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Excerpts from Angels Don't Play This HAARP

courtesy Patricia Mougey

From the book, "Angels Don't Play This HAARP" by Dr. Nick Begich and
Jeane Manning
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Page l84.  Note that HAARP is the most versatile and the
largest radio-frequency-radiation transmitter in the world.
Captain Paul Tyler wrote a chapter in "Low-Intensity
Conflict and Modern Technology and points to applications
which may already be somewhat developed. He points out that
the uses of radio-frequency radiation may include
enhancement of 'anomalous phenomena' in individuals. these

Techniques are needed to deposit RFR (radio frequency
radiation) effects at selected organ sites.....These
studies will require prudent extrapolation of physical and
physiological data obtained from laboratory animals to
humans in operational environments.  The l982 Air Force
report called for the research to be done so that the Air
Force could develop hardware so that the radiation could be
delivered  through new weapons.

A research publication commissioned by the Air Force -
"Radio Frequency Dosimetry Handbook' described these models
in time to meet the schedules they had put forward in 1982.
The book gives mathematics for calculating the dosages
(Dosimetry) of radio frequency radiation necessary to cause
changes in animals and humans.  ...This book compiled
research spanning five decades and contains a bibliography
which is 29 pages long. .......(page l85).....More
importantly the research behind it is being used to develop
better methods of killing.

Purpose;  To change the central nervous system,
cardiovascular system and the respiratory system....  (Page
l85).  The l982 Air Force report covering the use of radio
frequency radiation in the new weapon systems contemplated
by the Air Force was intended to change the central nervous
system, cardiovascular system and the respiratory system.
We were distressed to read about the idea of using this
technology to alter the way people think in order to make
the "enemy" of the government incapable of waging war. ..

Page l86:  The fact that these technologies are classified
and hidden from the medical community denies humanity the
opportunity to explore these areas for healing people
rather than for destructive purposes.

The report speaks about using this technology in a way
which could interact with biological or chemical states:  "It may be possible to sensitize
large military groups to extremely dispersed amounts of
biological and chemical agents....It should be noted that
this may require relatively low level RFR.  The idea
expressed here is that depositing small amounts of
chemicals in a person's physiological system, in amounts
below normal levels where negative physical effects are
known to occur, will ensure they have no perceivable effect
until radio frequency radiation (RFR) is introduced.  Once
introduced, the RFR creates physiological reactions which
are detrimental to the host.  This would allow individuals
who are not exposed to the chemicals to then enter the area
of the RFR without harm to their own bodies.  When an
operator tunes the RFR in just the right way, changes are
caused in the energy state of atoms, which cause chemical
reactions in the body, which in turn manifest as
physiological or psychological changes.

The introduction of small amounts of chemicals is a very
important concept when cyclotron resonance is considered.
The HAARP transmitter uses cyclotron resonance in radiating
its energy transmissions into the atmosphere.  The
introduction of RFR causes a change in energy states, which
cause chemical reactions....the use of HAARP could be
intentional or accidental, depending on the level of
knowledge held by the equipment l87.

Page l87 - from "Angels Don't Play This HAARP"

The l982 report (Air Force), ""Final Report on
Biotechnology Research Requirements For Aeronautical
Systems Through the Year 2000"  went on to describe
graphically the research efforts, breaking them into three
primary areas.

l.  "Pulsed RFR Effects" which covered a research period
from l980 through l995, emphasized "considerably increased
efforts" in this area.

2. "Mechanisms of RFR with Living Systems" was referred to
as the 'continuation of ongoing research' beginning in l980
and forecast to conclude around l997.

3.  The last area of emphasis was "RFR Forced Disruptive
Phenomena", which they considered a "major new initiative".
It was to begin around l986 and continue until 2010.  This
last area could be  characterized as applied technology,
scheduled to begin at the same time as the Radio frequency
Radiation Dosimetry Handbook's completion.  the handbook
gave the basic information needed to develop new and
powerful weapon systems which would have a negative effect
on humans and electronics, but would leave other property
unscathed.  By the mid-l990's, the timeline for development
was on or ahead of schedule.

Page l88:  In the second volume..."As the technological
race continues, knowledge of mechanisms of action of RFR
with living systems and the assessment of pulsed RFR
effects will demonstrate the vulnerability of humans to
complex pulsed electromagnetic radiation fields in
combination with other stresses."

"Electroshock therapy indicates the ability of induced
electric current to completely interrupt mental functioning
for short periods of time, to obtain cognition for longer
periods and to restructure emotional responses over
prolonged intervals.......Experience with electroshock
therapy, RFR experiments and the increasing understanding
of the brain as an electrically mediated organ suggest the
serious probability that impressed electromagnetic fields
can be disruptive of purposeful behavior and may be capable
of directing and/or interrogating such behavior.  Further,
the passage of approximately l00 milliamperes through the
myocardium can lead to cardiac standstill and death, again
pointing to a speed-of-light weapons effect.

Page l89  Objective: Degradation of human performance

"While initial attention should be toward degradation of
human performance through thermal loading and
electromagnetic field effects, subsequent work should
address the possibilities of directing and interrogating
mental functioning, using externally applied fields within
the possibility of a revolutionary capability to defend
against hostile actions, and to collect Intelligence data
prior to conflict onset."

What this seemed to say was that the objective of the
research would be toward mind manipulation at a distance,
where the military could alter what people thought and, at
the same time, know what they thought.  It seemed too much
like a science fiction novel.  How in the world could this
effect be possible?  How long had research of this kind
been underway, so that the military would be so bold as to
publish this kind of material in an unclassified document?
Could it be that they had quietly advanced their research
into these technologies under a veil of secrecy?

Non-lethal conference......Attorney General/Justice Dept.

Page l7l - In l986 the U.S. attorney general held a
conference on the development of these new high-tech
weapons.  It was summarized the following year in a report
discussing problems and solutions for what was believed to
be an area with significant future possibilities. Several
areas were reported to offer new possibilities for the
Department of Justice. ..and a quote' participants also
discussed the use of various wave lengths and forms of
administration of electromagnetic energy as a non-lethal
weapon.  One conference participant noted that scientific
knowledge of human physiology is progressing to the point
where it may soon be possible to target specific
physiologic systems with specific frequencies of
electromagnetic radiation to produce much more subtle and
fine-tuned effects than those produced by photic driving.

Page l73:  in November, l993 about 400 scientists
gathered at John Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab to
discuss their work in developing non-lethal weapons
technologies, including radiofrequency radiation (RF),
electromagnetic pulse (EMP), extremely low frequency (ELF)
fields, lasers and chemicals.  the meeting was classified,
and no detailed reports were ever publicly released.   Dr.
Clay Easterly of Oak Ridge National Laboratories led a
session on ELF/EMF's...his presentation dealt with uses
which would affect was classified by the

On July 21, l994, Dr. Christopher Lamb, Director of Policy
Planning, issued a draft Department of Defense directive
which would establish a policy for non-lethal weapons.  the
policy was intended to take effect January l, l995 and
formally connected the military's non-lethal research to
civilian law enforcement agencies.  (Page l75)

Page 176:  In interviews with the Defense Department the
development of this policy was confirmed. In its current
draft form, the policy gives highest priority to
development of those technologies which are most likely to
get dual use, i.e. law enforcement and military
applications.  According to this document, non-lethal
weapons are to e used on the government's domestic
"adversaries". The definition of 'adversary' has been
significantly enlarged in the policy.  "The term
'adversary' is used above in its broadest sense, including
those who are not declared enemies but who are engaged in
activities we wish to stop. This policy does not preclude
legally authorized domestic use of the nonlethal weapons by
United States military forces in support of law

Page 177 - the Pentagon actually received $50 million to be
used jointly with the Department of Justice in developing
these 'non-lethal' weapons.

Development of these technologies is being jointly managed
by the Non-Lethal Weapons Steering Committee, which is
co-chaired by the undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition
and Technology and the Office of the Assistant Secretary of
Defense for Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict.
This crystallizes the new Justice Department and Department
of Defense alliance for future law enforcement and military
initiatives, in the United States.

Page l77 - the weaving together of Department of Defense
missions with civilian Department of Justice missions is
unprecedented.  Not since the civil war has the military
machinery - except in very limited riot control actions -
been turned against United States citizens since the Civil
War.  The idea of using these dangerous and intrusive
systems is counter to good public policy.  This raises
serious questions regarding use of our Department of
Defense for domestic police actions, which may be a
violation of constitutional law by being in conflict with
the narrowly defined federal use of the military " for the
national defense".

Page 178 - "International Red Cross" raised  a number of
questions in their report in mid-l994....and the conclusion
was that 'we can use on our own citizens what we cannot use
in warfare with real enemies who are threats to national
security. This explains why the development of nonlethals
has moved out of the

"HAARP: - continued page l78 - Justice Department

Department of Defense into the Department of Justice. For
the Department of Defense to continue to work on these
weapons, as instruments of war, is now illegal under
international law.

Page 178 - What does this mean for Americans?  This places
Americans, and citizens of other counties, in a
lesser-protected class than individuals seeking to destroy
our countries - our real adversaries.  This language really
represents a way for countries to continue to develop these
weapons.  This is a loop-hole in agreement.

Page 179:

One of the uses described is an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)
weapon which gives an operator the same ability to wipe out
electronic circuits as a nuclear blast would provide.  The
main difference is that this new technology is
controllable, and can be used without violating nuclear
weapons treaties.

Page 180:  Council on Foreign Relations report points out
that "The Nairobi Convention, to which the United States is
a signatory, prohibits the broadcast of electronic signals
into a sovereign state without is consent in peacetime.

This report opens discussion of the use of these weapons
against terrorists and drug traffickers.  The CFR report
recommends that this be done secretly so that the victims
do not know where the attacks is from, or if there even is
an attack.  There is a problem with this approach. the use
of these weapons, even against these kinds of individuals,
may be in violation of United States law in that it
presumes guilt rather than innocence.  In other words, the
police, CIA, DEA or other enforcement organization becomes
the judge, jury and executioner.

The forward to "Low-intensity Conflict and Modern
Technology" was written by Congressman Newt Gingrich in
l986.  He wrote:  "The organization of power in the States
and Defense Departments and the relationships between
Congress, the news media, and the executive branch are all
unsuited to fighting low-intensity conflict effectively."
He goes on to say much more.  Page l8l

Page l83:  Captain Paul Tyler discusses in this book  the
application of non-ionizing radiation using external
fields, including radiofrequency radiation and other
electromagnetic radiation's.  and says, "Some of these
potential uses include dealing with terrorist groups, crowd
control, controlling breaches of security at military
installations, and antipersonnel techniques in tactical
warfare.  In all of these cases the EM systems would be
used to produce mild to severe physiological disruption or
perceptual distortion or disorientation.  In addition, the
ability of individuals to function could e degraded to such
a point that they could be combat ineffective...can provide
coverage over large areas & they are silent.

Dr Tyler wrote his papers back in l984 and stated then
(page l92) research has shown that very specific
frequencies cause very specific reactions, and and once a
critical threshold is passed, negative reactions occur.

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