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Nonlethal Weapons?
by Dave vonKleist

The recent stories from CNN and the Air Force Times reveal a "new" weapon to be used by our military for "crowd control". The fact is that the military never tells about new weaponry until it has been field tested and found to be affective.

Micro-wave technology has been around for years and it is well known that it can be deadly if focused into a beam. Has it already been used? Please look carefully at the photos of these unfortunate Iraqis who were killed during the Gulf War. They were provided to the American Gulf War Veterans Association by a vet who had to smuggle them out of Iraq.

Warning! Do not view these pictures if you are easily offended by images of violence and/or death. This is the real thing!

Victim 1
Victim 2

Ask yourself:
How does one burn a body beyond recognition and leave the clothing intact and not even singed?
If this is the result of some new microwave technology, is it really non-lethal, or can it be used in some other non-disclosed application? Were there other new weapon technologies that were "field tested" during the Gulf War that have been yet to be disclosed to the American public?


Dave vonKleist


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