Book Review:
Electronic Projects from the Next Dimension

November 15, 2002

Electronic Projects from the Next Dimension provides details for quite a few detectors of activity in what the author speculates may be "parallel dimensions." Since we targets do not know how some of the more advanced electronic attacks can be done, there is some chance that some of the techniques in this book might serve to detect them.

For the intended purpose of the book, it gets a five star rating (out of five possible) from me. YOU CAN STILL BENEFIT FROM THIS BOOK IF YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ELECTRONICS. The circuits are there, but so is a lot of historical and methodological information anyone can understand and appreciate.

I find especially valuable the EXPERIMENT SETUP diagrams.

The obviously very advanced electronic harassment effects suggest some speculative detection attempts might be worth trying.

For example, the advanced electronic harassment signals:

The bibliographic information is as follows:

Title: Electronic Projects from the Next Dimension
Paranormal Experiments for Hobbyists
Author: Newton C. Braga
Publisher: Newnes Press,
Copyright: 2001
ISBN: 0-7506-7305-2
Available November 2002 from
at $24.49 US dollars.