Mary Ann Stratton on Dr. Eldon Byrd

From:        Mary Ann Stratton 
Subject:     Dr. Byrd

Hi Everyone,

I have not been online that much since I been traveling most of this
past week. I heard about Eldon being sick from Cheryl and got in contact
with Eldon as soon as I was able to. We talked for a short time about
his cancer and what the doctors were going to do which was all still
questionable. He hoped he could heal and fight this but soon after his
biopsy he passed away. 

I am still emotional about his passing and have not wanted to write to
everyone but I know I have to.

I first met Eldon 2 years ago. I spent months talking to him about
coming to lecture in California and he finally accepted my proposal.
When he arrived he was so enthusiastic about being able to speak on the
subject of Electromagnetic energy weapons and scalar waves and their
effect on human beings and animals.

He couldn't believe that we had a forum to speak out about these
subjects and thought it was great that we were having this lecture.

After the lecture a huge group of us were able to go to dinner with him
and we talked about many subjects.

I learned so much from his visit.

Since that time we have worked together on trying to test his device he
developed to shield against ELF, Scalar, and microwave. This device
worked for some and not for others. Mike Duffy and others will not go
anywhere without this device. I am very sensitive to it and Eldon and I
talked extensively about changing it so it would work for me. He tested
the device on me over and over again attempting to change it so it

I also asked Eldon to write the White letter for Cheryl that is posted
on her website. He did so willingly. 

Then Cheryl accessed him with the Blue box and Fred.  Cheryl made
arrangements for victims from all over the U.S. and Eldon to be in San
Francisco to participate in a research project to hear the voices. 

He was going to try to listen to voices that are projected into a
persons head by the government.  He has picked up voices in several
people and has spent many hours working on this project with Fred. He
still has many pages of paperwork that he was supposed to send to

Since the time he had attended my lecture he has assisted our group of
government harassed and tortured victims with such compassion,
enthusiasm, and expertise, and with more effort than anyone I know in
such a short amount of time. He was trying to save us.

It has been an honor to know him and I know God has a place for him in
Heaven. I will miss him.

Mary Ann