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October 23, 1999

With permission of CSETI:

...and with our special thanks.

Eleanor White's comments: I've had complaints that by posting this article, I am somehow "aligning myself" with UFO enthusiasts. UFO investigation is a legitimate and very important arena, in my opinion, but my sites and activities relate to involuntary human experimentation, not any other field.

The purpose of posting this article is to show that investigators in an entirely different field from ours, UFO investigation, have claimed discovery of a group of perpetrators who have those characteristics that our 300 known victims also describe.

THAT IS IT. Do NOT infer that I am hinting that "aliens" are harassing us, or anything along those lines. We are clearly being harassed by very ordinary and very unethical HUMAN BEINGS.

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Copyright 1999
Steven M. Greer M.D.

Ending the secrecy surrounding the UFO/ET subject is a laudable
goal. It is long overdue. It would transform the world in ways both
simple and profound.

And yet it is fraught with danger.

The covert projects which have been running UFO related programs
for nearly 60 years are not interested in a disclosure which upsets
their apple cart.  They want such a disclosure to transform their
apple cart into a freight train. And they potentially have the
power and connections to do it.

There are multiple scenarios attending the disclosure of the UFO
subject-and not all of them have the best interests of humanity at
heart. Elsewhere, in the new book 'Extraterrestrial Contact: The
Evidence and Implications' ( I write about the kind
of disclosure the world needs. An honest one. An open one. One
which replaces secrecy with democracy. A disclosure which is
peaceful, scientific and hopeful.

But then there is the disclosure the powers that be would like to
see: Manipulated. Calculated to consolidate power and engender
fear. Configured in such a way that chaos and a deepening need for
Big Brother is carefully inculcated into the masses.

We have seen the plans and it is not a pretty picture.

I write this as a warning. A warning that the wolves in sheep
clothes are very cunning indeed. And have almost limitless
resources. Most who work with them do not even know they are
wolves. Indeed, it is likely that many of the wolves have been
convinced that they are sheep.

The UFO matter is not so much a mystery as a matter deliberately
obfuscated and mystified. Confusion and a lack of clarity serves
the larger covert goal of keeping it off the long- range radar of
society while power and plans are consolidated quietly. And the one
thing more dangerous to society than all this secrecy is a planned,
contrived disclosure run by the keepers of the secrets.

For years such plans have been made - to be unfurled at just the
right time.  During a time of great expectation. Of social
confusion. Perhaps of millennial madness?

I have personally met with a number of people who are very involved
with such plans. I do not speculate here. Be aware: The disclosure
of UFO reality is being planned very carefully. It will assiduously
follow a scheme to spin the subject in just the right way - the
only way which will further redound to the glory and power of the
secret-keepers. It will be a false disclosure - one born out of the
age-old bane of human existence: selfishness and greed.  Greed for
power. Greed for control. Greed for domination.

We must be mature and informed on such matters. Only a vigilant and
informed public can see through such deceit - and correct it should
such a plan be unfurled. Every citizen needs to know that great
good can come from the truth being known. But the mature citizen
must also recognize that the 'truth' can be spun and spun again
-until the goals of those who crave secret and overt power are met.

Consider: One scenario for disclosure is that the UFO and
Extraterrestrial subject is acknowledged in a way which is
scientific and hopeful. Excessive secrecy which lacks executive
branch and congressional oversight is ended.  Humanity begins to
entertain open contact with other civilizations, with peaceful
engagement as the goal. Technologies which are currently suppressed
are allowed to be disseminated: Pollution ends. An economy of
abundance and social justice is firmly established. Global
environmental destruction and mind-numbing world poverty become a
faint memory. Zero-point based energy devices transform the world.
Electro-gravitic devices permit above ground travel without paving
over the world's precious fertile farm land. As an ET once told
Colonel Philip Corso, " Its a new world, if you can take it...".
This is the disclosure which we are working for.

But the disclosure envisioned above could have happened in 1950. It
did not - Why? For such a disclosure would lead to the total
transformation of the status quo. Centralized energy systems would
be obsolete. Oil would be useful only for lubricants and
synthetics. The geo-political order of today would be a thing
forgotten: Every country and people on earth would have such a high
degree of progress and advancement that all nations would have a
seat at the global table. Power would need to be shared. Peaceful
acknowledgment of life from elsewhere would make the earth seem
like the very small, organic homeland which it is. The vast
trillion dollar global military - industrial sector would be
reigned in. And a universal spirituality might dawn...

But remember, there are hugely powerful interests who dread this
scenario.  For them, it is the end of the world as they know it.
The end of centralized, elite power. The end of a controlled
geo-political order which today leaves nearly 90% of the people of
earth barely one step out of the stone age. And they do not wish to
share the power they wield.

Now, let me describe the 'disclosure' which would make these covert
control programs happy. This is the false or contrived 'disclosure'
which has only one clear goal: The further consolidation of their
power and their paradigm.  It has to do with fear, not love. With
war, not peace. With division and conflict, not unity. It is the
dominant paradigm - but it is slipping away slowly. And a carefully
orchestrated disclosure of the 'facts' of the UFO and ET subject
could secure their power. This is the disclosure which is to be
dreaded. This is the disclosure to watch out for. This is the
disclosure which is already occurring.

My meetings over the past 9 years with covert operatives who have
worked on UFO related programs have introduced me to some
characters right out of a spy novel - and then some. Whether in
private high tech industry, at the Pentagon or at a midnight
meeting in a private mansion, a theme has emerged. It is one of
immense, though currently hidden, power. It transcends government
as we know it (at this point the government of 'We the people...'
has been made irrelevant on this issue). And the theme has two main
strands - the eventual covert militarization of the ET subject and
a weird covert religious strain which can only be viewed as

Here, we find some very strange bed-fellows indeed. War mongers and
militarists in cahoots with industrialists who share a certain
bizarre eschatological bent: A dark view of the future, featuring
an extraterrestrial Armageddon - or at least the threat of it. Such
a theme supports retrograde and fanatical religious causes as well
as deeply covert military-industrial plans to expand the arms race
into space.

In fact, the big players in the so-called 'civilian UFO community'
are tied into such beliefs and agendas. It strains credulity, I
admit, but here is what we have found by penetrating these

From a military-industrial perspective, the disclosure of choice
is one which frames the UFO/ET issue in a threatening manner. If a
threat from space can be established ( as President Reagan liked to
say) then the entire world can be united around the need to fight
such a threat. This would ensure trillion dollar plus military -
industrial spending well into the next century, and beyond. If you
think the cold war was costly, wait until you see the price tag for
this ' protection' from the 'threats' in space: The trillions spent
on the cold war will look like a blue light special.

Retrograde and fanatical religious groups, similarly, have great
vested interests in fulfilling the promise of Armageddon. An
eschatological paradigm, well enshrined in the belief systems of
those running covert UFO projects, is supported by the portrayal of
a cosmic conflict in the heavens.  Voila! We have the necessity of
spinning the UFO/ET issue in the evil invading aliens (translates
in religious terms as demons) direction. Indeed, this has already
been accomplished , courtesy of the 'civilian UFO community' and
the tabloid media (which at this point is virtually all media...).

Additionally, there is a subtext which can only be viewed as thinly
veiled racism. You will note that part of the 'new myth' regarding
UFOs involves the 'good ET s' , which invariably are described as
'Pleidians' who are 'handsome' white, blue-eyed Aryan appearing
types. Naturally, those 'evil, bad ET s' are darker, shorter, look
funny and smell funny. Please. Such clap-trap would have us trade
age-old human racism for an extraterrestrial variety. This nonsense
and propaganda could only make Hitler proud.

In one lengthy meeting with a multi-billionaire, I was told that he
gave great support to UFO activities which propel the so-called
'alien abduction' subject into public awareness because he wanted
humanity to unite around fighting this 'alien threat'. Later, this
very influential figure informed me that he believed these demonic
ET s were the cause of every set back in human history since Adam
and Eve. Sound familiar?

Military interests, which are heavily involved in covert projects
which hoax ET events, such as human military- related abductions,
have a shared goal of demonizing the UFO/ET phenomenon. Doing so
lays the foundations for the fear and dread necessary for an
organized opposition to all things ET. And this subserves the long
- term need to provide a rationale for an expanding global military
even should world peace emerge. In fact, under this scenario,
'world peace', or strictly speaking peace on earth, could be
secured by the world uniting, eventually, against the 'threat from
space' referred to by President Reagan. (By the way, personally I
believe Reagan was the victim of disinformation specialists who
surrounded him and who manipulated him into the statements he made
on this subject.)

Under this scenario, currently being gamed and 'disclosed' courtesy
of the trial - balloon UFO 'community', we would get peace on earth
- in exchange for inter-planetary conflict. One step forward, ten
steps back. Wonderful.

Such a false and contrived 'disclosure of the truth' regarding UFOs
and ET s would, then, subserve agendas held by powerful covert
interests in both the military - industrial sector and those of a
strange collection of religious fanatics, who pine for Armageddon -
and the sooner the better.

Lest the reader think such a strange amalgam of militarists and
cult-like religious interests are unlikely, remember the weird
views of the Third Reich. Or more recently, the views of one US
Department of the Interior cabinet secretary during the Reagan
years named James Watts. It was he who, not knowing a microphone
was still on and recording his comments, stated in the 1980s that
we did not need to worry about all these environmental problems
since Armageddon was coming soon and the world would be destroyed
anyway...This bizarre view, held by a man who shaped and applied
policy for the Interior Department of the US Government, was later
reported in the general media. At the time a comical footnote
perhaps. But what does it say about the degree to which such
beliefs may be shaping covert UFO policy - and specifically
disclosure plans? We have found that such views - bizarre as they
may seem to most - are heavily represented in covert policy
development on the UFO subject.

And most disconcerting of all: This strange mixture of military
cosmic saber - rattling and bizarre religious beliefs are the
dominant forces shaping both the 'civilian UFO community' and the
planned eventual 'spin' on UFO disclosure. Let the buyer beware.

To the rational and intellectual, such views seem ridiculous. Why,
you might ask, would anyone want a cosmic war in space, an
Armageddon and the destruction of the earth? To comprehend this,
you have to get inside the head of people who hold such beliefs -
people like James Watts. In his case, why worry about a little bit
of deforestation, air pollution and areas of dead oceans if the
entire world is going to be destroyed in a couple of years anyway?

But the thinking goes further than this. Because such fanatical
thinking has within it the concept that as a result of the
Armageddon we will see the return of Christ- and with it the good
people's salvation. Now, people are free to believe what they want.
But what we have found is a deliberate influencing of covert policy
on UFOs by such beliefs. Some of these people want Armageddon - and
they want it ASAP.

Strictly speaking, the militarists and war-mongers, itching to
'kick some alien butt' as it was said in the movie Independence
Day, may actually only want a pretext to justify their existence
and get the world to eventually spend huge sums of money on a
perceived (if contrived) threat from space.

But in some cases - high up on the food chain of the covert entity
running UFO secrecy - the two views meet. A place where militarism
and eschatology merge. Where Star Wars and Armageddon join.

In tracing the history of both the UFO civilian community and the
covert policy-making group concerned with UFOs, we have found a
growing penetration of the latter into the former. So much so that
at this point there are projects which ostensibly are innocent
civilian initiatives but which in reality are totally controlled
and financed by 'cut-outs' from ultra-secret projects.

Moreover, our careful penetration of such projects yielded the
disturbing finding that deep-cover black project operatives are
working closely with alleged civilian researchers, journalists and
UFO glitterati. CIA and military intelligence operatives are
working with civilian 'think tank' heads, alongside very wealthy
business people who are eschatologists, and being advised by
'civilian' technologists and scientists - who are themselves
proponents of bizarre religious belief systems involving the end of
the world and ET s....

Thus, the new 'chosen ones' have been assembled. They are planning
your disclosure on the UFO/ET subject. They are owned by the money
whores and power brokers doing the bidding of the secret entity
which runs UFO projects to begin with. And it all looks like a
civilian initiative. So innocent. So well-intended. So
'scientific'. And by the way, the sky is falling courtesy of ET and
we need your money and your souls to defend against it.

Do not be deceived. You need to be awake to the darker scenarios
which some would like to thrust upon the world. And you need to
know that there are alternatives. If a 'disclosure' is unleashed on
the world which is xenophobic, militaristic and terrifying, know
that it comes from the spinmeisters of secrecy - regardless of how
respectable the person or group may appear to be.

And remember: Part of this disclosure plan involves the use of UFO
look-alike devices made by humans in an attack on earth or military
assets of earth.  This would be a well-orchestrated use of advanced
human technologies to hoax an ET attack - all for the purpose of
disclosing the truth with the desired military-oriented spin. In
such a scenario, most of humanity will be deceived into believing
the threat from space has arrived - and that we must fight it at
all costs. This is nothing more than long-term social security for
the military-industrial complex. There must be people who can
expose this fraud.

But why should we wait for these darker scenarios to be unleashed
on an unsuspecting world?

Here is another idea: Why don't 'we the people' unite and launch a
disclosure which resembles the first one described above. An honest
one. One which leads to peace, not war. To a sustainable and
beautiful world, free of pollution and brimming with abundance, of
all types. One which reaches out into the unknown, instead of
firing particle beam weapons into the darkness of space.

Additionally, we welcome those who can come forward with first hand
knowledge of the machinations referred to in this paper and who
wish to expose such madness to contact us at
The one thing the darkness of secrecy cannot tolerate is a
spotlight shining right on it. And the more of us holding the
light, the better.

Evil steps in when good people do nothing. This is a lesson taught
through thousands of years of human history. We stand at the
beginning of a new time, and a new world awaits us. But we must
embrace it, and help create it. For if we are passive, others will
have their way - at least in the short run.

Steven M. Greer M.D.
CSETI Director
Albemarle County, Virginia
21 October 1999

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