“The Use of Psychotronic Weapons
Against the Russian Population:
What everyone should know”

A Russian book by a woman who works with Emilia Cherkova and her russian goup. L.I. Terehova, 1999 Moscow. Translation of excerpts of pages 1-10 by Ramon Ruelas, copyright. The description of psychotronic attack in Russia is strikingly similar to US versions of mind control targeting.

Table of Contents

Information about Mass Applications of Psychotronic Devices in the Capacity of Psychotronic (psycho-physical) Weapons within Residential dwelling places and Outsides of their Dwelling places against the Peaceful People of Russia

Definition of psychotronic weapons (as an epigraph): "Applications in military and for antisocial purposes are possibilities also for knowledge of psychotronics, its means, methods, systems, 'generators', and there is the path for the transformation of the humanitarian, essential attributes of life and society in the weapons. These are also psychotronic weapons. This is not only dangerous, this is deadly!"

Academician V.P. Kaznacheev in the Afterward of the book by Vinokurov and Gurtovii Psychotronic War, Moscow, "Misterija", 1993.

In the Russian Federation.

In Separate Cities of the Russian Federation.

Wide-scale (illegal and with the application of psychotronic weapons) biomedico-cybernetic scientific and military experimentation on controlling man and research on the limits of his mental (to the point of insanity) and physical (to the point of death) survivability in artificially created, extreme situations.

Basic Characteristics, Methods, Program of experimentation in its goals.

Common Characteristics of Experiments.

Testing of the population.

all the population is chosen: family, relatives, immediate surrounding society genetic engineering with the application of psychotronic, psychotropic means and stress influences, leading to changes in the gene-pool for the individual and the population: degradation, depopulation:

Consideration of ideas, forms.

Transmission and recording in the brain of external information.

Speech, sounds (effects of "radio-sound") -perception of modulation of speech, SVCh or UZ [narrow-wave] oscillations directly to the brain and not by way of the tympanic membrane

Manipulation with the memory.

Control of Stimulation in the brain.

Experimental Control, bio-adaptive control.

I. Artificially created extreme situations in various aspects.

II. Stress systems and methods of harassment.

III. Surrounding testing of special techno-spheres.

Stages of Zombification (Substitution of consciousness with external control).

Multi-purpose uses of the results of experiments and developments of Psy-weapons.

Medical, Biological, Genetic, immunological, etc.

Cybernetic, Engineering, Mathematics, etc.

Minister of Defense (composition of the army, asenals of PTOs,enterprises)

Secret Service and MVD (subdivisions, arsenals of PTOs).

creation, modernization and testing of psychotronic weapons for:

Mafia, Criminal Structures.

Networks of Destructive Cults, Sects.

for guaranteeing the meekness and submissiveness of members networks are actively used for experimenting, testing of psychotronic weapons, psycho-techniques; several cults and sects are created by the Secret Service for this purpose, and also to terrorize victims [.....]


"...the greatest danger consists... in all the large springing-up of bio-energetic-imformatics research in "applications" organizations..." (academician V.P. Kaznacheev) [......]

Types of Psychotronic, psychotropic and other Psy-Influences.

Bioelectronic (Psychotronic, Techno-tronic) -Distant.

Electromagnetic (EM) and other fields.

Acoustic Waves.

see more similar information in -Table 3

Formation of fields:

Bio-telemetric System for locating, tracking, controlling a freely moving person.

[this goes with the illustration on page 7.. ] Distance up to 15 m., up to 5 km., up to 50 km., hundreds of km. and more BG Satellite, airplane, train, automobile, home [across the street], adjoining apartment or


Intro via TV antenna, radio, telephone, energy-heat, water-supply and gas-networks (network method)

Operator is secretly brought in, or in a secret installation nearby

BG: Biogenerator (could be tomography)
A: Antenna (irradiation and reception)
D: operator for the gathering of information, transmission and control
ZU: reminding sytem on a magnetic strip, holographic
BIP: bio-informational [...]
KC: channel connections (IK, radio, telephone, telegraph)
E: screen display
O: operator
SP: light pen with which the operator indicates on the screen, the point of influence

Bio-energetics (Extrasensory), Psycho-technical (Distant).


Pharmacological (Psychotropic).

Purposes of introduction:

* [from Grech Tropov [*** ] (that is, the alteration of states of consciousness with the introduction of medicines and narcotic substances)


treatment special-compositions:

Gaseous and Aerosols.

neuroleptic gases and aerosol peptides of various kinds are used:

Bacteriological, Genetic (in the DNA) -among these Ethnic & Immunizations.

Opinions of researchers in scientific publications, confirming the conducting of experiments and the applications of psychotronic devices on man, the population, society, and also on their intolerance to these.

Opinions about the conducting of experiments.

"We are getting closer to the possibility of controlling and directing the regulation of the psycho-somatic dependence of the system of the human body..."..."with the help of electromagnetic fields at a distance, the regulation of specific processes.."

(academician V.P Kaznacheev, L.P. Mikhailova in the book Bio-informational Functions of Natural Electro-magnetic Fields, Novosibirsk, 1985, pp 47, 169)

"In solving the problem of artificial intelligence.., the basic attention is devoted to obtaining results, and on the method of [accepting] particular limitationslimitations not being superimposed.." ?? [best guess]

(Encyclopedia of Cybernetics P. Artificial Intelligence, p 412)

"As if definition is the natural order of things, "nature" brings into action the least favorable for controlling aspects, up the termination of all of its resources.."

(Encyclopedia of Cybernetics 1975, p. Igry page 343)

"The donor of distant effects must survive strongly, and then he can hand over different forms, states, feelings, behaviors, effects of separate consciousnesses."

With a child are significantly registered signs of stress within the womb of the mother."

"It's necessary to research the population, for individual members of the given population to start the research."

The selection of characteristics, the management of the specifics of such distant and immediate influences are unlimited"

[With the] "Apportionment of several groups of various reactions to EMP ... including heavy, acute and chronic organic pathological processes, the speeding up of the aging process, sclerosis, oncogenesis..."..."...deadly cases do occur.. “

(academician V.P Kaznacheev, L.P. Mikhailova in the book Bio-informational Functions of Natural Electro-magnetic Fields, Novosibirsk, 1985, pp 47, 169)

"..when indirect contact with the brain determines free choice contingent on the inspection of the person."

(academician N.L. Bekhtereva, in the book Healthy and Diseased Brain of Man, Moscow, 1988, p 6)

"...non-contact distant influences of several operators on several people.." with the undertaking of the task of increasing the aspirations of the system of a "man-machine" and others -in this case the cybernetic task of the structure and aspirations for the brain of man..."

(in the book Engineering Physiology and Modeling Systems of /Body, Novosibirsk, 1987, pg. 146 [..] V.N. Novosel'tseva, Encyclopedia of Cybernetics1975, page 412, .. Artificial Intelligence pp 296, 343, Reflexive Control of Game of Survival.. ??

"Influences on an object is automatically achieved at the place where the illumination pen of the operator is directed on the display screen.."

(Collection: Automatization: Medical-Biological Research on Basic IBM" from AMN -USSR, Novosibirsk, 1976, page 5, M.B. Shtark, V.N. Burakovskii)

At the present time, the object of cybernetic research appears to be the brain of man, the societal population .. [rest illegible]

Opinions about the non-toleration of the conducting of experiments.

"It is possible to control the reserves of the brain, though with this the irreversible loss of the very structure of the brain is also possible.."

(academician N.P. Bekhtereva, in the book Healthy and Diseased Brain of Man, Moscow, 1988, p 142)

"Not even one influence on man can be realized if it is outside the interests of this person. No potential is of use for "large science" or any "other large" and does not serve as the basis for influencing, does not "correct" the interests of the researched person"...

(same.. page 9)

"With the research of the brain goes the eternal Hippocratic second commandment - Do not harm! Do not damage that which makes a man a man: his speech, his thoughts, his high mental functions, this goes for his creations, as well as for his most modest manifestations.."

(same.. page 130)

"Who allowed accepting man into experiments? By what article of law? Into an experiment which concludes with the exhaustion of all of life's resources? In illnesses? With the minimization of life --when the body is taken from life at any price? Abroad, experiments are also conducted -- which end in death, and which give descriptions of their agreement with similar cybernetic experiments."

(excerpt from a letter from a Novosibirsk biologist G.A. in the Moscow Committee for Ecological Dwellings, 1989)

Categories of the population most often subjected to the applications of psychotronic weapons and the locations of their applications.

participants in a total system of tracking and the creation of experimental situations for psychological pressure from which they are made to be zombies-bio-robots, informers, preachers, "extrasensors", racketeers, murderers, to who are delivered and who are carrying portable miniature psychotronic generators for the irradiation of citizens

Place of irradiation, influencing

Besides these, with individual program of zombification;

Mass psycho-physical crippling of the citizens of Russia along the path towards zombification with the applications of psy-weapons.

Physical damage, visible results achieved at the moment of influence.

Psycho-physical damage depending on intensity and duration of effects. Damage in the physical sphere (up to programmed premature death).

Stage I.

Stage II.

Stage III.

Damage in the mental sphere (up to the point of insanity).

Stage I.

Stage II.

Stage III.

“Consequences of effects of micro-leptonic generators are described by the leading developer in this area [from the] V. Lab. of Micro-leptonic Technologies D. Okhatryym: in 1982 there began extremely unpleasant things with the health our co-workers. At first, there arose their feeling unwell, then the loss of logic, then after this, the loss of spatial orientation. Finally, a breakdown of diseased [affected] organs. The coming out of this condition -and this includes myself -was achieved with great difficulty."

(in the book by Ju. Vorob'evskii" Knock at the Golden Gate, Moscow, 1999.

Second definition of psychotronic (psycho-physical) weapons.

Psychotronic Weapons (PF- weapons) this is the totality of all possible methods and means (techno-genic, suggestive, pharmacological, paranormal, complexes, and others) of hidden, forced influences on the psyche of a person for the purpose of modifying his consciousness, behavior and health for what is desired in the way of influencing aspects of control..."

(V.F. Prokof'iev, Secret Weapons of an Informational War, Moscow, "SINTEG", 1999, pg 27.) [...]

Characterictics of Psychotronic Weapons of Various types.

No./No. p/p  /  Designation of Characteristics  /  Characteristic

1. By Physical essence, *Psychotropic (pharmacological preparations) principle and mechanism causing various reactions: fear, anger, maliciousness, of effects alarm, depression, lethargy, stupor, illusions, hallucinations experimental psychosis, (from psycho-simulation), changes in thinking, crackpot ideas, attempts at suicide, epileptic fits, making of inadequate decisions without realizing this (this is epecially dangerous if the person is in a position of responsibility).

Defense of psychotronic weapons includes: control of the water, [food] products, medicinal preparations, objects of hygiene, aerosol preparations, etc.

*suggestiveness in normal states of consciousness: among these audio and video suggestions, 25th Cadre and others. The realization of hidden (differing from traditional informational psychological influencing with the application of such means as persuasion and others) -by way of forcing "needed" information -in the background of the flow of any other communication. To suggestive types of PF-weapons in normal states of consciousness (that is, when logical reasoning is preserved) is related the method of neuro-linguistic programming which is preceded by a long set of "keys" into the subconscious of the person. The suggestive method is realized according to the scheme: "person-machine-person."

*suggestibility in altered states of consciousness (ISS), in which the needed formula is introduced for behavior functions on the command (password) of the suggestor who is controlling suggestion (implanting). For the introduction in ISS is employed the the devices of hypnosis: "hetero" (from the suggestor), auto-hypnosis (self-hypnosis) and psycho-training ("hetero" and auto-training)

*Extrasensory entering into bio-informational contact with [***] influences his action and health or removes the needed information The mystical-esoteric test is not related to PF-weapons, it is simply manifested in the actual entering into ISS, which can be used in harming the person, being used in self-development.

*Technogenic -(technological, psychotronic, bio-electronical -in particular radio-frequencies, laser, pulsar, infrasonic etc.) Influence is along the lines: "machine-person." Many types of technologies are used: SVCh, generators, computers, tomography, lasers, infra and ultra-sonic apparatus, accelerators of electrons, protons, and neutrons atom and hydrogen, concentrated in sharply-directed bundles of small packets --pulse-weapons, generators, special-purpose, etc. Also computer devices for the creation of virtual realities (V.R.)

*Combinations (complexes) in particular: joint applications: --technotronic (psychotronic) with psychotropic and chemical special-substances for promoting the effects from psychotronic influencing-- there are psychotronic devices with the newest discoveries: quantum teleportation, cloning, laser, carrying effects from one material to the other, etc. Similar combinations can be taken to terrible consequences, the nature of which are unpredictable --narcotics and sounds, a wide spectrum of effects: narcotics in particular the combination of the narcotic "ecstasy" and rhythmical music --audio and video-suggestion, with which it is possible to modulate the given apparatus and the relation to the person, displayed on TV, or to this or other information (light noise from audio accompaniment not noticed and taken as completely natural background with tele-reception). Besides this are used [***], generators, artificial speech, [IBM programming?] [rest not legible]

2. For the purpose of *Mass: On groups of people, regions, directing influences population, army, country, countries

*High-point [high elevation[?], local operation:

3. By Mass Influence *Mass *Individual, local

4. By Intended affect *Modification of the psyche and its former manifestation and of the influences consciousness *altering of behavior *suppression of the will and demonstration of a social group[?],

for controlling at the subconscious level, for the fulfillment of any command from separate individuals or group *for the forcing of decisions *for destroying the physiology and altering the health of a person *substitution or loss of historical and spritual values of a nation raising the levels of crime, removal of moral ethical bans "Especially dangerous manifestations of these influences are among the highest controlling structures of the governmental services. Military service and other categories of responsible persons, since they can, with their own actions, put the country in the hands of the criminal world, of adventurists, or in the hands of likely enemies." page 130


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