Directed Energy Attacks & Mind Assault

Technology of the emerging FASCIST  POLICE STATE

Below is a diagram of a neural implant electrode stimulator & reciever connected to a radiowave transmitter. This configuration could be used to extract & input information remotely to a human or animal brain. Telemetry of the EEG  and radio braodcast directly into the brain and nervous system is a technique being used in Chicago Illinois as verified by this author personally since 1996. The  technical configuration examples reported by other victims in the following web page may be in fact the technologies being mis-used. Despite and paradoxically compared to the advanced technological accomplishment of neurological interfacing and two way neurocommunication and telemetry the configuration is being used in the worst way possible. The system is being used to spy, harass and torture the implanted victim. These actions include remote electroshock, burning of the skin near postulated implant sites, radio broadcast of voices into the skull involving insults for twenty four hour periods as well as sexual harassment by groups of ten and more people who work in round the clock shifts while the victim is at home at work or college(of which the victim was forced to drop out from due to these techniques). In my personal experience the broadcasters attack along racial, religous and ethnic themes, they also attempt to alter demoralize the normal heterosexual persona of the victim using methods of torture as the broadcasters have indentified themselves as including gays, and minorities, & claiming to be a "hate watch". I , the victim am White of Protestant and Catholic European descent and a Bhuddist. I have fair skin, brown hair and hazel eyes, my head is shaved.

These techniques are reported to being used in the United Staes, Czechoslavakia, England, Cananda, Taiwan and Brazil. The technologies are being used as weapons and as such as any weapon can be used on anyone.They may or may not require some form of implant.

Historical issues of Jose Delgado http://members.tripod.com/~mdars/cruel.html
Jose Delgado Webpage

Jose Delgado Bibliography Webpage
Jose Delgado USAF research
More Current brain chips....

http://www.mindcontrolforums.com/v/bader.htm Bader's story

Source: Against Electronic Mind-Control International/ E-mail:Petri Ticklen ticklen@hotmail.com
Mass Mind Control by Neuroradio: Neurotelecontrol and Neurotelecommunication
Against Electronic Mind-Control
Neural Telecommunication Information

Shown below is a diagram of an implant below that an actual device is photographed placed on a penny for size comparison.

Source: University of Michigan, Center for Neural Communication


Two way communication has been achieved between man and computer using a neurointerface which consists of a cone implant hybrid biochip and a radio reciver to a computer, the link below contains information on the technology.

Above The work of Doctor Phillip Kennedy & Dr Roy Bakay, of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. It might be wise to watch these "researchers" as potential war criminals as they may have performed involuntary human experiments in the Chicago area, in experimental implant research, or they may have neglected to inform certain persons   that they were implanted.....
Web page on Dr.Kennedey and Dr.Bakay

Above is a software flowchart of the Psychological operation performed upon victims of this oppressive system and methodology. Victims across the U.S.and Internationally report similar patterns and methods. The techniques include spying on the victim, stalking, and privacy invasion and torture in order to gain information to psychologiclally manipulate him or her.A real good page some good links including a few pattents and a Martin Marienetta invention on the thru-the-wall radar, to detect respiration and heart beat.

WHAT THEY DID (US) click the round dot/globe for info and below in blue.

Feedback Disparity in Repressive Control Systems Info on a mindcontrol configuration system from a programmers perspective. He Provided the above Diagram.

Excuses and Manipulations in Mind Control From the same site and guy some analysis of the psychological makeups of the mindcontrollers the rationalizations etc...

A victim from Finland decribes the same thing in his country, he provided the info on the implants and the diagram below. His webpages provide Sociological implications of the technology as well.


The Above Source: Against Electronic Mind-Control International/ a Finnish web page on implants (where the first images on this page were orignally found) and Politcal aspects is it NATO doing this? Is it Communist Soviet? More of the Finnish web site... &
Mass Mind Control by Neuroradio: Neurotelecontrol and Neurotelecommunication

Against Electronic Mind-Control

Neural Telecommunication Information Pages of Against Mind Control

My Personal Experiences of being used as a Remote Mind Control Experiment by the Intelligence Agencies.
by George Farquhar http://www.isleofavalon.co.uk/local/h-pages/pro-freedom/ct_uk.html



This chart below is provided by Alan Yu a Taiwan victim. His information is available at the mindcontrol Forum website.Included below is some of his data.

To email Alan Yu, try these:

Via his son:  caesar@strauss.udel.edualanyu@prodigy.net      

Alan Yu's New webpages go into detail being a former Taiwan military officer his data is quite credible:



Above from Alan Yu web pages a description of the technical configuration and methods used
....had found they could use radio waves (microwaves) to imitate, or communicate with, and interpret human thoughts. So, they want to use the same theory to change human mind (thoughts or behavior) by radio waves (microwaves) but not infrasound (the current technology used in the Russian Mind machine).

..."This machine use electromagnetic radiation waves to investigate subject, so he who is being investigated will be totally unaware (Electromagnetic radiation is invisible and can penetrate walls, bricks, most metals and almost anything in its way). Next, it sends these collected brain waves to the CPU, and the cpu translates these brain waves into words or picture to describe human thoughts.

Then, these pictures and words are display on a monitor for analysis by the investigators. Because the subject that's being investigated cannot see the electromagnetic radiation, he is totally unawared of the violation of his privacy (of his thoughts read by others). This machine can be used in day or night. It is often used with(out) any stop, so the victim's thoughts are constantly being monitored. Therefore, the dreams, the ideas, the inner secrets or the other private feelings and thoughts of the victim will be will be a open book to these investigators. So, the investigators just have to use the machine near where you live or work, then they steal your most inner secret and take your privacy from you.

The process of reading the thoughts work like this. First, two machine is set up from two different angles. Then, both machines emits a high intensity radiation which crosses the subjects' brains. One machine will emit radiation, and the machine on the opposite side will intercept the radiation wave and interpret the informations. After the detected subject's brain waves had send to the CPU, it will be translated into thoughts with words or picture, finally appears on the monitor which operator can read & understand...."

"...The best way to read thoughts is to make the subject fall asleep and dreams because at those time the person being investigated has very little control what his mind is thinking, and this allow the investigator to influence the subject to dream about matters which the investigators think are important. So the investigator will conduct their investigations mostly at night. But you must remember, they can read your thoughts any time even when you completely awake.

If the investigators are interested in some special information, then they will not just read the thoughts, but they will also actively direct subject to think about the things the investigators are interested. Not only can the EMR mind machine decode brain patterns, it can also send information to the brain using brain patterns. As an example, the investigators might send a picture of something the investigator is interested to the subject's brain, and this will trigger the subject start thinking about the information the investigators are after. This also allow the investigators to study the personality and the history of the subject.

For example, They can fax the nude photo of a girl or man into a person's dream. Then, the operators can study how the person reacts to determine his sexual preference etc.

(In the earlier cited article about the San Dieago Hopsital's study, it was mentioned that the research team can determine whether or not a picture is familiar to a test subject with 80% accuracy (A computer is used to analyze the subject's brain patterns, and the computer can determine whether or not the subject is familiar with the picture without the subject having to say anything). This established that a certain brain pattern represents certain "pictures"; and if this brain pattern is send to the human brain, the subject's brain will start to form the "picture" that's associated with that particular brain pattern.  

Exposure to the radiation emit by this machine is not only harmful to your body, it can also kill you.

Whenever this machine is being operated on high frequency, it can be used to kill you. The beam of high frequency radiation emitted from the machine can be aimed at your head or your body. If the target is your head, your central nervous system will be damaged. If the target is your body, your organs will be damaged. If the target is your heart, it can cause heart diseases and the machine can cause someone to die as if he was killed by natural causes.

Even if the machine is not being operated on extreme high frequency, prolong exposure to the radiation will still make a person ill and slowly cause his death. Also the neurologists involved in this behavior alteration research can promise the microwaves weapon ( invisible radiation waves) user how to effectively damage subject's nervous system."...

So the actions of machine operators are always cruel when they're staying at the central machine control station or using their mind machine to get rid of anyone.

"According to their basic operating theories, skills, trainings, and personalities, the operators appears to others as the following:

  1. They have different standards with the current law of our society to distinguish who's good or bad.
  2. The normal societial standard is to protect law abiding citizens and punish those who have brokent the law in our society. Comparing this standard with that of the mind machine operators, one find that the standard of the operators are almost completely opposite of the normal society.
  3. The operators distinguish people who's good or bad according their special rule and never consider the current law. The criminals might be good people to the machine operators if the operators can predict the action of the criminal, read the thoughts of the criminal, and the criminal is not opposing the interest of the mind machine group.
  4. Also, the operators won't hurt the criminal in any way to avoid security leak. On the other hand, a law abiding citizen might be considered a bad people by the operators if the operators can't predict the action of the law abiding citizen and the law abiding citizen somehow oppose the interest of the mind machine group.
  5. Also the machine operators will try to get rid of the law abiding citizen in any way to avoid the mind machine security leak.  
  6. The Machine operators always have "two faces" or have been trained to have "multi-personalities"
  7. When the mind machine operators are living in their homes, they act as if they are completely normal just like any common people. They follow the laws, talk to you as friends, and have their families and kids just like any average person.
  8. Yet, when these people are on the job (working at the central machine station or using their mind machine to carry out their jobs at home), then they act as if they were completely different people. It is as if their personalities when from normal to something horrible, without honor, moral values, and respect for human rights and lives. It is as if these people have a different personalities, and they assume this personalities when they are on the jobs.
  9. The machine operators assume the position of power and show their "darkside" to the subjects. These machine operators will torture, abuse, threaten, coerce, humiliate, seduce, brainwash, etc, the subject. Also, they will abuse the invisible radiation wave as a weapon (and/or the so-called "non-lethal" weapons) to get rid of the subjects when the subjects become out of "control."
  10. Most of the mind machine operators treat themselves as the master of people or the first class citizens, especially when they're staying at the central machine station or using the mind machine at any place.
  11. For those people who are under their (machine operators) handle, the operators regard these people as their "kids." These "kids" may live peacefully in the society for the time being as long as the "kids" do not anger them, and the "kids" do not present a threat to machine operators' interests.
  12. The operators can watch any people inner secret or read people's thoughts, also they can hurt the people by their invisible radiation waves without knowing from the people. The people are totally under their control and are ignorance of this situation. Without public awareness, any law to constraint their actions, or a regulating commission to check on the mind machine operators, they are free to do whatever they want. It doesn't take long for these operators to regard themselves to be "above the law", and "untouchable." No longer, will they believe they are the public servants. The machine operators will regrad themselves to be first class citizens or the master of the people.
  13. As the old adage of "power corrupts", most of the operators have enjoyed unauthorized power and for way too long. They think they can do anything and will never be held responsible because their tools use invisible radiation waves that leaves no evidences. They can hurt and "get rid" of anyone without fear of being arrested because there are no evidences to prosecute them with.
  14. In a way, the philosophy of mind machine groups are very similar to the philosophy that "there is no nation boarder" of the Europe Common Market. However, the philosophy of the mind machine group is applied to political security instead of economics.
  15. The Mind Machine operators are the very special group (beyond the government) and actually you can say that while the machine operators carry out their job, they don't belong to any country. That's because they don't care any law or constitution of any country to deal with their job if anything which affect the interest of the Mind machine system.
  16. The operators of the Mind machine group (system) will help any country to get rid of anyone if anyone can cause the security leak of the Mind machine.
  17. So a female victim of Taiwan who had been harassed by Taiwan Mind machine group, although had moved to US but still met the same situation in US. ( The detail will be described later.)
  18. On above situation, any other foreign country machine operators would co-detect the naturalized US citizens & exchange their file of information.  
  19. The evil belief of EMR mind machine operators is that when there's a whip, there's a way.
  20. The security of mind machine system is considered by the machine control group above the constitution of their country.
  21. So they do everything follow this group special operating way. Their actions appeared that they only believe forces and always use their invisible radiaytion waves as a weapon to force victims to follow their intention.
  22. That's only because these radiation waves are invisible, noise-less ( except the painful howling of victim), no external injuries evidence, & without physical contact, so there is no trace of any evidence of their crime. They are never held responsible by law.
  23. Since they don't pay any responsibility to their crime, their evil belief is that there's a whip then there's a way.
  24. They usually used this way such as torture, humiliation, threat, blackmail, or brainwash, etc. to hurt you & force you to follow their order.
  25. The Mind Machine Operators are practising Stalinism.
  26. Not only will they read your thoughts, but they will also harm your body with their invisible Electromagnetic radiation weapon. By doing so, they can decide how bad your health condition is or in what health condition they will allow you to live.
  27. Their actions are kind of Stalinism in Russia but getting worse. The political Stalinism only determine the distribution of material ("the redistribution"), but the mind machine operators will allocate other people's life (live or die ) or distribute their health condition because they can use radiation weapon (nonlethal weapon ) to hurt your body in your homes, cars, or everywhere according to their remote control ability & entire nation metwork survilliance system......"

METHODS:Addtional method/techniques used by the Electromagnetic attackers. Similar patterns of both physical attack in which Electromagnetic parameters can be measured and psychological Operations and Interrogation methods in which psychological technique can be ascertained, defined.

http://members.tripod.com/~mdars/meth/NSA-ED.htm my edited version of a email document by WILLIAM J. FILER "ALLEGED METHOD OF MIND CONTROL AS PRACTICED BY NSA". Similar techniques of Psychological Operations as described by others victims and as witnessed first hand by me. Elanor White "Raven" comments on the document as well as makes comparisons to her own first hand experiences see below.

METHODS:http://members.tripod.com/~mdars/meth/again.htm more from, Sharon Lucas, Joe Wilson, Kathy Kasten.

METHODS: http://members.tripod.com/~mdars/meth/Dlacy.htmUnited States L.A.victim

METHODS: http://members.tripod.com/~mdars/meth/s-rhine.htmUnited States.

METHODS:Czech/U.S.victim Mojmir Babacek Mojimirs second page



METHODS: Eleanor White human rights activist (see below section also wrote and got this response http://members.tripod.com/~mdars/meth/jkchrist.htmin response to a plea to the New York legislature. She also found this document on the method LOS ANGELES HERALD EXAMINER, Sec. A. Pg. ?, 22 November 1976.http://members.tripod.com/~mdars/meth/soviet.htm, Also very good document: http://members.tripod.com/~mdars/meth/mdspeech.htm TEXT OF A PROPOSED SPEECH BY A MIND CONTROL VICTIM TO DOCTORS AT ONE OF THEIR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SEMINARS (UPDATED OCT 16/98): Describes the problem in very clear fashion.

Raven's Important document on mindcontrol/DEW ATTACKS in a concise format  http://www.raven1.net/uncom.htm

An Illustration of the scenarioas the technology is applied

Some of my experiences as illustrations.

METHODS:Directed-Energy Harassment Defense By Julianne McKinney July 1995 This woman describes the scenario once again and countermeasures to a victim in a cell

Boycott Brazil: John Gregory Lambros

Subj: Re: [MC] NSA papers
Date: 1/4/99 0:40:01 AM EST
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cybershadow@juno.com (Jim Drapeou) said:

> OK, you say you know enough to demand disclosure.
> Now ask yourself,
> 1.) What Exactly do I know ?

Eleanor White responds:
Everything I know is posted on my two web sites:
http://www.raven1.net/...neuro-influence stuff

http://www.raven1.net/...MKULTRA stuff
I also know exactly, personally, first hand, what the effects of the weapons are, since they are used on me, regularly, and have been for the past 9 years. I know that electronic test equipment has confirmed highly unusual electronic activity which co-incides with the harassment effects, and that as an experienced engineer and ham radio operator, I know how to interpret the readings, and what "normal" readings are.

I know that a targetted colleague from LA got a series of circular burns on her arm with no cause -and that the same burns could be caused by a pulsing maser. I know that she met an LAPD officer with the same burns on his leg, who told her these "came from a microwave weapon",(then suddenly wouldn't say more.)

I know I am not mentally ill. I voluntarily, without any urging by psychiatrists, took anti-psychotic medications without the slightest effect on the harassment. A local psychiatrist interviewed me, looked at a binder of documentation, and recommended no therapy whatsoever. (Summer 98)

I know that my lawyer had a client for 4 years who was a NEURO-INFLUENCE WEAPONS PERP,who was falsely imprisoned in the Ontario Hospital for the Criminally Insane when he tried to leave the trade. My experience also includes constant break-ins resulting in damage and theft of minor items, sometimes returned later, both at work and at home. Air mattresses punched full of holes, curtains torn, clothing torn with emphasis on crotches and underarms. Winter coats whole
in spring full of ripped out seams in the fall.Over the past 6 years, many of my co-workers have seen the results of both the sabotage, and weird sound effects like "sound coming out of a solid brick wall". This sabotage is far beyond what anyone experiences. This sabotage followed me across two different jobs, two different cities, and three different apartment buildings, with no break. The witnesses have no doubts that something extraordinary is happening.
I know that microwave weapons were last written up in the media in the mid-60s, when the Soviets used them on the U.S. embassy in Moscow. I also know that the CIA programme MKULTRA was real, included electronic methods, and that not one of the perps got a day's punishment. MKULTRA establishes that a significant pool of educated but highly unethical behavioural scientists exists in the west - more than enough motive there to cover what is happeining in the field of covert research.

I know that scientists can lie in attempts to either cover themselves from charges that they are unethical and/or to further their careers. They are just as likely to be dishonest as any other field. I know that the telemetry/surveillance devices that accompany neuro-influence testing appeal to those with the very worst mental problems, i.e. voyeurs and sadists, and that the world has no shortage of either type. Thus, motive is not hard to establish.

I know that Dr. Igor Smirnov from Russia is willing to talk freely on TV and admit the reality of electronic interaction with the human brain and nervous system. (Recently documented on a German TV show, ZDF channel.) Both the experience of radar technicians as far back as WW II, and the Allen Frey experimentsat Cornell University in the early 60s show clearly that pulsed radio signals get past the voltage difference barrier across nerve cell walls.
I know that the US DoD has posted an abstract about a small business innovative research project that states microwave communications directly with troops "has been demonstrated":


I know that a pair of heterodyned ultrasound carrier signals (200 kHz nominal) can make sound appear to emanate from inanimate objects, and if the object is a person's head, this will produce the sensation of "voice direct to skull" with no apparent source. (American Technologies Corp., "Hyper-Sonic Sound System, slated to come on the market in 1999.)

I know that either with microwave or acoustic voice to skull technology, the potential for hypnotic coercion exists. I know that with either microwave or acoustic technology, if used together with radar, and operated only in short bursts when no test equipment is present and no witnesses are present, results in a zero-evidence condition without much effort. Therefore, the fact that a poor targetted person can't come up with evidence does not mean the technology is not in use. Such an argument ignores the facts.

I know that Dr. Michael A. Persinger has been achieving all manner of neuro-influence effects for years, using a simple helmet equipped with Radio Shack magnetic relay coils. And I know that radio signals are made up of oscillating magnetic and electrostatic components.

I know that Dr. Eldon Byrd, together with Dr. Ross Adey, designed a microwave stun
gun for the USMC which caused the body torelease massive amounts of "opioid compounds" -clearly demonstrating the interaction of  microwave signals with the body. (Byrd states he never built it. US News and World Report.)

I know that in 1993, the U.S. National Instituteof Justice announced it was looking into what it considered the three most likely to succeed microwave weapons:
- heat gun
- convulsion gun
- see stars gun

Although they have been evasive when queried recently, they have not come out and said the
weapons are not possible - just that they don't plan to release details.

I know that FBI director Louis Freeh made a public statement that neuro-influence weapons
exist but are not illegal. (Neuro-influence was not his term but that is what he was referring to.)

On the telemetry side, I know there is a commercial microwave device, purchaseable by anyone, which can detect the human heartbeat at up to 115 feet through non-conductive barrier substances. It is manufactured by VSE Corporation, AlexandriaVirginia. (Great for stalkers and voyeurs to know when their victim is home alone.) It is called the"LADS" device.

I know that police have had "thru the wall radar"for some time - it has been mentioned, though
not very forcefully, in the mainstream media. (There was a recent flap over thermal imaging,
but total silence on the radar, for some unknown reason.)

I know the radar is used on me - sometimes those in the apartment below mine will "track" me as I move about, tapping the floor under me wherever I walk. Other times, usually for periods of 24 to 48 hours, every time I pee, the water in the apartment bathroom below mine is turned on and off in sync with my urine stream.

I know that Pastueur Institute officer Pierre Changeux has warned that neuroscience is fast
approaching weapons capabilites, and that neuro-influence technology needs strict controls
established to prevent criminal use. (Nature, Jan. 22/98, News section.)

I know that at long last, both Amnesty International and World Organization Against Torture (OMCT)
are just beginning to work the new technologies into their agendas.

I know that the European Parliament has taken this matter into it's agenda - the main thrust of
that effort being to stop the world's military from hoarding neuro-influence technology for
weapons use only. This same technology could be used for dramatic advances in medicine.

I know that the events that happen to me are so improbable that it's like being hit by lightning
and a meteorite at the same instant. I know that there are between 50 and 100 others who are on
the Internet who have similar experiences and have for years.

I know that none of us get any financial or other type of gain from going public - quite the opposite,
in fact.I know that 50 consistent witnesses, most or all of whom would pass psychiatric evaluation, would
have a significant impact on the outcome of a court case. There is a lengthy book list backing..... my web site:

While the actual devices are tightly kept from the public, enough has gone on in the 50+ year history
of neuro-influence development that any truly open- minded person with a sense of realism and know-
ledge of human behaviour and history would have no trouble seeing that it is high time to expose
what has been going on for a long time.The only arguments against exposure would be
of a picky, technical nature, not on a common sense basis.

Eleanor White
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AH--HHH-- I beg to disagree with you. I look at Delgado's work as total destruction of humanity -- and animal-manity. I look at the real mind control brain-body implant business as very very very dark, sinister and SICK research. First, no one has a right to even CONSIDER doing this research given the horrendous implications of it, secondly, heart pacemakers have had some pretty horrible side effects -- too. ALL implants in body (according to Village Voice article of 1994) have repeated pain, infections, problems. They really DON'T work well apparently.

But my argument is not predicated upon all the physical ills accompanying legal implants, my statements really are about mainly what would be considered illegal work today, which Delgado was doing, nonconsensually and experimentally to humans and animals. BRAIN implants without consent are flat out life shattering, and even murderous. So are other body implants.

No -- I disagree with you Gene --

I am an victim of nonconsensual body implants, put in in surgery in 1993 and thereafter by curmudgeon cult groups who stalked me. I have knots on my head, in my lip, gums, and obvious large implants in my abdomen (as one Black friend I knew from the Bronx put it, there are many different kinds of implants, and as a well-known cult deprogrammer put it, "there are three separate configurations in body of implants that they use")-- NO -- I really do believe we have two separate actions here going on here.

Click here to go to Gut implant

The helpful implantations I can't comment on -- I wouldn't want them period. Secondly, the FORCED implants, done in assaults on me in surgery or in my apt, without my consent (like a body rape) I am absolutely in horror of for good reasons. I have lived through a lot of this for many many decades. I now believe that humans are being used in these electronic-send-take-frequency networks as conduits. And that there is NO WAY we need any more implants being used on anyone. What we do need is this story to be fully told, front and center, realistically to look at how badly this country's population has been decimated by the use of these very very sinister devices. My best, Judith
>>....... I have seen my > > larger implants in x-rays, I still can not, even through court supeonas > > (1997) GET these x-rays released to me. Judith
> >
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Measurement of Heart and Breathing Signals of Human Subjects Through Barriers With Microwave Life-Detection Systems.

This is how a victim can be tracked in his or her home. To show you how sick these people are they follow around a victim all day and even bother them when they go to the bathroom, in order to produce a sense of extreme demoralization by the indignity.This is a form of stalking/rape and extreme violation of privacy.  Its also a reflection on the ethical  nature of these criminals (they have no class).When a group of people use such technologies on another as a group it can be considered warfare. In this case recon using Directed Energy or "thru-the-wall radar" to track a person in thier homes is actually a form of Electronic Warfare, the effect to engage in Psychological, Operations and the goal generally Economic warfare (ruining jobs/sabbotage of business etc.) From personal experience groups of people using this technology seem to be engaged in a hate crime, engaged  in Ethnic cleansing actvities when targeting ones home.   They also seek to scapegoat the victim in any way: I was personally interrogated regarding my nationality, race, religion and physically harmed till and after I bled while in my own home.


A private citizen can now buy an implantable, satellite-trackable microchip, undetectable by X-rays.

And yet more people describe the phenomena:



This man is intrested in Jose Delgado's research....and has a couple of real good links.

Viki another victim descring the same thing.

Patents on the technology http://www.trufax.org/menu/patents.html

Microwave harassment http://www.trufax.org/trans/micro.html

Ravens Ultrasonic modulation


* http://www.storm.ca/~mcpoirier/actions.htm

Another vicitms and their site to add to web page including a description of the method of Attack



Mindcontrol site / Decritption of the attacks

* Cage 2

*21Useful Links

*New Page 2

*The Nessie Files http://www.sfbg.com/nessie/1.html

implant Victim Ian Clark

Technical biological telemetry data

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