In Memory of Kui Griffin

by Elizabeth Ball

Kui was born May 19, 1952 in Oceanside, California. Having a father in the Marine Corps, Kui and her family travled across the nation until settling in Hawaii in 1958. She was a beautiful and kind person, even when she was angry, Kui was kind. She came to have a relationship with Christianity in her early adult life and her beliefs grew stronger each day, even up to her death. Three weeks before her suicide on November 22, 2002, Kui wrote an e-mail message to her sister, saying "God wants us to have lots of joy in our lives and to cry a little". She ended the note with "Lately, I have been crying a lot". Kui developed a headache shortly after midnight on the fatal day. She informed her husband of the headache. Only Kui, her husband, and God knows what transpired between the time she got out of bed to "deal with the headache" and 5:00 a.m. when her husband found her hanging in the garage.

Kui was convinced that the headaches and other unusual somatic sensations were a result of technology the perpetrators were using against her. Her husband grew frustrated and angry with her complaints, even blaming Kui's sister for "the way she is". He did little, if anything to help Kui, other than having an extramarital affair, which complicated my dear sister's fragile mind.

Now Kui is at peace. No further attacks by the perps. No more painful memories. Only peace with her father, who was an MK-Ultra Victim, and who's birthday was on November 22, Kui's passing day.

God bless you, Kui. Peace to you. I hope to see you soon.

Your Loving Sister,

Elizabeth Ball

[To that I add my own Amen. I am personally aware of Kui's kindness; she sent me some very useful items to help with the on-line campaign to expose the criminals who are responsible for her death. Eleanor White.]