Book Review:
Harvest of Rage

by Joel Dyer,
reviewer Eleanor White
This page updated April 14, 2004

Copyright 1998
Published by Westview Press
ISBN 0-8133-3293-1
326 pages, indexed


This book presents 285 pages of extensive research on the "growing and deadly anti government movement" which has "surprisingly deep rural roots". The author claims the grass roots militia and Patriot movements were responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing and other crimes. He is totally ignoring the fact that what took down the Murrah federal building were INTERNAL charges placed against structural columns, verified ON CAMERA by local officials and the governor of Oklahoma, confirmed by explosives experts, and later covered up by the controlled media. This reviewer has some such statements on video tape from local TV coverage.

Ignoring the facts clearly shows this author is not interested in the truth, and this reviewer regards the book as a work of propaganda.

Let me start by transcribing the blurb about this book from its back cover:

Timothy McVeigh is not alone. The 1995 bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City killed nearly two hundred innocent people and shattered the complacency of a nation. But this event, horrible as it was, may well be only the beginning of an unprecedented wave of terror in America. This is the chilling conclusion reached by Joel Dyer in Harvest of Rage the first book to explore the deep rural roots of today's growing and increasingly deadly anti government movement. Completely updated with new material on the McVeigh Trial, the defense of Terry Nichols, and the lingering doubt that both were not alone, but assisted by a host of "unknown others" in the militia movements of rural America.

JOEL DYER is an investigative reporter and writer. He has written numerous magazine and news articles on the farm crisis and the rise of the radical right. He has appeared on CBS and National Public Radio, and his work has been featured in the New York Times, the Utne Reader, and numerous other national magazines.

Eleanor White talking: I have not and will not read this book. The author ignores the testimony of bomb experts that Timothy McVeigh's truck bomb could not and did not bring down the Murrah federal building. He ignores the repeated on camera statements by officials about the internally planted explosives, two UNexploded "extremely sophisticated" bombs having been found in and recovered from the federal building.

More than that, I know what I have heard from two years of daily listening to the U.S. Patriot Movement shortwave, web, and AM-FM broadcasts. The evidence presented and issues discussed are totally at odds with a grass roots "antigovernment movement" being responsible for crimes being attributed by this author to Patriots.

What I hear on the Patriot broadcasts are a very large number of citizens with a strong sense of right and wrong. They are professionals who have discovered major crimes within government and corporate arenas, and have devoted their strength and resources to try to get what they know about these crimes to the people. In addition to presenting whistleblower testimony, the Patriot broadcasters use information from the international media (less censored than North American) and government and scientific publications, some obtained by Freedom of Information Act requests. The wire services often carry stories which are either under reported or totally blocked by retail major media outlets.

I promise you, visitor, that if you were in trouble with the corrupt justice system, you would be truly blessed if you had the U.S. Patriot Movement broadcasters on your side! I would gladly put my life in their hands if a life and death situation were to arise.

The U.S. Patriot Movement broadcasters are ANTI-VIOLENCE. They seek return to Constitutional and sovereign government by way of PUBLIC EDUCATION. These broadcasters shun people who call in and advocate violent rebellion. I, Eleanor White, do not know about the operations, motives, and goals of every person who uses the label "patriot". It is certain, as with any group of human beings, that there are some who would use violence, but the Patriot Movement, represented in their radio programs, is very much anti crime.

The section of the book Terrorist Stalking in America, by David Lawson, references this book "Harvest of Rage". Having seen "Harvest of Rage", I can understand where David Lawson's misapprehension probably comes from.

I advise all my colleagues who are trying to expose the type of group stalking described in "Terrorist Stalking in America" to be aware of the type of disinformation presented in "Harvest of Rage", and if challenged, explain that "Harvest of Rage" does NOT present an accurate picture of the Oklahoma City bombing, and slanders the courageous broadcasters of the U.S. Patriot Movement.

Advise your challenger to LISTEN to the shortwave, web, or AM-FM Patriot broadcasts and see for themselves what their evidence, goals, and methods actually are. The brave U.S. Patriots deserve that much.

For a Patriot broadcast listening guide, please visit this page: