(German) HF Detector

Recommended as "best" by The Power Hour guest
Mr. Jesus Mendoza, March 3, 2004, who is an in-home
government (admitted) microwave "surveillance" victim

NOTE:  You can contact Jesus (pronounced HAY-soos)
at this email address:


Or here:

Mr. Jesus Mendoza
2202 East 28th St.
Mission, Texas  78574
956-519-7140  (often around 10 pm only)

One U.S. based vendor (who IS FRIENDLY to our cause):



Full Featured High Frequency Meter & Low Price HF Detector is very sensitive and can measure high-frequency analog and digital radiation, from 3 MHz to 3 GHz and is ideal for measuring mobile telephones, radio phones, transmitters, microwave ovens, etc. The HF-Detector can cope with all customary radio telephones as well as all models of mobile phones available worldwide. Also sensitive enough (range of 1.2 picoW/sqcm to 12 microW/sqcm) to measure radio or transmitter masts (GSM transmitters, radio, television, rail, air and mobile radio up to a few hundred meters away). Due to its far-reaching frequency range, it can even be used as a Bluetooth-tester! The field strength is indicated by both a proportional sound signal as well as 10 LED display. Has 4 sensitivity ranges and boasts a 1dB accuracy, (but donít count on it). Switch enables either peak or average mode so digtial signals can be properly processed. Earphones included and, get this: The unit can be connected to your PC (with optional free software, get cable listed below) to provide spectrum analysis! Good information on current safety standards included in the detailed manual (44 pages). Use one 9V battery (included). Made in Germany. 10 year warranty. Note: this is the professional version and can be slightly complicated for the beginner to use. Fairly heavy battery consumption. Consider getting the AC/DC 9V adapter. HF Detector (Cat. #A134-HF) ..... $149.95 US dollars Connector Cable for downloading data from the HF Detector to your PC or Laptop: 6 foot long, 3.5 mm mono male to 2.5 mm mono male. Connector Cable (Cat. #A134-cable) ..... $7.95 US dollars ELEANOR WHITE'S STANDARD WARNING: WHEN THINKING ABOUT THE PURCHASE OF **ANY** DETECTION OR COUNTERMEASURE DEVICE OR SERVICE, **ONLY** SPEND MONEY YOU CAN REALLY AFFORD TO LOSE! The perps have a wide range of advanced equipment and this detector or any other device has so far proven defeatable when the perps really want to do so.