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Last Updated November 25, 2007

If this is your first contact with us, can you give us the specific search word or words you used to find this site?


The owner/editor of this site is:

Eleanor White

I ask those who contact me, Eleanor White, to please follow these guidelines:

  1. PLEASE don't send me large files, which are often images or sound files, unless you send me the size first, let me know what the file contains, and get my OK to send. My older PC's disk is full to a point where performance is slowed by more saved data.

    It is always good Internet courtesy to ask your recipient before sending large files. I'd call large files, say, over 200K for modem users. Some harassment targets have to use library PCs so this is critically important for them.

  2. I regret that I am UNABLE to answer hard copy letters. I do my best to answer EMAILS, but hard copy letters, sadly, will not be answered. The extra time to answer hard copy letters takes away from time available for important group-wide activism projects. Several other active activists have had to curtail one activity to push other activities - this situation is beyond our control. Important: See How to set up an email account at your library.

  3. To share your personal story, the site for that is not

    Please start a BLOG. There are free blog space providers now on the Web.

  4. Since April 2004, when I shifted my activism emphasis from the electronic harassment scenario to the organized stalking side, I have been under extremely heavy fatigue attacks which make it impossible to answer (or even read) every email I receive. I am receiving 100 or so emails a day, and if you recieve no answer, either I read your email and had no comment, or I was simply too tired to get to it. On average, I can only read about one incoming email in ten.

I apologize, but this situation is not of my making.

ewraven1 at sympatico dot ca