he could tell his full story on camera.

While Alex raced from the television station to his radio studio
to begin his evening Genesis Communication Network syndicated talk
show, Joe Johnson scrambled about his house getting his things tog
ther. However, within ten minutes of his call to Infowars, there
was a knock on his door. Two black Austin police officers were
standing on his doorstep, saying that they were responding to a
911 ca l. Joe had, of course, made no such call. Then, Joe noticed
that the "officers" were wearing no badges and no id tags. When he
asked them where their badges were, they quickly returned to their
patr l cars, numbers C9 and 269, and sped away.

Joe Johnson then went to the television studio, but was not able
to appear on camera. He did, however, call in to the Alex Jones
radio show to tell his story in greater detail to a nationwide
audien e. After the interview, Joe Johnson went into hiding, and
has not been heard from since.

On The Alex Jones Show, Mr. Johnson revealed that five patients
had died on January 5th. The medical personnel attending the
patients were all wearing protective clothing. The military
doctors wore range protective suits, the military nurses wore
yellow ones, and the remainder of the staff wore disposable gear
made of paper and plastic. The bodies were taken down in an
elevator to the tunnel l vel, to an area with tanks of liquid
nitrogen. The bodies were frozen and placed in plastic containers
before being brought back up in the elevator. They were then
loaded into the waiting white vans and driven next door to Camp

Their families were told that the patients had died because CPR
had not been performed on them. The families were not, however,
told that the reason no one had performed CPR was because the
patients were foaming at the mouth.

Two days later, Mr. Johnson and other employees received telephone
calls telling them not to come to work because of laboratory
testing being done at the school. Later, when he looked at his
time ca d for that day, Mr. Johnson noticed that it said, "Military
leave with pay". As Mr. Johnson is not in the military, he found
this to be very odd.

Camp Mabry sits well inside the Austin city limits just west of
downtown. It is the base from which the notorious military
checkpoints in the Austin area are conducted. Foreign troops are
also stati ned there. Recently, Camp Mabry conducted a "biological
warfare training exercise". Camp officials made a great deal of
noise in the local media about inviting the public to come and
observe the exe cises. However, those members of the public who
took the offer seriously enough to come to Camp Mabry on the day
of the exercise found that there was very little for them to
observe. They were treat d rudely and were excluded from the area
where the training actually took place. Now, Joe Johnson's
revelations may cast a new light on this entire event.

Joe Johnson's entire interview on the Alex Jones Show can be found on: