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Article about MKULTRA perpetrator Dr. Jose Delgado

Magazine: ANO/CERO
Date: April-1997
Issue number: 81

They are already applied secretly. 
Technology to alter our behavior 
The dictatorship of the minds 
Are we all in danger? 

Author: Enrique de Vicente 

They are overwhelming the tests that the intelligence services have
developed for half century multitude of investigations guided to
the physical control of the mind.When these were object of two
investigations managing parlamentarian,the director of the CIA
assured that had put an end to the investigations.But there are
evidences that they have continued ahead. Are the electromagnetic
and psycotronics weapons acquired to the Russians being used to
alter the behavior of problematic individuals? Does one plan to use
those and other means to control our minds and to behave toward A
Brave World?

In the last years they have come appearing news,murmurs and
articles,according to which this type of experiments and
investigations have not only continued ahead but rather have
materialized in a series of weapons and effective methods of
manipulation -of character fundamentally electronic-that they could
already to be used against North American citizens and of other
countries,that they are uncomfortable for the System for diverse

They would be camouflaged in the tangle of the denominated weapons
non-lethals,that allow to disable the enemy and their facilities
without necessity of destroying them.Though,when it was revealed
the existence of these weapons officially it offered that the press
to highlight-for provoking - some so innocent ones as stink-bombs
or nets and sticky substances that would immobilize to the enemy,in
so ambiguous concept fit tod it joins diversity of systems of
modern armament that go from the virus computer and the rays laser
to the infrasound generators and of electromagnetic
radiations,capable of causing all kinds of psycobiological
disfunctions and alterations of the human behavior... and,according
to diverse evidences,the mysterious psycothronic arms developed in
the extinct Soviet Union and acquired by the North Americans to
equip with them to their police forces,they would be too.

Surprisingly, the existence of these weapons was given to know
openly at the beginning of 1993, soon after that the Project of
Electronic Surveillance, private organization that studies the
allegations of those who assure to be victims of experiments of
mental control and harassment by means of microwaves, gives to know
the initial conclusions of its investigations and the government
replies that not exists such class of technology anti - personal.

Not very before it had taken place in the University John Hopkins a
secret conference on these new weapons, to which attended the
fiscal general attorney of the State, noted scientific, specialists
in armament and bosses police. The meeting was organized by the
National Laboratory of Los Alamos, where one works in new projects
that include systems psycothronics and of mental control, under the
direction of the retired colonel John Alexander.

Considered today one of the best expert in the matter, Alexander
published in 1980 the first article on it applies them warlike
applications of the parapsycology and the psychothronic in a
military magazine, where he stands out ban the Soviet
investigations directed to alter the behavior of the combatants,
recommending that is carried out an investigation more coordinated
in this field (AO/CERO, 38, 68, 70, 72 and 75 )

It was quick mind encouraged to continue their studies for several
high military bosses and he worked under the orders of the general
Stubbelbine, one of the biggest enthusiasts in the use of pranormal
means and participant in Programming Neurolinguistics seminar (PNL)
imparted by Alexander in 1983, to which you was their current
friend and vice-president Al Gore.

In 1988 he retired of the Army and began to work in Los Alamos in
the use of microwaves against the terrorists. At the moment,
Alexander also directs the Project Jedí that looks for to elaborate
models of personal excellence that can become trained to it
interests them two like one makes with the PNL, besides an
institute for the study of the border scientific topics, financed
by a multimillionaire.

Finally, he cans boasting of having achieved the American
government to acquire some of the denominated Soviet psychothronic
devices, and that certain positions of the administration Clinton
and expert antiterrorist interview with Russian specialists in this


These new weapons have been presented as the ideal solution against
the crime, for what the Pentagon has consented to share them with
the organizations police , and according to unofficial declarations
they will be able to be used to repress the terrorism, the ethnic
violence, the crime rate and to dissident groups as the arms
ones,,extremist Christian and patriotic, the sects and other
dissidents. In a recent article, titled «police State of the mind»
and published in the magazine Fortean Times, the investigater David
Guyatt mentions a couple of military documents that locate in a
next future something that presently seems already to be a terrible

One is the extensive study about future warlike possibilities,
published for the Air Force of the United States in 1996, where it
is indicated that the enormous advances current neuroscientists
allow us to foresee «the development of sources of electromagnetic
energy» that would allow to control the emotions, to cause
paralysis and dream, to transmit suggestions, to alter the memory
and to induce experiences or fictitious memories in the conscience.

The other one is a book published in 1994 by the School of the
American Army, where it is explained that the modification of the
behavior is a half important one to impose the peace and it intends
that, in a next, new future «systems of directed energy» and other
electrical means like the manipulation of the images of the
television - they would allow to avoid social protests inconvenient
and to influence appropriately on who you opposes to the immediate
changes that it imposes the future. Does this maybe a new step
toward the covert imposition of a new socio-economic order?


For incredible that seems it would not be only perfectly possible
to maintain hidden an operation of similar magnitude, but rather
there is numerous before grantors of black projects in the history
of the American intelligence services.

The first one of these was the ultrasecret Project Manhattan that
in 1941 began to work in the development of the atomic
bomb,Roosevelt and Churchill were who knew only this project,spite
of the inmense investments that required. This sat down a precedent
that it was broadly taken advantage by the CIA to be buried in
hidden operations of psychological war against the communists, to
the margin of all democratic control.In the same absolute secret
the vast program of mental control was developed, developed from
1949 by the CIA, the Army and the Navy, and whose diversed projects
they adopted names-key successively as Bluebird, Artichoke,
MK-delta, Third Chance, Chatter, MK-ultra, MK-Naomi, MK-Search,
MK-Often and MK-Chichwitt.

Under the excuse of counteracting the investigations of the
Russians, the American secret services  began us their own program
of control mental,que it was a continuation of the experiments with
drugs and hypnosis that made with the prisoners of Dachau and
Auschwitz for Nazi scientists, to those that it was recruited and
introduced ileqally in the United States -together with specialists
in other areas - through the operations Paperclip and Blowback.

After two years of journalistic and parliamentarian revelations
related with these projects whose existence was uncovered after the
Watergate, in 1977 the new director of the CIA was to declare
before the Senate. According  his revelations, in the MK-ultra 185
scientists that developed 149 different experiments on the human
behavior in 59 universities, laboratories and different
foundations, twelve hospitals and three prisons participated. The
investigation fields included the erased of the memory, the
creation of dependences, the alteration of the sexual behavior, the
diverse forms of suggestion and hypnosis, as well as their
potential applications to the espionage and counterespionage; and
it was experienced with diverse technicals, like drugs,
narcohipnosis, electronic stimulation of the brain, ultrasounds,
infrasounds, microwaves and sensorial deprivation.. For they were
used multitude of human cobayas, unaware to what they were making
them, in a sinister and unconstitutional violation that has sat
down precedent for successive cruelties, none of the responsible
ones was punished by it.


The secret of this operation was guaranteed for the
decentralization of the investigations and because most of those
implied ignored the last end pursued.According to the senatorial
investígation, the initial intention of the project was to
investigate what there was behind the Soviet techniques of
brainwashing becoming an ofensive program then. And certainly the
soviets have come to developed multitude of investigations on the
manipulation of the behavior and the development of mysterious
psychothronic arms (AÑO/CERO, 70).

To the investigations of the CIA it is necessary to add the similar
projects driven by other aqencias of North American intelliqence
and other many features that have not left to the light, as the
hypnotizers use for diverse operations. One of the most interesting
aspects is the combined experimentation of drugs and hypnosis that
it would allow provoked a dissociation in some individuals,
programming them different personalities and degrees of knowledge
and ability that would belong together with different hypnotic
levels. When being induced one of these, by means of some key or
external stimulus, they convert in spies or perfect murderers.  The
investigations carried out by Bowart, Marks, Bain and others
indicate that this technique would have been used to program to
numerous military, former-agents and North American civils and
probably also foreigners. They also exist the numerous evidences
that it could be programmed this way presumed murderers of John and
Robert Kennedy and M. Luther Kinq

(AÑO/CERO, 6, 10 and 21).

Another isolated murderer, Mark D. Chapman, executed John Lennon in
December of 1980, without apparent cause. This episode acquires
another shade when you examines the documents from the FBI
relatives to the celebrated musician, in those that he is qualified
as "revolutionary activist of the new left" that should be
considered dangerous", attributing him nonexistent plans.

In the sixties, the FBI and the CIA that also showed special
interest in Lennon began the operation COINTELPRO (Program of
Contraintelligence) and MK-Chaos, creating a complex net to
infiltrate the movement that  was opposed to the war of the Vietnam
and other groups dissidentes.One of the main goals of COINTELPRO it
was to prevent the arose of a messiah capable of «to unify and to
galvanize to the masses», what took them to destroy the prestige
and the lives of numerous American citizens. Surprisingly, Chapman
assured to his lawyer that God -to speak him inside his head while
he remained in prison - He asked him that it changes its allegation
like no-guilty for mental dysfunction guilty. After the reception
of this message, the communication between him and their defender
it broke abruptly and inexplicabíely.

He had been a normal person until 1977 when he received in Hawai an
intensive psychiatric treatment, after that which tried to commit
suicide in two occasions and it was interned four times in other
two sanatoriums.

When G. Armstrong and K. Skinner attempted to dilucide the details
of these psychiatric treatments, they were only able to discover
that Chapman, in the Hospital Castle,was developing a special
program of modification of the behavior, in which were administered
very potent drugs -as torazina, one of the most experimented during
the MK-ultra - and he underwent other anti-therapeutic experiments,
next to the brainwashing and able to transform him into a
psychopath. After receivingi this treatment according to who knew
him, the personality and behavior of Chapman changed in a very
negative way, traveling later all over the world, being worth to
say that is not known what economic means to use him-as they made
other programmed murderers - before returning to New York to kill

All his behavior remembers - according to the appointment two
investigators - to somebody that has been programmed by means of
drug-hypnosis and pain, spite of  which -and the interest that he
woke up in the CIA and the FBI there wasn't any official
investigation about the treatments that he received.


It is still necessary to wonder if the voice that Chapman heard in
prison was product of its dysfunction, because technological means
that would allow to induce voices in the brain of a person .  The
magazine Newsweek assures that -during the confused blockade to the
Davidian of Waco - the FBI requested Soviet experts some technical
means that allows them to throw imperceptible messages to the
messiah of the sect, able to convince him that God spoke to him,
inviting him to depose the weapons. But the evidences are plentiful
according to which the military Americans already possessed, after
two decades of investigations on the microwave modulation, the type
of technology that would allow them to go mad to somebody, to do
him to hear voices, or to give him instructions at a previously
programmed murderer.

The same reasons exist to suspect that the former incident of Waco
that termined in an incomprehensible massacre, it could have
completed diverse functions. Because, although in 1977 the director
of the CIA assured that the Agency didn't work in any other project
of mental control, there are more than enough reasons to suspect
that such experiences and its practical applications have
continued, driven by this or other intelligence agencies, as well
as for hired companies and private groups that interelationed with
those to the highest level, served probably by means not very
suspicious as many sects and supposed kidnappings extraterrestrial.

In fact, senator Ryan's sons, dead when he investigated in Guayana
the sect of the Temple of the Town, they accused judicially to the
CIA of being responsible indirect of the death of their father and
of the presumed suicide of a thousand people, suspected
fundamentally that the strange colony was to experience technical
of subju gation, derived of the MK-ultra.

On the other hand, like already explained thoroughly in another
occasion (AÑO/CERO, 31),it's extremely suspicious that our
extraterrestrial visitors are devoted to kidnap to human,
subjecting to outrageous mental and genetic manipulations that
leave in the witness diverse sequels and souvenirs that any
hypnotizer seems capable of reviewing. And it is difficult to
understand that they have waited to develop these experiments until
the years 70, when they had already begun to detach the terrestrial
investigations in these areas that face the barriers of the
democratic control.

There are reasons to suspect that some abductions could correspond
in fact to a vast plan of operations whose executioners would work
in an independent way, ignoring the complex plan of the one they
are part. To pretend to be extraterrestrials would allow them to
develop this type of tests without a serious attention is lent to
the victims.


To get it, there are techniques capable of provoking in somebody
hallucinations able to distort their conscience to transform their
perception of the reality, modeling their memory with false
memorries and to induce amnesias that would make them ignore their
experiences. In these operations they would play a fundamental
paper the mysterious vans and lacking black helicopters of
identification that so soon they appear in the scenario of
kidnappings and mutilations like they frequent the houses of some
abduced.  Such vehicles could transport the teams in charge of the
execution and control of such experiences, and they could be part
in a future of a system of psycho-electromagnetic war.

A key piece in this game would be the implants that many abduced
sustain they have introduced them during the abduction, and that
supposedly allowed to control its behavior at distance. It is
suspected that these implants  would have their origin in the
investigations on the radioelectric stimulation of the brain
carried out by the professor Rodríguez Delgado in the sixties and
that they were financed for the Office of Naval Investigation

His work was continued by other investigators and it was spoken
widely included of a supposed tecnique of control hypnotic
intracerebral electronic with erased memory (RHIC-EDOM) that would
allow to force the one implanted to act of certain way under the
effect of a radio-hypnotic impulse and then to forget all that
happened.  Some implants extracted those abduced they seem to be
provided of microchips whose operation and purpose is ignored.
Would it maybe of experiments in those for testing the form of
conditioning the individual behavior or would they be part of a
more sinister global plan? If it was this way, it would be without
solving the enormous problem that represents to implant to hundred
of thousands or millions of people.

Although, certainly, it could be appealed to diverse techniques,
without to need that who participate in the implantation know what
they are making, and much less which is the purpose pursued.

But other direct forms exist of making it. It could intend a law
that imposed the subcutaneous insert from a microchip to each
citizen, under the beneficent excuse of having identified and
localizables to the criminals of all class and to avoid
kidnappings. Also, the implants it could reprogram the organism to
combat the illnesses. In fact, the electronic engineer Carl Sanders
assures that the development of the microchip that he devised to
implant it to those who have the damaged dorsal thorn was
integrated in the government project Phoenix, having meetings with
official of the CIA that seemed very interested in the
possibilities that offering for the individual control...

Even, the same day in that I write this, the creation of a chip
implantable is disclosed in the brain, with little nuisances that
allows to help the sick persons of Parkinson!  For very
inconceivable and delirious that seems us this hypothesis, their
consequences would be so extremely dangerous for the freedom and
human dignity that we cannot stop to examine it and to think about
depth. Because I don't doubt that, sold in an appropriate way
through the mass-media , in a next future a  law proposition could
be acceptable for a majority of the voters, in view of the growing
civic insecurity.

There are some rumors and doubtful informations that point in this
address, as which Kevin Ollier presents us in the number of
marzo-97 of the magazine UFO Reality. An informant whose identity
hiddens, assured him that from 1978 she was working in a secret
project of the British Goverment whose objective was to develop a
microchip that they will projest to implant to all the Americans
and Europeans before the 2005. This would substitute to the current
credit cards, avoiding this way the robberies, and it would put an
end to the criminals that they would be immediately located by

Days after listening this history, the English informative means
announced that had intended at government level «to label
electronically» to the babies because the number of missing
children grows continually; and later intended to make the same
thing with deliquents bigger than 10 years old...  These
miniaturized implants would not allow single mind to have located
their payees, but like Ollier reminds us - to affect all their
neuroresponse mechanisms and even to disable their nervous system
completely, and -like adds lcke - these and the electromagnetic
technology in general would affect to our subtle bodies that behave
as electromagnetic fields of energy, causing this way diverse
alterations psychophysiques.


But returning to the previous development, to force to act a
murderous hypnoprogrammer or stops or to provoke auditory
hallucinations it would not be today necessary to use any type of
electronic implants; it would be enough with inducing in their
brain a concrete order, with an irradiation intracraneal,
appropriate modulated,without leaving this clues,only  interior
voices that impels him to act of determined way ,they come from a
very terrestrial agent.

The electromagnetic waves of frequency extreme low (in English,
ELF) or infrasounds, have multitude of potential effects, so much
positive as negative. Among these last ones, there are diverse
interferences psychophysiologiques and the possibility of
influencing in the cerebral waves, causing states of anxiety,
irritability, edginess, uncertainty, confusion, cerebral
desyncronization and nauseas. Therefore, they could be used to
alter the behaviour of big populations, and the most terrible thing
is that seemingly it is impossible to be protected of the same
ones, since they seem to cross everything.

In the sixties the American embassy in Moscow began to be affected
by mysterious rays that affected to the health of many of its
occupants, what gave place to more than an diplomatic incident.
Probably, more than to carry out a test, the Soviets tried to
determine to what extent their opponents knew the operation of the
issuing systems of radiations, field in which the Russians are much
more advanced. The Pentagon reacted to charge to their Agency of
Investigation of Advanced Projects of the Defense (DARPA) that put
in march the Project Pandora whose initial purpose was to know if a
controlled emission of microwaves could manipulate the mind.

One of those that participated in this, the Dr. Ross Adey,has
studied diverse methods that would allow to provoke alterations in
a fellow, stimulating his brain by means of a modulated frequency
electromagnetic that allows to alter their cerebral waves, causing
an aggressive behavior that could direct toward a concrete
objective.  In July of 1976, the Soviets began to emit from five
facilities different waves ELF in an uninterrupted way that were
known as Woodpecker, with a maximum intensity of 40 million watios
and an average variation around the 10 herzios or cycles per
second, seeming to be directed successively to different areas of
the planet.

The American response is said they began similar emissions in
1979,with upper frecuencies to the 15 herzios,which makes suppose
that pretend to alter the populations reached by the same ones
causing states of concentrated excitement, while the Soviet
emissions could produce a relaxation state. Possibly, both to
pretend to destroy the social cohesion of the nations against those
were directed, until the point that the Dr Robert Beck, expert in
the topic, considered probably that this sign causes neurological
changes in 30% of the populations reached by the same one.

Although such emissions ceased a while ago, the americanss have
begun other projects based on the emission of electromagnetic
frequencies, with equally disastrous potential consequences, as the
controverted issuing system of microwaves HAARP (Project of
investigation of the dawns with high frequencies), of the one that
so much is spoken lately and that it could be used to irradiate to
enemy populations, or the Net Omega that emits similar waves, which
are part of a system of antinuclear defense, from instalations
distributed by the whole planet.


It seems that the National Agency of Security (NSA), supposedly in
charge of the security of the communications, it is developing in
Fort Meade and Fort Bragg diverse technological means that allow to
condition at distance the behavior of foreign leaders and
terroristas.And the most terrible thing is that these can be
employed in the North Americans on their own countrymen. Anyway, it
is evident that these and other techniques of mental manipulation
would allow that the almighty ones can model the world to their
whim like David lcke explains, sport commentator of the British TV,
environmentalist leader and convinced conspiranoic, the programming
of individuals would allow that a Israelian to kill  a group of
Palestinian or their own president or that a soldier jordan makes
the own thing, contributing to destabilize the area in a very
opportune way ,or that a perturbed organizes a massacre in a school
and get that the public opinion requests bigger police and judicial
hardness ,that a member of certain organization makes something
ridiculous or terrible, being able to discredit him. This same it
is applicable, in a simpler way, to the increment of the
delinquency, to the almighty traffic of drugs and, mainly to the
terrorist groups that are it infiltrates and manipulated by certain
services of intelligence, achieving that the civilized world claims
a new surer international order, although this doesn't include the
authentic freedom and solidarity.

But of that New Order, of the fascinating history of those who
could pursue the installation of the same, of the means presumably
used for obtaining, of their implication in the experiments of
mental control, as well as of their active participation for
sheltering this and the manipulation of the extraterrestrial
visits, we will speak widely in another moment.

I don't discard that something of all this cuold be  paranoia. But,
if some of you requests me an advice: he/she closes the eyes,
relax, visualize do it is surrounded by a shield or an armor or a
luminous pyramid and protector; if he/she wants he/she meditates to
That that is able to wake up in you that faith able to move
mountains; he/she feel the energy that circulates for all its body
and the sensation of peace and interior power that it bears , and
attempt to remember that sensation in the daily life, because you
are that conscience without opposite, that powerful energy ,vital
and spiritual force,the whole series of
conditionaments-problem-suffering-limitations and other that have
put us in the head and that they will try to reinforce by all
possible means who don't want that  is free...  Ah!, and above all
don't forget to turn off the television.

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