Ruth Ann Goodman

My purpose in posting this is only to share Ruth Ann's story, and since she furnished her story to us for posting, I feel a responsibility to a fellow target of harassment crimes to publish the statement which she wanted me to communicate to others. This posting has been cleared on legal grounds. I have confirmed that I have both the legal right and the constitutional right to publish statements furnished to us by Ruth Ann for posting. However, I do not wish to cause discomfort to anyone by exercising my rights. For that reason only, I have removed references to specific names and dates. If anything in the present form causes discomfort to anyone, please let me know which specific sentences you find objectionable.

Eleanor White

From the Las Vegas Review Journal May 11 - 2003

Ruth Ann Goodman, 34, died Friday.
She was born 1968. An administrative assistant, she was a member of the American Modelers Association and a longtime resident of Las Vegas.

Ruth Ann's postings prior to her death included:

I am a philosopher/writer who was posting my writings on the Internet for a period of about 5 years, ignoring the online harassment I often received. In the past year the harassment became worse after I decided to ignore previous smearing of my reputation and consistent online abuse by the people mentioned below. When I made it clear that what they were doing was considered a hate crime, and that I know who they are (especially Brian, his attitude, although he used aliases online, gave him away) things began to escalate.

The story began when I was contacted at home, in my personal life by a couple of men who work for the government... Brian Xxxxx, with the D.O.D. (I know this is his real name, I have been to his and his parents home in Fairfax Virginia. His father, Larry Xxxxx, works for the Pentagon) pretended at first to be in love with me. This was over 5 years ago when I was more naive. He flew out to California several times pretending he was going to relocate to move in with me. It turned out that he was lying, and was actually stalking me for counter intelligence. After I broke up with him, confused, his intimidation and online smear campaign kept me from writing on the Internet for about a year. But as I became wiser and realized what it was he was doing, and for whom, I went back to writing online, refusing to give in to terrorists. I was followed online and again harassed. Brian used many aliases and many methods to attempt to force me to stop going online to share the truth.

About a year and a half ago, I was contacted by another man, Jason Xxxxx (not sure if this is his real name) who made contact with me pretending to be a friend interested in discussing spiritual principles. It was clear to me after meeting him, based on his attitude and our conversations that he was involved with the same people who were following my movements online trying to discredit my truths. When I asked him about this, he became very upset, as opposed to behaving like an innocent friend, his behavior gave me more reasons to suspect what he was up to. I was curious as opposed to afraid. When he tried to convince me that the evil government controls everything and that I should be afraid, I repeatedly told him that their struggle for control would only be their downfall. He would become upset during these conversations. I explained to him that ignorance and evil are the same thing, and that such people cannot hold onto their power for long without causing themselves to be overthrown by the people. Especially in a free country.

While he was at my apartment I noticed him staking out the neighborhood from my balcony seeming very interested in the properties in direct proximity. A few months later, my neighbors in the house directly behind my balcony moved out, and some of these people moved in. They built a very HIGH wall (I'm sure it's higher than city codes regularly allow), and began to gather there harassing me from behind this wall, shouting racial epithets, claiming they were starting a race war, and saying they have friends who are "very powerful people". I was not intimidated by this either. On the contrary, I would sometimes ask them "why are you hiding if you're so powerful?" and state that MOST people are above ignorance such as racial discrimination so their attempt at starting a race war will fail. They were often very disturbed, and would sometimes throw objects at my balcony from over their wall. They are still living there and continue to harass me verbally now.

After one of Jason's visits with me I became extremely ill (I thought I had food poisoning), and was taken to the emergency room closest to my home, very late at night, and was put out with a general anesthetic for 4 hours. After that I never saw or heard from Jason again.

About a day or two later I began to experience people, including Jason and Brian, harassing me in my head. The noises come from outside of my "mind" but they are audible. When I cover my ears they do not cease, but when I squeeze hard enough they do. I can TELL they are using electronic devices to do so. I have found fake hairs protruding out of the back of my neck and behind my ears. My hairline is not the same as it was before. There are also tiny "hairs" that come from my temples and go under the skin behind my ears. These feel more like tiny wires than my own hair, and the sound they make in my head when I pull at them is "twangy".

These people continue to harass me in my head, screaming "Stay off the Internet" and "we control everything" etc. They talk about a "secret society", mention the president and say they are "kidnapping people and mind controlling them". They can hear my thoughts through this device, so I respond saying they would have to kidnap a million people a day for a couple of years to control everyone, and keeping control would be a serious problem. They do not scare me with their lies.

3 months ago they had me picked up in front of my house by a Long Beach policeman, alone with no name badge (though I later found out his last name is Xxxxx), who drugged me before handcuffing me by sticking a small needle in my wrist. He met an LA County sheriff behind a dark building, who was also alone, and transferred me to another patrol car. As I was losing consciousness I noticed him getting on the freeway. When I asked, "where are you taking me?" his response was "someplace fun".

When I awoke he had taken me to a secluded section of LA County Jail where I was brutally beaten, stripped naked, fondled and tortured by male sheriffs, and told over again that "we're gonna smoke you, nigger" while guns were brandished in front of me. I was also repeatedly drugged with something that made me unable to control myself. It was some form of major stimulant, which caused me to be "hyped up" and hysterical. I was held for 5 days with no phone call. My sister reported me missing after a few days. She was at first given the runaround by the police department, told I was arrested but not told why. They then told her to meet me in court in Long Beach. I was put on a bus, taken back to Long Beach looking terrible, dehydrated, with chains wrapped around my waste and my hands cuffed to them. I was then charged with being under the influence of drugs, and the judge released me on my own recognizance.

Instead of letting me go home with my sister, they held me in a tiny closet for the next 5 or 6 hours while still in chains, then put me back on a bus to LA County where I was taken to a mental facility and again mistreated for the next 3 days while they tried to convince my sister and mother I needed to be institutionalized.

Please help me if you can. I am not sure where to turn. It seems they follow me and make sure that people I talk to are also harassed. Any information at all would be appreciated.

Thank you. Ruth Goodman

Eleanor White talking: Ruth Ann Goodman also discovered, in her efforts to fight her electronically assisted stalkers, that as she communicated with her stalkers, they revealed sensitivities to certain topics. Ruth was able to deter some of the harassment by reminding the perpetrators of the sensitive issues. Unfortunately, I do not have specifics on her work, and her work has been removed from the Mind Control Forum so this information is apparently lost to us.