Carole Sterling


On November 6, 1997, Carole Sterling, a mind control victim, committed suicide. She lived in Washington, D.C. and was tortured so brutally she was led to kill herself to escape the torture. She went to a UFO conference years ago and it was there she noticed she became a victim.

The components of the CIA and DoD told her by transmitting to her wirelessly they were going to have her jump out of her window while she was asleep. To have her sleepwalk. She wrote the Colorado Star Beacon a list of torture. Among them was that she was being burned while cooking by sudden motor movements and tortured in her genitals.

A general description of her ordeal was published in the opinion section of the journal. Her surviving sister did not believe her but she somehow ordered an autopsy of Carole's body. We do not know the results.

Carole was an innocent woman from Morocco living in the U.S. She was a law abiding citizen who hurt no one. She was someone's sister, someone's daughter, someone's friend. She was someone who was loved by a lot of people in the United States and in Morocco.

The components of the CIA and DoD maliciously transmitted a signal that was gruesome, along the lines of Philadelphia torturer Gary Heidnik. They took her from her family and they miss her everyday. The people who did this crime to Carole had choices. On the night of November 6, 1997 they chose to take the life of an innocent, kind, sweet woman who wronged no one in the world. They tortured her, kidnapped her and killed her. She would call friends and say, "I can not take it anymore. The pain is too much I am just going to kill myself". Friends would tell her to "hang in there".

"The FBI will arrest these people just hang in there".

Please take a moment on November 6th to think a few thoughts for Carole. Let's all hang in there for Carole so she and her family can have justice served.