Book Review, November 12, 2000

Excalibur Briefing

Lt. Col. Thomas E. Bearden

Copyright 1978, Updated 1988

This review, like all articles on this site or emails written by "Eleanor White" is my opinion. As such it is not inherently factual, rather, these opinions are based on a 59-year-old engineer who has worked in electric power distribution, mechanical stress analysis, computer science, and has been a ham radio operator since age 12. I am not an expert in anything, but I understand enough technology to claim "informed guess" status.

beardzoh.htm is text from the "Zoh Show" in which some of Lt. Col. Bearden's theories are explained with much less jargon than the Excalibur Briefing book.


Lt. Col. Thomas E. Bearden is a prolific writer and former electronic
weapons researcher for the United States Air Force.  In 1985, he
appered in a CNN "Special Assignment" segment discussing the then
state of the art.  That video segment is avaliable from CNN, below:

For a $55 US copy of this tape call CNN at 404-827-1089 and ask for 
R2501 #13, R2747 #33, R2501 #15, R2501-#17.   It runs about 20 min.

Some of Lt. Col. Bearden's other books are:

Bearden, Thomas E. (Lt. Col.):  An Approach to Understanding
Psychotronics,  (AD-A027866) Defense Documentation Center,
Washington,  DC,  1976.

Bearden, Thomas E. (Lt. Col.):  Excalibur Briefing,  Strawberry
Hill Press/Walnut Hill Books,  San Francisco,  1980.

Bearden, Thomas E. (Lt. Col.):  Gravitobiology,  1991.

Bearden, Thomas E. (Lt. Col.):  The New Tesla Electromagnetics and
the Secrets of Electrical Free Energy,  Tesla Book Co.,  Millbrae,
CA,  1983.

Bearden, Thomas E. (Lt. Col.):  Solutions to Tesla's Secrets and
the Soviet Tesla Weapons, Tesla Book Co.,  Millbrae,  CA,  1983.


My copy of Excalibur Briefing, second edition, revised
and expanded, 1988, carries ISBN # 0-914119-36-2, is published

P.O. Box 121873
Chula Vista    CA
USA         91912

This review is based on reading during a 12-hour guard shift
of about half the book's contents, with sections picked according
to the table of contents.  The criterion to select was those
sections which seemed to deal with the situation of involuntary
"mind control" experimentees.

First, as one might expect, I found this book to have three
different aspects:

- Negative points (my opinion)
- Value neutral and sometimes questionable points (my opinion)
- Positive, promising points (my opinion)

This review then will present those three main areas here for the
reader.  I have tried to describe the book using as little technical
jargon as possible.

At the very end, I try to summarize some of Bearden's main points
as may apply to his theory and US, and remotely possibly, some of our
own experiments.


1.  This book is HEAVY, slow reading at best.  If you are looking
    for something like, say, the Time-Life book series, this is
    not it.  It CANNOT stand alone as proof of anything, as assertions
    like Lt. Col. Bearden's are quite rare.  However, it can be used,
    to whatever extent Lt. Col. Bearden's qualifications will buy you,
    as a degree of backup for your experiences.

    Unfortunately, my copy does not have an "About the Author" section.

    I found most of the immediately useful stuff in the first 60 or
    so pages, and the last 60 or so pages.  The middle didn't seem
    too promising, but will be read as time allows.  (Additions will
    be made to this page and sent out by email.)

2.  The book is rife with jargon that anyone without some heavy
    duty credentials in modern physics can fully understand.  However,
    there is enough lay-person understandable text that someone without 
    a physics degree can still gain something from reading the book.

3.  The subtitle is "Explaining Paranormal Phenomena".  From the
    text inside the actual book, it is clear that he feels SOME
    paranormal phenomena can be explained by natural but advanced
    physics.  In my opinion, he has NOT explained all paranormal
    phenomena, or UFO incidents, which are too varied and numerous
    to be explained by Lt. Col. Bearden's theories.

    As involuntary experimentees, it is urgent that we be on guard
    against sophisticated disinformation campaigns, as explained
    in an autumn 2000 email titled "Disinfo tactics predictions".
    That email outlined some really serious disinfo moves which
    our tormentors will probably use, as their exposure draws 

    - "You are all suffering from geological piezo-electric or
      electromagnetic sensitivity and effects"

    - "You are all suffering from sensitivity to electric power
      lines and power wiring in your homes"

    - Rigged demonstrations, classified equipment covertly used
      to make the demos work to our discredit, such as:

      a. Exposure to 60 Hz throws us, at a demontstration, into
         convulsions and other visible effects, while non-victims
         are left untouched during the allegedly same conditions

      b. Fake demo equipment to mislead the public into thinking,
         for example, that conventional ultrasound can "see 
         through walls" and that nothing more sophisticated is
         in use, while in fact, the classified viewing systems
         are driving the demo images.

    So I am not thrilled with the subtitle, "Explaining Parnormal
    Phenomena" since discreditation of our torment, and bona fide
    paranormal phenomena, could be attempted with books like this.


1.  Lt. Col. Bearden makes some extensive claims which may be true,
    but in my opinion, can overshadow the good points.  Examples:

    - That the Russians (Soviets when this book was written) have
      fully developed complex sophisticated weaponry, in the form
      of their "Woodpecker Signal" transmitters as of 1988, which
      can instantaneously

      a. Cause widespread disease in their "enemies" world wide
         including viral diseases like AIDS using electromagnetic
         signals alone

      b. Cause immunity to their own (Russian) citizens

      c. Other equally powerful anti-missile capabilities

    He may be right, but all I'm saying is that such claims may
    turn off readers to his more positive aspects.  I have trouble
    believing that viruses can be generated using electromagnetic
    signals for instance.


For me, the most promising points of this book are the names of alleged
devices which apparently tap into "hyperspace", which is a word for all
the stuff we can't see or detect around us with our senses and unclassified
equipment as of the year 2000.  For whatever respect Lt. Col. Bearden is
due, this book powerfully backs up the existence of classified weapons
which use a brand new type of physics.

I'd like to comment though, that when I was an engineering undergrad in
the early 60s, "hyperspace" was routinely discussed by physics majors who
shared some of our courses, especially math courses.  It is not a new
term.  This new "Superstring Theory" of the universe has made "hyperspace"
a much more frequently quoted term.

Additionally, we have one quiet, saintly gal in our group, Blanche 
Chavoustie, formerly of Aches-MC, who is both an MKULTRA institutional
kidnap and implant victim, and continues to be dosed with advanced elec-
tronic harassment.  Blanche has more VISIBLE phenomena that anyone else
I've heard from.  Without going into details here, this book backs up her
reports AND PHOTOS of 'strange lights', sometimes visible to her, sometimes
only on camera.  

Bearden's book begins with his explanation of mysterious lights in 
Washington Township, Morris County, New Jersey, which seem to behave in
the same elusive manner as "Blanche's beams".  In the late 1970s, these
lights were investigated by a group set up for the purpose called
"Vestigia", P.O. Box 1183, Perth Amboy NJ 08861.  Some associated names
are Robert E. Jones, James McGrath, and Bill Wagner.

What is positive about Lt. Col. Bearden's detailed explanation at the
beginning of this book is that IT LAYS THE FOUNDATION FOR THE EXISTENCE
appreciate, proving existence of EQUIPMENT is exactly the backup we need.
All we have to do is guard against disinformation which simplifies the
equipment down to "geo-electromagnetic waves" or "piezo-electric waves"
or "power line sensitivity."  Double-edged sword, all the way.

For me particularly, I'm very glad that this "foundation" finally brings
"hyperspace" or, as Lt. Col. Bearden says more often, "hyperspatial"
principles to light.  This should help the folks who are convinced the 
entire mind control issue comprises just microwave, acoustics, and 
electromagnetic implants.  The spending of life savings on shielding
which cannot deal with the more powerful "hyperspatial" equipment is a
tragic waste.

Let me give you a couple of quotes to illustrate this:

a.  I've had the "squeaky hinge" trick, in which a normally functioning
    hinge suddenly binds so tightly it can barely be moved, and does
    so with loud snaps as if the two halves are being pressed together
    with a huge force.  (Especially leaving or entering my apt.)

    Foreword:  "...we could instantly amplify the gravitational force
    between two electrons by a factor of 1,042 [!]  With such a 
    gravitational force amplification factor, our altered "electrical"
    circuits could actually beome powerful electrogravitational

    Shades of remote object manipulation, anyone?

b.  Foreword:  "Thus I make no bones about it; we have a new physics
    in the offing."

c.  Page 165:  "With psychotronics, it is quite possible to extinguish
    electrical currents flowing in a circuit, or in the nervous system
    of a biological organism."

** DEVICES.  The book mentions some devices which, if an actual device,
high quality documentation, or witnesses/inventors/family members could
be found, would DRAMATICALLY move our cause ahead.  But let me explain 
that these devices are NOT described as using advanced psychotronics.  

Lt. Col. Bearden's point in including them in his book is that they
represent "miraculous" devices that appear miraculous because they tap
into the "hyperspace" and "scalar" realm.  Lt. Col. Bearden uses them to
back up his own theories on how "this" worldly fields relate to "other"
dimensional fields. Remember his entire point is to describe the "new
physics" which his theories describe and in my opinion, are what is 
causing US so much grief:

1.  The Moray Radiant Energy Device (start page 54):

    "In the early 1900s, Dr. T. Henry Moray of Salt Lake City produced
    his first device to tap energy from the metafrequency oscillations
    of empty space itself.  Eventually, Moray was able to produce a
    free energy device weighing sixty pounds  and producing 50,000 watts
    of electricity for several hours.  Ironically, although he demon-
    strated his device repeatedly to scientists and engineers, Moray was
    unable to obtain funding to develop the device further into a usable
    power station that would produce electrical power on a mass scale."


    "Once he even took the device several miles out in the country, 
    away from all power lines, to prove that he was not simply tuning
    in to energy being clandestinely radiated from some other part of
    his laboratory.  Several times he allowed independent investigators
    to completely disassemble his device and reassemble it, then re-
    activate it themselves.  In all tests, he was successful in demon-
    strating that the device could produce energy output without any
    appreciable energy input.  According to exhaustive documentation,
    no one was ever able to prove that the device was fraudulent or that
    Moray had not accomplished exactly what he claimed."


    But in the face of all this, the U.S. Patent Office refused to grant
    Moray a patent, first, because his device used a cold cathode in the
    tubes (the patent examiner asserted it was common knowledge that a
    heated cathode was necessary to obtain electrons) and, second, 
    becaue he failed to identify the source of the energy."


    "...nonetheless, the patent has still not been issued to this day,
    although the Morays still keep the patent application current."


2.  The Priore Machine (start page 273):

    "The cure for cancer mentioned above is the Priore device in France,
    which has been curing cancer and other diseases for over a decade,
    much to the frustration of many members of the French Academy of

    "Antoine Priore is an Italian-born inventor who escaped from the
    Germans in World War II and escaped to France."


    "...Priore explained consisted of an electromagnetic wave in a
    magnetic field.  Eventually the French Government spent almost three
    million dollars for the construction of a new, improved Priore
    machine, because Priore had shown he could cure cancers in labor-
    atory animals with the device.

    "In 1964 Professor Robert Courrier, renowned biologist and
    secretaire-perpetuel of the French Academy of Science, presented
    some of Priore's results to the Academy.  Forty eight cancerous
    rats had been divided into two groups of twenty four each.  One
    group was set aside without treatment as a control, and the other
    was divided into two groups of twelve each.  One of these sub-
    groups was treated by the Priore machine promptly after cancer
    grafts, and the other was treated after a lapse of several days.

    "Both subgroups were completely cured - the first quickly and
    the second after more prolonged treatment.  All the control rats
    died in twenty-two to thirty days after grafting.

    "The results created a furor and a controversy that have continued
    to the present day [1988].  Since the first presentation by Courrier,
    the machine has repeatedly cured leukemia and ohter forms of cancers
    in laboratory animals.  The controversy seems to have arisen because
    the French Academicians could not comprehend the working of the new
    machine, and because the inventor would not reveal how it worked but
    only how it was built."


3.  "Neutrinic wave devices" (start page 263):

    Dr. T. Henry Moray again.

    "At any rate, neutrinic longitudinally polarized waves often
    arrive at a distant point many times stronger than they were when
    they left [the transmitter].  T. Henry Moray, for example, built a
    radio and a sound detector that apparently worked by a version of
    neutrinic waves, condensed into electromagnetic waes, in his radio-
    detector apparatus.  Dr. Moray tested the radio scores of times 
    between 1930 - 1933, and on several occasions received broadcasts
    from Admiral Byrd's party in the Antarctic.  Even when powerful,
    ordinary radios could receive nothing from Antarctica because of 
    the severe weather conditions, Moray's little batteryless
    radio brought the broadcasts in, loud and clear, with no static.

    "Further, Moray demonstrated a sound pickup device of similar 
    construction that could pick up or zoom in on SOUNDS five miles away.
    Again the sounds were loud and clear, with none of the distortions
    of weather conditions and background noise.

    "(See T. Henry Moray, The Sea of Energy in Which the Earth Floats,
    4th edition, 1960, pp 129, 133 and 143.)"


    "Tesla in fact patented a capacitive (E-field only) transmission


4.  Bearden's basic points as to how this all works:

    I'm finishing up here by listing quick highlights of Bearden's main

    - The main idea is that conventional electric, magnetic, and
      electromagnetic fields CAN EASILY BE TRANSFORMED INTO FAR

    - In fact, Bearden asserts, the simple day to day process of
      modulation, like AM and FM, actually results in things
      happening in hyperspace - and that this is necessary for
      modulation to work at all.

    - You can transform conventional electromagnetic waves into
      more exotic stuff by "locking together perfectly two
      OPPOSING EM waves".

      What he is talking about is like the difference between a
      chemical COMPOUND an a MIXTURE.  In the mixture, the two 
      or more components still retain their original properties.
      In a compound, the original individual properties are given
      up to yield something with entirely new properties.

      His "locking together of two opposed waves" turns electro-
      magnetic signals into "electrogravitational" signals.

      One place you see this take physical shape is web articles
      talking about "generating scalars" by simply driving a pair
      of concentrically wound coils with the same alternating
      current.  The idea is that this locks them together, generating
      a scalar.

      Remains to be shown, in my opinion.  I tried it once, and
      had the coils touching my head.  Nothing.

      But just as some chemical compounds have to be forced to
      combine using a suitable catalyst, I strongly suspect there
      is a way and we just need to find it.

    - Modulation is equivalent to taking the [calculus] derivative
      of the modulating waveform.

      To illustrate this, he gives a block diagram (not a schematic) 
      of an improved "Flanagan Neurophone", in which the device 
      is supposed to develop signals that use "hyperspace" to reach
      into the mind, even though the signals themselves, if simply
      played to a speaker, would sound like static.  (Shades of the
      Smirnov method of silent hypnosis?)

      Bearden claims that this is done like this:

      a.  Amplify the music or voice to a high level, then
          clip all the peaks so you have a low amplitude
          square wave with all the zero-crossings of the
          original intact.  (Very much like the Joseph
          Sharp voice to skull device.)

      b.  Pass this square wave through a stage which outputs
          the [calculus] derivative with respect to time.

          This gives zero output for the duration of the clipped
          peaks, with rapidly reversing spikes, once up, once
          down then back to zero, at each zero crossing.

      c.  (This is where, according to Bearden, you get into
          the realm of hyperspace) Then, pass this train of
          spikes through a SECOND [calculus] derivative stage.

          It is the output of this second derivative stage which
          forces signal components that make use of hyperspace
          to penetrate the mind directly.

      d.  An electrode on the skull (INSULATED since this is a
          Neurophone which uses insulated, capacitively coupled
          pads) and a second at any other point on the body
          complete the device.

I could go on, but my purpose is only to HIGHLIGHT the book, not 
reproduce it.  I've tried staying away from jargon as much as possible.

The book contains excellent bibliographic references, and to the extent
you understand physics, a good glossary at the back.

Eleanor White