Eleanor White's
Hall of Heroes

kilde.jpg Dr. Rauni Leena Kilde

Freedom's Angel: Dr. Rauni Kilde, formerly the Chief Medical Officer for Lapland (Northern Finland), is one of our bravest professional supporters. She was given an award from CAHRA for her appearance on a now-unavailable TV show by Transmedia Productions in London, England. Dr. Kilde has been harassed constantly since speaking out, and travels the world lecturing on covert government crimes including electronic harassment, organized stalking, and mind control which is part of electronic harassment.

shinealight.jpg Shine a light on COINTELPRO

In 1971, stolen FBI files exposed the government's domestic spying and harassment of citizens program. The break-in by still anonymous anti- citizen harassment and brutalization activists took place on March 8, 1971. After more than a decade of people innocent of any crime having their lives ruined by criminals working for the FBI, and at extreme personal risk, these activists broke into the Media, Pennsylvania FBI office and stole documents proving the FBI was responsible for numerous criminal acts. The candle above represents the heroic shining of light into the darkest recesses of government crime, this one called COINTELPRO.

The Washington Post broke the first story on March 24, 1971.

This is a stepping stone of profound significance in the fight to expose current day version of COINTELPRO, the continuing ruination of lives of innocent citizens by way of organized stalking and electronic harassment.

God bless and keep those brave anonymous activists!

orlikows.jpg David and Velma van Orlikow

Canadian Member of Parliament David van Orlikow essentially blew the lid off a horrifying involuntary experimentation atrocity initiated by the U.S. government, with participation by the Government of Canada, resulting in the Church Committee hearings in the early 1970s. This program was MKULTRA, and involved 149 sub-projects covering far more than the popularized "LSD trips". David's wife Velma fell into the clutches of arch-criminal psychiatrist "Dr." Ewen Cameron, who severely damaged Velma's life at McGill University.

The Orlikow's revelations resulted in a successful law suit against the CIA on behalf of many victims of these Nazi-like atrocities. Gradually, a few of the victims are being compensated, an another major step towards exposing current-day organized stalking and electronic harassment, essentially "MKULTRA in the home," was accomplished largely thanks to the van Orlikow's efforts.


Perpetrator Children Who Refuse a Life of Crime

On some occasions, organized stalking and electronic harassment targets will be able to observe their harassers as the harassers go about their lives, outside of their harassment operations. OS/EH has been growing since the COINTELPRO and MKULTRA days, and the perpetrators are observed to be multi- generational.

In some of these family harassment operations, OS/EH targets have observed that some of the harasser family children have opted out of the "family business." These opted-out children have in fact chosen the life of targets.

I honour these children who chose doing what's right over a comfortable career in harassing others. Their heroism is on a par with eastern bloc citizens who resisted their communist opressors. May God bless, uplift, and reward these perpetrator children who have chosen a very difficult life, over one of crime.


Greg Szyzmanski, heroic journalist at the level of reporter Victor Riesel (blinded by acid as a result of his exposing organized crime activity.) Greg is the first journalist to consistently and diligently conduct a GENUINE investigation of organized stalking, electronic harassment, and the crimes which made today's OS/EH possible, government mind control and dissent suppression programs like MKULTRA and COINTELPRO. God bless and stay close beside you, Greg!


Like Rachel Corrie, Malachi Ritscher was an activist who gave his all for his cause - in this case, protesting the slaughter of over a million innocent Iraqis based on outright lies which started the U.S. invasion of Iraq. As a result, a literal horror story awaits the living Iraqi people as the result of tons of "depleted" uranium dust spread so thickly in their landscape from U.S. ammunition that it will kill them and their children slowly, painfully, by cancer and birth defects, for the next 4 million years.

On November 3, 2006, in Chicago, Illinois, USA, Malachi Ritscher immolated himself, dying a horrifyingly painful death for atrocities ignored by the media and most people. His story did not get media attention.

From his suicide note: "... if I am required to pay for your barbaric war, I choose not to live in your world. I refuse to finance the mass murder of innocent civilians, who did nothing to threaten our country ..."


U.S. Army First Lieutenant Ehren Watada, in June 2006, refused orders to deploy to Iraq. He said: "My participation will make me party to war crimes."

"I feel that we have been lied to and betrayed by this administration. It is the duty, the obligation of every soldier, and specifically the officers, to evaluate the legality, the truth behind every order including the order to go to war."

This brave young officer faces court martial for telling the truth. May he serve as an example for all who respect truth, freedom and justice.


U.S. Army Sergeant Kevin Benderman wrote: "Having watched and observed life from the standpoint of a soldier for 10 years of my life, I always felt there was no higher honor than to serve my country and defend the values that established this country. My family has a history of serving this country dating back to the American Revolution, and I felt that to continue on in that tradition was the honorable thing to do."

With this background, and having served in Iraq, Sgt. Benderman refused a second deployment, as he felt the Iraq invasion, based on knowingly false "intelligence" about an alleged Iraq "weapons of mass destruction" program, was immoral.


U.S. Army Specialist Michael New's web site, speaking about his decade-long legal battle, reports: "10 October 1995, the day his unit was supposed to be in formation in the U.N. uniforms, Michael showed up in his regulation U.S. Army uniform." However, some 549 U.S. Army soldiers did show up in formation, wearing a United Nations emblem on their baby-blue caps and U.N. patches on their right shoulders! Michael was immediately removed from the parade ground, where he was informed that he would be facing a court-martial. He was read his rights. And this began the chain of events that continues sending shock waves around the country and the world."

At issue is whether U.S. servicemen, who have sworn to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, compels them to serve under a flag other than that of the United States. Michael New has lost a number of legal challenges, however, this may reflect more on a justice system increasingly ignoring the U.S. Constitution, than the law as set down in the Constitution.


BRAVE POLICE OFFICERS, who have stated to targets of organized stalking and electronic harassment that their departments are aware of organized stalking, and are actually under official orders to IGNORE complaints of multiple perpetrator stalking and electronic harassment. I pray their colleagues will increasingly step forward and break the decades-long silence.

drdougrokke.jpg Dr. Doug Rokke

Dr. Doug Rokke, formerly in charge of the U.S. Army's (NOT) "depleted" uranium weapons cleanup in Iraq, has become a very public activist who has the credentials to tell the "depleted" uranium story LIKE IT IS. Dr. Rokke's on-site work in Iraq has resulted in his getting cancer from exposure to DU several times. Some of his co-workers have died from exposure to DU residue (dust form). DU has a half life of 4 BILLION years, and the suffering of Iraqi civilians has ONLY BEGUN. Ditto for the Balkan countries. Thousands of TONS of DU ammunition have been expended to date, and there is no way to get the dust cleaned up, and no way to extract it from the lungs, once inhaled.

davedaubenmire.jpg Coach Dave Daubenmire

Ohio high school coach Dave Daubenmire, former green beret Lt Col James "Bo" Gritz and 45 others including children were ARRESTED at the Woodside Hospice in Pinellas Park, Florida, between March 18 - 31, 2005, for the CRIME of trying to get WATER to government mandated torture victim Terri Schindler. Dying patients who are denied water to hasten death are allowed ice chips in their mouths to ease the pain caused by denial of water. Terri's "guardian", adulterous "husband" michael schiavo denied even the comfort of ice chips as Terri took two weeks to die of thirst. This, after denying even brushing her teeth or letting her window shade being lifted for a DECADE before her death.

Terri was NOT terminally ill - she suffered from brain damage, the cause of which may have been foul play on the part of michael.

The day before Terri died, she LIFTED HER ARM in RECOGNITION of two old friends who visited her during her judicially mandated execution. Stories that Terri was vegetative are outright LIES, and the LYING MEDIA are every bit as responsible for this government torture as are michael and criminal judge george greer, whose torture order was illegal by Florida and federal law.

The first two who attempted to get water to Terri reported she was wide awake and, even as the police rushed to wrench them out of Terri's room, Terri clearly recognized they were there to give her water. This is one of the most horrible cases of government torture of an innocent citizen in human history!

Those 47 people who tried to relieve Terri's suffering are GENUINE HEROES!

rachelcorrie.jpg Rachel Corrie

Rachel Corrie was the 24-year old woman who stood up against the oppressive government bulldozing of Palestinian homes in Israel. She gave her life voluntarily, standing fast as a government bulldozer ran over her, for the cause of human rights. I only hope on my best day I can be one one-millionth the activist she was! (Note: I consider her a hero as an *activist*. This posting is in NO WAY a comment on the Israeli-Palestinian issue.)


Gary Webb was a California-based journalist who exposed major government crimes, for example, U.S. intelligence services being involved with importing and sales of illegal drugs, apparently to finance "black operations." In 2004, Mr. Webb was found to have "committed suicide" by TWO gunshots to the BACK of his head. You figure that out. As a target of government- ignored and possibly government backed harassment, I consider journalists of Gary Webb's caliber heroes of the highest order.


Russian scientist, Dr. Igor Smirnov, is widely known for his work in subliminal influencing and character assessment using subliminal stimuli, in short, in "mind control." After losing his funding from the post-Soviet Russian government, Dr. Smirnov received visits from Russian organized crime asking for technology to help their unethical/illegal business ventures. Dr. Smirnov REFUSED!

vonstauf.gif Col. Von Stauffenberg

Von Stauffenberg, Claus Philip Schenk (1907-1944) was the youngest of three sons of one of the oldest and most distinguished South German families. As a German Colonel, he placed the bomb at Hitler's "Lair" at Rastenburg, Poland which nearly killed the consummately evil dictator. Would definitely be fighting with us if alive today.

bonhoeffer1.jpg Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a Lutheran minister before and throughout World War II in Hitler's Germany. He absolutely refused to allow any trappings of the Nazi state in or on his church, and refused to preach Nazi praises or doctrine from his pulpit. He managed to survive through most of the war, being hanged just one month before the end of the war. This man was a genuine CHRISTIAN, and would, if alive today, not be telling organized stalking and electronic harassment sufferers to stop bothering him, as has happened with all "Christian" organizations to which we have appealed for help.

wallenbe.jpg Raoul Wallenberg

Raoul Wallenberg, (1912-1947), Swedish diplomat who walked right past Nazi troops loading death camp trains, passed Swedish identity papers to more than 20,000 Jews and successfully rescued them, at extreme risk to his life. Wallenberg was captured and imprisoned by Soviet troops at the end of the war on false spy charges, and died in captivity. No doubt, this hero would be helping us if he were alive.

jonbrown.jpg John Brown

John Brown was an American Civil War hero, who made the cause of freeing the slaves a personal crusade, for which he ultimately paid with his life at Harper's Ferry, Virginia. Although his business and family ventures were a shambles, he never wavered in his fight for true freedom. He was an activist ahead of his time who would, if alive today, be one of the most outspoken against organized stalking and electronic harassment atrocities.

Conductor Levi Coffin, and the others, of the American Underground Railroad.

Conductor (participating home owner) Levi Coffin, of Fountain City, Indiana, provided food, shelter, and a safe house (his own), just as thousands of other Underground Railroad heroes did prior to the Civil War. These conductors risked their lives helping black slaves succeed in reaching free states and Canada. Armed fugitive slave hunters scoured the northern territories, and there was always the risk of legal action against them.

These conductors sacrificed immense amounts of money funding their safe houses, and two-horse wagons to move the fugitive slaves at night through the very rough conditions of the pre-Civil War United States, in all seasons.

Any time I think I have it rough as a target of organized stalking and electronic harassment, I only have to think of the heroes of the underground railroad, along with the heroes of anti-Nazi and anti- Soviet resistance.

nathan_h.jpg Nathan Hale

For anyone who knows American history, Captain Nathan Hale, the school teacher in civilian life, needs no introduction. This brave young man, with promise of a life and a career, and before he was hanged, said "I regret that I have but one life to give for my country."

Would only God let his spirit walk among us who struggle now to take back the freedom that government secrecy, and covered up government crime have stolen from current and all future generations, until this rot at the very core of formerly democratic nations is exposed and purged.