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Letter from DOD Research & Enginering to Pat Mougey

The Story

April 13, 1997

I've been keeping notes, both written and taped for several years. My journals are in bound notebooks, not loose-leaf, and the audio tapes are dated with radio and TV programs heard in the background. On the tapes, I've talked of a few other events going on at the same time. My notes have not been altered.

I was a job placement counselor at a local employment agency, working in the "sales" division. Two men applied for a job in sales. Both gave their work background as "ex-CIA agents," and bath gave their residence as Detroit, Michigan. I was in a town located in an adjoining state, and didn't believe their story then, or now. They did not come in together, but at separate points in time.

Another interview occurred following the above two. It was with a distinguished looking white haired gentleman who wore glasses. I was told that another counselor had to join me during the interview because he was new. He'd been there for several weeks. It was a strange interview, and the man questioned me about not writing down notes. I assured him I would be, and closed the interview after a few minutes. I said nothing to anyone and again, at home noted, "What's going on?" as I had after the above interviews.

I'd been out of town for 15 years and knew nothing about the local or regional political scene or the politicians, and was not interested then in National politics. I learned much later that this man was a well known politician, who only recently (as of 1996) retired from politics.

One morning while at the copy machine I watched and heard a coworker talking on the manager's phone ... just opposite where I was. She kept repeating the phrase "Oh Chuck" over and ever in different emotional tones, such as anger, fight, pleading, crying, yelling, sighing, etc. Again I made the same notation, "What's going on?" and said nothing, still keeping my own counsel.

Later, while at home in my shower, I suddenly heard the voices of men and women yelling and laughing ... with things like, "There she is ... look at her ... Ohh ha ha ... she'd scared. She doesn't know what's going on! Look at her cover herself up. She doesn't know what to do ... ha ha Ha Ha..!" This continued as I left the shower and tried to regain composure. They were right ... I was terrified. From that day on I've been "forced" to "hear voices" wherever I am, 24 hours a day. While riding on a bus, in car, shopping in a department or grocery store, in a Spa, at work, at home, in a metro park, etc.

These "voices" turned into professionally produced audio skits that involved such things as the "supposed" death of my son (who lived in a different state when this first started), and other family members. The phrase, "Oh, Chuck!" was used in some of the skits. Some of the other topics of the skits: "the supposed death of my son ... over a period of several months they had him "killed" in at least 3 different ways," as well as "the supposed death of other relatives, including my mother ... and this was years before she died" ... and one skit in which a conversation takes place between my step-father and a friend of his. The friend was a local police officer who was also a member of the American Legion. The conversation is going on (again supposedly) outside my home. He was describing me and my mother as "hookers, who give this town more trouble than all the hookers put together," at which point my step father interrupts saying, "this is where my daughter lives," etc, etc. I was also supposed to be under "house arrest" at certain times. The voices that I heard did indeed seem to be those of the person/persons they were imitating, including one with my ex-husband in it. I felt at the time that most were just too ludicrous to be even taken half way seriously, and I'd laugh about most of them, since the contents were far from the way any of the people would have truly acted or reacted.

Some of the phrases that they inserted on a repetitive basis are: "Poor Pat," "She knows too much," "It must be," "Is that her?", "What's going on?", "It's too late for her," "It's too late," "Too bad," "What did she say?", "Nothing I can do for her ... they really hate her."

One day I heard the click of a camera and a female said, "Oh Chuck, what are you doing?" A male voice replied, "I'm taking a picture of her. We'll put it with Harry's in the shower." (Harry was my step father.) At another point, I'd hear a click and "Those pants hanging on the door could be a man's pants. I'm going to make it look that way." This type of thing kept going on, and the more I heard it the more ridiculous I thought it was. Trying to make me look like I'm having an affair with my stepfather, calling me a hooker, etc. I'd just returned to town after living elsewhere for 15 years, was going through a divorce, and knew hardly anyone in town any longer. I discovered they'd been convincing others of exactly this story, but at the beginning I had no idea of anything except that I and my mother were being forced to hear "voices" and I knew we weren't crazy. As did she. You can hardly go to the authorities with this kind of a story about your employer! So I continued to keep my own counsel.

I stayed with my mother and stepfather for a while. We learned that living in the apartment across the hall was a partner of my boss. He managed a branch office of the employment agency elsewhere in the area. I wasn't supposed to know it, so again I said nothing.

One day I was standing in the front room of my mother's apartment. I watched her front door being unlocked by a stranger with a key. The door automatically locked when shut and there was a chain lock on it. I saw a female hand reach in and take a wallet out of my purse which had been standing on a footstool next to the front door. At the same time I heard a female voice come from the apartment below saying, "Mary. Be careful. Be careful Mary." The hand withdrew and I heard her run downstairs into the apartment below. I froze in my tracks because I knew there was nothing I could do to protect my mother from these people. The wallet was returned later. It was found on my mother's kitchen counter two days later. Thefts continued to occur (and still do) and items I'd leave for my mother in the morning would be gone before she got up.

Background on parents. Harry was an auditor for a huge company, traveled throughout the United States auditing various plants and was on the road a good deal of the time. He retired a few years after this harassment began and the group did not concentrate on him until after my mother's death. Prior to that it was aimed primarily at her and I. She had glaucoma and later a fractured hip. Both kept her housebound for several years before her death. She was a prisoner of theirs in every sense of the word. Harry was also very active in the American Legion as County Commander, State Commander, etc. and also belonged to the VFW. His activities in the area made it more than obvious that when they picked us for "having an affair" they knew nothing about our background. And, I've found this to be very true over the years. What they don't know, they make up. His reputation as someone who wouldn't even take a "pen" from anyone connected to a plant he audited was not known, nor his ability to uncover fraud, etc.

One incident: A book I'd packed away inside a huge moving box was inside closet, under another large box. This book turned up on my stepfather's night table one day. Which means they had to enter the house while Mom was there, go into the closet, move things around, take the book, and then later on return it. It was well known that if Mom heard noises in the morning after my stepfather left for work she thought it was him returning because he'd left something behind. This applied after he retired, and also meant the chain lock could not be put on the door while Mom was asleep in the morning. She did that when she woke in late morning.

For the record, my step-father, after retirement, did volunteer work for the local County Jail in the Administrative area ... He was a friend of the jail administrator ... and spent about 10 or 15 hours per week there.

Incidents while I was with the agency:

  1. Waiting for an applicant to fill out an application I heard a coworker ordering a wiretap on someone's phone. The applicant heard it too and left immediately. I don't blame him.
  2. I attended a ceremony for new citizens of the United States. A police officer pointed to me as he told his rookie patrolman, "Now, there a hot one!" No one else around me. He meant me.
  3. All telephone lines at work and home are tapped and taped. One person at work was assigned the task of monitoring the tapes. I heard her say, "How will I know who's talking?" The answer was, "You know their voices, don't you?" Confirmation on the taping of everything I say has been made over the years.
  4. The attempts on the "affair" between me and my stepfather were stopped eventually and the words of one male was, "No one would ever believe it." Another statement one day was, "I thought you said she didn't know anybody."
  5. Long time residents beneath my mother's apartment moved out, and it was taken over by members of this group, some of whom were my coworkers. They were seen (never by me for a long time) by my step-father several times going and coming from the apartment building. This explains the ease they had in entering the apartment, and sending in the sounds they magnified in intensity both day and night.
  6. Subjected to clicking noises that seemed to come from various locations throughout the room. They were so sharp that I wanted to pull my head into my shoulders to getaway from the painful and irritating sound ... but couldn't do anything except sit there and listen to it. I questioned my mother about how long it had been going on and she could only say, "quite a while." Later, large cracking noises could be heard. One concentrated, or seemed to come from the television set in the living room. Later I'd hear cracking noises in my own home from various paints in the walls. And, if there was not a cracked wall when I moved into an apartment or house, there was when I left. Deep, long cracks, and it still continues. The house I live in had no cracks in the walls, but my living room wall has two long and wide cracks above one doorway ... and, it's not from "settling."

We were/are subjected to the vibration or "shaking" of furniture and pictures on walls after the new tenants appeared in the apartment below. When they closed their front door, the sound would be louder in our living room than it was in the hallway downstairs, and lamps would jump on tables, pictures would vibrate on the walls. Other people also witnessed this.

Later on I had occasion to feel part of my kitchen floor vibrating (shaking). This included the part of the table and one chair that sat on the section of the floor. My bathroom was on the opposite side of the kitchen wall, and this vibration included the portion of the floor in the bathroom that was directly opposite the kitchen.

More than once I've felt my bed shake and vibrate, as though moved by an invisible earthquake. An Nov. 6, 1995, I watched a spokesman of the U.S. Justice Department on a "Discovery" program as he said the following:

We also have equipment that can simulate earthquakes, which could be used to force people out of buildings, avoiding future massacres.

I recently questioned our local Sheriff on this topic (in 1997) and he'd never heard of it before.

My question is: Who were they testing tis on? And when? Who else besides me was one of those people being used as a guinea pig to see how well they could shake the interior of one apartment in a building without affecting another? And how many others have been used as guinea pigs to discover how long they can handle "hearing voices" at a certain decibel level without going bonkers? And then ... who is to stop the person on duty from turning up the decibel level of their attacks to the nervous system? My own experience tells me "no one" ... because I've had it turned up to such a degree that the pain is indescribable.

These things happened back in the mid 1970's and 1980's ... they didn't just start ... my notes prove the fact that we were being used as guinea pigs. I did not change my experience to fit any research material, or the content of any program such as the one above.

Per Judge Brandeis in 1928:

The progress of science furnishing the government with means of espionage (spying) is not likely to stop with wire-tapping. Ways may some day be developed by which the government, without removing papers from secret drawers, can reproduce them in court, and by which it will be enabled to expose to a jury, the most intimate occurrence in the home. Can it be that the Constitution affords no protection against such invasions of individual security?

The court case, Civil Action #93-0449 of John St. Clair Akwei vs. NSA (National Security Agency) at Ft. Meade, MD only confirms what my notes consist of, and what Judge Brandeis said in 1928. My notes have shown that if you are an operator of this equipment, you can do the following:

  1. Force someone to hear your words ... subliminally or consciously. In any location from their home to their office, or a neighborhood park.
  2. Sit in your home/office/car/boat/trailer, etc. and via a television or computer monitor, watch everything your subject is doing right now. You will view it through the subject's eyes on the monitor ... as though you were inside their head. (See the above Civil Action case ... listed in Mind Control Forum for confirmation on all of this). As an employee of a small carryout once said, "We're on Candid Camera." And, as a sales person once said, "Being in her view gives us a good chance to practice our sales pitch/position, and see what needs correcting." (This was in the broadcasting field.)
  3. Pre-program a person to do anything without their conscious knowledge of the programming. Example: And this did happen to me. The subject carries her lunch to work. At the last minute, she will decide to eat in a certain restaurant instead, and give a logical reason to herself to justify the change in plans. You will have friends waiting to witness proof of your programming. Always more than one witness. The scene could be played anywhere you choose. If your witnesses are still doubtful, they can plan the next event themselves. This did happen to me; It's described in later material.
  4. Hear what your subject is thinking, reading, writing, typing, planning (verbally or mentally), and everything being discussed with others, which automatically deprives your subject and everyone with her/him of their right to privacy. This includes during periods of personal hygiene. You can put anyone "on-line" as a viewer/listener from their office, their home, or the local Spa ... as has been done to me.
  5. Biologically affect the subject's health. Including: speed up or slow down the heart beat/rate, cause chronic pain in any part of the anatomy. Nothing will show on X-ray because nothing is wrong. You can render them unconscious. What I call a "sleep attack" can knock you out in 5 to 10 seconds ... or gradually relax the person. They can be forced into a lethargic feeling/state of mind during which blood pressure drops ... and at times the walls could fall in before the subject would become alarmed. (This has nothing to do with the sleep disorder that has recently swept the country ... but it's too coincidental for me.)
    This began in my life a few months before I heard about it's existence on "60 Minutes" several years ago. I'd been to the doctor and told him about my "sleep" attacks, being very tired, etc ... and later saw an eye opening program on "60 Minutes" on the same topic. I later told him about the program and said, "I'm not crazy, there are many people out there who are losing their jobs because of this" ... He said, "I didn't say you were crazy. I do have two other people with the same thing." And he then prescribed some medication that did not help me at all. It took a long time to realize that this was being caused by this same group, but over the years hindsight and my notes have pointed it out.
    The feeling can be described as my blood boiling and surging throughout the upper part of my body, into the neck and head. It's impossible to stay awake when it's up high. There is no conscious control over it. In the middle of the highway, while driving, or walking down the street, it can and does happen anywhere. I heard one person say one day, "My God! With all I pumped into her, she's still up." At other times, it is just a gradual relaxing, tired feeling, and decision making is not possible.

Variations of physiological (body) attacks without mechanical attachments are:

  1. Internal shaking ... in various portions of the body. An arm, leg, or parts of the hips, stomach, thigh, kidney, etc. At the choice of the operator or person giving instructions. It's been aimed primarily at the small of my back for a very long time, and I'm usually in constant pain from it.
  2. If used at a higher level, severe pain can be felt. Throughout the entire body, or at any one point. It might be strong enough to throw the subject off balance whether standing or sitting, or it may just be an irritating feeling (in my case in the pelvic area most of the time).
  3. A red hot jolt hits any point of the body. Feels like a lit match or cigarette were applied, it's quick/fast. Or a feeling of pins and needles in a specific area, usually the face, arm, or chest. Or the feeling of a low grade fever, or the "impossible to function at all" feeling takes over when all you can do is lay down. The ability to concentrate or read is gone!
  4. Mind/brain attacks. Verbal ... spoken/taped words are forced into the head/nervous system area at a loud level until the pain is so severe you can't move, or talk or scream. This goes on at night. Wake the victim first and then bombard the brain and nerves with it.
  5. Programming the person's actions ... causing physical discomfort at the time. The subject gets a strong feeling that they must perform a certain action, yet the subject doesn't want to ... Then the subject fights the urge to say a certain phrase or perform that action. For instance: you must go out on the "front porch" to watch something that is being staged by the people in the group. You know it's not your idea, and you fight the urge. It's difficult to do. It's almost as if you're being physically pushed in one direction with only the feeling that you must act, you must do it, or say it, and you know it's not your idea. The feeling of anger takes over the body, frustration, it's difficult to explain, but it is the equipment forcing the issue. It's taken a long, long time for me to detect these moves, and you have to know yourself very well. In the past few months though, I've heard them say, "It's not working ... it's not working" more than once.
    Many times I've felt a light "click" type feeling at the upper left of my forehead and I'll have a sudden thought ... (like a light bulb turning on) ... and then I'm strongly suspicious of my next thought.
    I questioned why I and my stepfather had so many fearful type thoughts or reactions to the basement here at the house, and began to notice that every time I went downstairs I'd get a spooky feeling and look toward the back of the basement, and de didn't want to go down there at all. After many months of this, as I walked downstairs one day and began to look toward the back I heard a female voice say, "Now watch ... she's going to be afraid to go back there at all." ... and I knew what was going on. But it was too late to help my stepfather. I swore they'd not do it to me again, or to others if I can help it.
    Those feelings of fear were real, and true, and my stepfather by that time was quite ill ... much of it caused by this group. Fear was easy to conquer once I knew its origin. The feelings continued for awhile but once they realized I was aware of it they stopped using it on me.
  6. Projection of life-sized holograms into the subject's home/office and/or their mental field. The life-sized holograms I was forced to see in the late 1970's happened before I knew what a hologram was. The figures were life-sized, all in black, the voices providing the talk to go with it were of the people I worked with, and a gun was used. They were "breaking into my bedroom" through the outer door, which did have a chain lock on it. However they noted in the skit that they were using a tool which enabled the burglar to unhook a chain lock from outside. There were 4 figures ... it went on for a very long time. I had lights on in the house, and their movements included going partially under the bed, into the bathroom, etc ... .It terrified me, and took place not too long after my first experience of "hearing the voices" as I took a shower.
    In the 1980's I woke from a dream which was being described by one of the "women on duty" ... she named the person in the dream. The subject in the dream was a male friend, and he was on a boat dock on a lake ... the color was vivid and bright and I'd never seen water so blue. Especially in a dream. When she described the dream I went into emotional turmoil ... not believing it possible that anyone could see what you were dreaming about. It wasn't until much later I learned they were not only watching your dreams, but programming them.

Your Duties as a Programmer/Harasser/On Duty Person/Monitor

You can take your choice as to what to call the people on duty. Over the years this is what I've seen them do ... as part of their personal/group duties:

  1. The subject/victim's shopping habits are tracked. Equipment is sometimes placed in each store, which is then used by the employees. This allows (as near as I've been able to define it) all of your thoughts to be heard within the store. (You, as the subject cannot tell when this is done, because you are still hearing yourself, within your head, as you usually do when you're thinking, or reading.) As in the case of a grocery store here, the store is called that you're on your way, and they turn it on when you walk in. During one visit to a store I was watching the interaction between a supervisor and a bagger over something that happened. It wasn't loud and lasted only a few seconds. A few minutes later I heard a loud outburst from the bagger that she'd been "on camera" and she blew up saying " you can't even talk in private anymore" ...
    If you can't place the equipment in the store/library, etc ... you'll have people follow you with the necessary items so that everything can be picked up. As one person at a local/nationally known spa said, "Do you know how they do it to her?" The reply was, "They have to follow her around to do it."
    During another visit at the same spa, I saw a female attendant in the locker room looking around corners. She was saying, "I know she's here ... I can hear the voices."
    Another example, in a Metro Park ... I was reading a book and noticed people looking at me in weird ways. Finally, one young boy around 10 years old said, "Mommy, how does she do that without moving her lips?" The mother replied, "I don't know" ... gave me another strange look and hurried off. I thought immediately, "and, you'll never be sure that your son will not be forced to hear a book being read that you don't want him to read."

  2. When your subject begins to take notes and questions what is happening to her/him ... and then initiates research that is not to your liking, you have the freedom and the responsibility to use as much of the equipment as possible in order to destroy their life or manipulate it in any way you can. Money is no object.
    Your responsibility includes providing the necessary audio/visual material that will confirm any and all earlier statements you've made about your subject and/or their friends or family (should any be required). Your goal is to guarantee that the subject has no right to their own life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness, and no privacy. Your funds are limitless and your recruitment is endless. Many people are anxious to connect with your group. The unemployed especially. I watched one man begging for a chance to be hired. His unemployment had run out and he was desperate. His words were, "I'll do anything." The lady replied, "OK, I'll talk to him." That happened two doors from me.
    This 'job' pays more than any other with the agency. Those are their words, not mine. They were used one night by one of two brothers who were recruited by this agency when they were approximately Junior and Senior in high school. At the time of the statement one was married and the wife was complaining that he was away too often on his job, etc. ... The house they use is the home of the parent, and has been the main "operational" point for years, including origination of loud musical bombardment.
    Honesty with your trainees and the people you work with is not a "must." This turns up as one of the basic truths over and over, and is obvious in much of my material. The group is built on dis-information and practices it in all phases, with their own people as well as the companies and coworkers they've deceived. 

One example: On the night of the full-sized black hologram incident I was terrified ... Yet they told one group (at another place of employment) that I was upset over my mother's death ... they told another group something else. I heard one person say, "Well, she believes in spirits" or "Well, she believes in ..."

At the grocery store: the employees did not know that I knew about their equipment in the store. They also did not know that their voices were being carried twice as loud throughout the store as they normally would be ... just because of the equipment ... And when I mentally pointed it out to them one day (I was really ticked off) their anger was aimed at me ... as if I'd deceived them. They had no idea it could be turned on and off from another point, and that they were not needed. They were used (and I consider them abused in one sense) because this group operating here wanted them to believe something that wasn't true. Their privacy had been taken away, without their knowledge. And, this is typical of this group.

I've seen them use the equipment on each other at varying times. And usually, without knowledge of the person they're using it on. And on the general public more than once. I was stopped at a red light in my car, looked up into the rear view mirror and noted the two people talking in the front seat. Immediately I was forced to hear what one person was saying to another.

Once again, I refer you to the court case of John St. Clair Akwei ... it's listed in the "Mind Control Forum" ... and once you've read what is included there, you'll better understand what I've listed so far in this paper.


Interference with Appliances Electrical/Electronic

Computer Interference Without Modem

"Reading information contained in a computer from its leaking, or radiation is accomplished by using devices that have no direct connection to the computer itself." ... an item I picked up in my research.

A program, code-named TEMPEST, and the term, "TEMPEST Protected" became associated with computers that were totally shielded from radiating information. Cost: approximately $3,000.00 per each computer/desktop model. The energies involved are electrical currents and magnetic fields.


Television Interference

Ongoing/constant. Direct interference may last 10 minutes or a day, or a week. Incidents vary, including the actual halting of operations on a permanent basis, which would normally require a repairman. If the set is not repaired, but given to someone, no repairs will be necessary.

For several years, at my mother's home we heard a big cracking noise from her set on a "now and then" basis ... usually a bit every day. After about 3 years of this, it needed repair. She was told it was caused by something that would have made a large, loud, cracking noise that might resemble a minor strike of lightning. It was repaired, and after its return, the noise began again. This was back in the 1980's. I still have that set today, and the same thing has been occurring. The TV repairman gave me the same reason ... "a large charge would have had to hit it to knock it out that way ... like a lightning bolt." The same thing happens to a second set, which at this point in time (6/14/96) will not turn on ... nor would a third one, which is not two years old. However, it turns on now.

Breaking down the two television sets to the point of repair became a habit with the group. Every two years, like clockwork. First one, then the other. Within a few days apart. I heard one conversation about the plans for its demise ... the talk was between the then-residents of 1931 and 1931 1/2. After being told what was to happen, the second man, from 1931 1/2, said, "Now, that's sick! That's sick!"

Prior to Cable hookup the interference was bad. Screen filled with lines and snow ... at times wavy, as a video tape would be prior to adjusting its tracking center. I was told it was interference from a large electrical motor somewhere in the area ... by the TV repairman. And, I knew the location.

Another phase of their equipment ... joining in group scenes on television, as part of the background noise, talking during crowd scenes, dances, etc. ... Using their own phrases. At other times they would pronounce the words of the actors in the play, but always a half second before they were said on the screen. They do the same to people, including their own coworkers ... Use the equipment on them, saying their words "just a fraction" before they come out of the speaker's mouth. I've seen them broadcast it aloud, to annoy their friends, at other times I knew it was being contained in one area.


VCR Interference

While a program is taping, the numbers on the VCR that show the seconds and minutes would run in reverse. My first thought ... "machine is broken" ... wrong ... it's not.

While viewing a tape, including rentals, the screen will be filled with snow and heavy lines. Or the screen will go black, showing stars or points of light on the screen, and nothing else. I became alarmed they would damage tape, but soon learned that nothing is wrong with the tape itself.

While taping a program all will go well. But tape will turn out foggy/misty/wavy ... full of interference. Not worth keeping. However, if kept and set aside, then later played (by mistake) the program will be fine. Nothing wrong with it. (They did this with my audio tape recorder years ago ... it took me over a year to learn of this trick ... by accident. All by remote control.)

Another version. If I put in a tape, it's automatically rejected, and will not accept it for either "play" or to "record" a program. They are doing it now ... it began yesterday, Thursday, 8/15/96. Last year I put away my tapes when I realized they were doing it, took them out only recently, and everything worked fine. New crews were on duty, and I was able to watch tapes for several days before someone remembered ... at which point the VCR began kicking out at me again. (I heard someone say they should go after the television set again since I stopped using the computer ... that's a note from June, 1996 ... when I unplugged the computer because of so much interference.)

The same applied to another TV set ... if my son were here and watched it in his bedroom all would be fine for a day or so, until someone remembered, then off would go the set. They do the same with remote operated cars and trucks.

In my delaying the repair or purchase of a new TV set for several months their anger was fueled. With cable there was heavy interference on some channels, and I did report it. Most was on Cable Channel 10, a local station.


Tape Recorder

All audio blocked on playback leading me to believe something went wrong with the taping. Yet, next time the tape is played, everything is there. Discovered this by accident  after taping "over good tapes" for almost a year.

Also found audio on a tape that I did [not] put there. (I am referring only to tapes I made myself, or use at a seminar/meeting, etc.) The voice I found one night was that of a group member who was involved with a mugging (of me) when I worked at Channel xxx. She was singing. I'd only heard her voice once or twice before, and did not tape it. The day I went to work after playing that tape, there were many upset people. (I had a habit of playing some tapes for a few minutes each morning before I went to work.) This was the first thing they shared each day, as at every place of employment.


Computer/Printer, Purchased May 1996

Within two weeks of purchasing a new Packard Bell Computer/Monitor with Cannon Printer, I tried to print two copies of a 6 page document. The printer stopped during the first set on page 3 at item #8 -- near the top of the page. During the second set it stopped on page 3, at 10A -- almost half way down the page.

Page one and page two did print ... pages 4, 5, and 6 did not print ... in both cases. This was in one operation, not two separate printings.

Rechecked the printer several times ... each time it shows another printer as default. I changed it back to Cannon, reinstall it, and within a few seconds it's changed back again. The installation shows I've installed Cannon 3 times. The test page prints out with only the Windows Graphic showing at upper left, and no text.

In addition are the following:


Electric Iron

My iron was "turned off" by remote control one day, with a verbal statement from a male voice, "She'll iron again when I say she can iron." I unplugged the iron, put it away and used the dry cleaners from then on for two years. That iron is in use today. I was always terrified they would do the same to my mother, but they did not.

Prior to this event, I came home one evening, went to the linen closet and found my iron turned on, red hot ... sitting plate/face down on towels. I'd been at work all day, and had I not gone to the linen closet there could have been a fire. Either someone was in the apartment using it, or it was also turned on by remote control. When two neighbors learned of this, their immediate loud statements, from their home to mine were, "OK then let's turn her iron off ... her electricity off." It never happened again, nor have they done it elsewhere. (The iron incident occurred while I was employed in broadcasting.)


Interference With Furnace

During a cold winter they interfered with the operation of the furnace ... clicking it on and off ... without the knowledge of the owner/manager, who was working with them. It lasted throughout an entire evening ... and I'm still amazed it continued after the ordeal they put it through.


Interference With Hot Water/Shower

While bathing, the water would turn from hot/warm to icy cold ... with verbal comments just a fraction of second before the time of change in temperature ... They knew what was to happen and would make comments accordingly ... "Oh ... Chuck ... it's going to be too cold ..." ... "She'll catch cold" ... etc. ... "Oh ... the water's so cold ..." etc. It lasted a week or two.


Operation of Unplugged Appliances

Operating unplugged appliances without batteries by remote control. After a bout with my morning alarm clock ring being canceled, I unplugged the radio and purchased a manual alarm clock. The radio was then turned on several times to prove their ability and power. Three manual alarm clocks were disrupted/broken/stopped, all under 6 months of age ... as was an electric kitchen clock in the home of a friend of mine. Each time the same internal noise was heard loud and clear. (They seem to concentrate on two or three specific things within a specified time period such as "clock and radio" at the same time.)


Radio Interference

The signal of  a local radio station kept drifting off its place on the dial. I called the engineer there and he confirmed that it was not drifting.  Immediately after hanging up, I heard the two brothers across the street complaining about my phone call and saying, "How does she know what we're doing? How does she know? She always knows," etc. Their always loud verbal responses to what I was doing inside my home gave me a pretty good confirmation of my suspicion.

And this group was not the first to do this. It's been one of their standard tricks no matter who they have working in their organization. The leaders have not been known to tell their recruits what I know or don't know, and seem to always choose to have me bring it up verbally at one point or another, or at least mark it down in my notes. Which always brings a bout of anger at me because I know what they're doing. A little like killing the messenger ... since I'm not the one holding back the information from them.


Work Experiences

Parapsychology Center

I attended the center on and off, approximately 1979-1985.

  1. I could sit in my chair prior to classes and see the same man I'd seen at the County Democratic headquarters on the day of an interview with a State Representative. He would always carry the same briefcase and scoot quickly down the hall to another room.
  2. As time passed, I'd hear the director and others briefly discussing the prosence of the harassers ... with statements like, "Yead ... they're going to sit in the back ..." (in the back room). Later as the MESA group learned I was aware of what they were doing the talk changed to: "They're going to come up the back way." (There was an outside entrance at the rear of the building.) Arrangements were later made to put them in a private office on the same floor. The center leaders were not told for many months that I knew about the man with the briefcase, or much of anything else.
  3. Depending on where I was employed at the time (or if I was employed), a coworker would appear here with one of the men ... (not supposed to be seen by me).  I'd hear discussions of it at work on the following work doy ... (most of the people I worked with did not approve of psychics or the Center).
  4. One evening during intermission the director was in the hall talking to the man with the briefcase and several other class members. I was talking to a friend about a large stand-up mirror. At the same second I mentioned the mirror I felt a twinge in my forehead and was forced to hear the man in the hall saying, "See ... here it is." ... and I could hear two or three people "oohing" and "aahing" over what they had just been shown, at the same time not knowing that I was being forced to hear what was going on out in the hall. None of the people with me heard this. Another example of the group being dishonest with their own people.
  5. Did not have money to attend these sessions. The director told me I could attend without paying. My guess is the group paid her, just as they did all of the others they work with ... at all of my regular haunts, be it personal or business. (My attendance later increased her audience.)
  6. I continuously heard comments about my private life from members of the center, and their audience, just as I did at work. Some comments I heard during class, others on the break/intermission.
  7. Eventually the Center members were told of what I'd been hearing over a long period of time. During intermission one night one person walked into the room from the hall saying, "Who'd ever thought she was sitting there listening to us?" (He said this not 5 feet away from me, and I find it a bit typical of the group to utter a statement like that and continue "verbalizing about it right in front of me" ...) There were comments about the Holograms they were using/making, and direct reference to "insertion of dreams." (Note: When I moved to my present home, none of this information was known by any member they recruited, and that includes the neighbors in homes immediately adjacent to mine. This is the only way the true leaders of this group operates, by continual disinformation ... to their own and companies/people they recruit.
  8. I watched the Director and a friend give a telephone number to a local businessman ... it was a number that would give him access to my private life, and anything else the group cared to give him. Again, I was only a few feet from them at the time ... and they were never told I knew about it.
  9. At this point in time I'd learned of a book, "The body Electric," by Dr. A. O. Becker ... through someone at the center, (but not told directly to me) ... This book confirmed what was going on in my life, and covered what much of the equipment was and had been doing to me and members of my family. (This meant it had to have been used on many others also). I still needed more facts, and continued to keep my own counsel, search, research, observe, make notes, etc. Dr. Becker later wrote "Cross Currents," which contained additional information on this same topic.
  10. I stopped attending the center because of the tension involved, and the animosity that was growing because of the knowledge I had about their operations.

(My first example of holograms projected into the privacy of my home came in the mid 1970's. While attending the center I learned that they were involved in theprojection of a hologram into my dreams. One of the men active in leadership in the Center was the main participant in one. That week I heard them discussing it ... his words were, "Well, I know she got my hologram." I can't begin to tell you how that made me feel ... knowing they can "force" you to have a dream you'll consider real, plus knowing that people who once professed to be your friend would participate in it.)


Radio -- Sales Secretary
May 1977 - December 1981

  1. They continued with the plan of "extending the hand of friendship to her only so far as to make her think she's included," but were unaware at the beginning of my employment that I knew it. The more I took notes, the less friendly they were.
  2. Near the beginning of employment as I walked in the front door a co-worker asked: "Pat, which way did you come from? You drive us nuts when we can't figure out which way you're coming from every morning." I answered her question, and if I'd had no idea something was wrong, that question would have done so.
  3. After a special meeting one day, she and several others passed my office ... Her comment: "I don't see how she gets anything done with that going on in her head all the time." She was confirming the fact that they give their recruits a taste of what it feels like to be the recipient off effects, from the equipment. I'd heard enough by that time to know this.
  4. At my desk one afternoon, something attacked my head and shoulders with a vise-like grip. I couldn't move or speak. In too much pain to talk. It subsided after a minute or two ... and I started to walk down the hall. As I reached the office of the Chief Engineer, I heard him say "What? ... Oh ... she's headed my way? OK." and hung up laughing. (He later moved to another tv station.)
    The attacks were later repeated inside the station as well as at home ... with the assistance of many of the coworkers who were paid to be "monitors/harassers" ... etc.
  5. Employees were paid to participate in the monitoring/harassment of subject after normal office hours ... and on lunch hours. Ane day I heard a person complaining about carrying the tape recorder. It was a large reel-to-reel, and another girl had just assured her that the sidewalks and parking lot where I lived would be clear of snow. She replied, "Yeah ... but everybody will see me carrying it in."
  6. An evening at home ... the following was forced into my hearing: "Hi ... oh good! You've got your paper bag with your food in it I see. Come on in." Note: they take their own food and drink with them, books and magazines, etc. ... There in never just "one" person on duty. It must always be in pairs, and at more than one location. Others will also show up who are not "being paid" for that day ... some just neighbors, some "members" of the group ... today they use back-packs and plastic bags.
  7. During a trip to Boston the harassment continued. It could be heard at a lower decibel level than normal ... including in the home of the friend I was visiting. She could hear nothing, the people on the bus tours I took heard nothing. I was able to shop without harassment (as I've not been able to do in Toledo) ... I could join into a normal conversation with others ... and know there would be no interference (They did not do this on my later trip to Florida ... At that time they did contact some people).
  8. During hospitalization in this time period ... following a serious operation I had a great deal of difficulty recovering. As I regained consciousness I could hear the verbal harassment of one female regular who had been involved from the start ... To this day i do not believe my coworkers knew this. Maybe one or two, but not all of them. Their equipment initiates some medical problems and imitates others.

At this point, 1997, I am again forced to submit to people who are interfering with the operation of my computer. I have not changed the type of print, or its spacing. I am not ... as of today ... that familiar with all of the characteristics/locations of different operational tools...

I doubt that a brand new computer would revert from 10 point ot 12 point to less than that ... which is what is going on, and the reason I've switched to all caps [this part was caps] ... so I can read what is being typed.

During the above hospitalization I could hear what the nurses were saying ... at the same time they were being told "she doesn't know" ... just as they did years later in Bryan, Ohio hospital when my stepfather was hosptalized there ... and in Edgerton, Ohio where he was kept in a rest home ... No one here would care for him.

The origination point of computer interference is next door...

  1. New owners purchased the station ... new station manager. I was called to Grand Jury duty ... assigned a place as permanent juror on the first day. When I returned I was told to move to place of alternate juror despite the previous assurance. Before the week was out, my boss refused to allow me to continue.
  2. One day my boss could be heard telling another coworker (at the exact time it was happening ... not after the fact) ... "hear that ... hear her lisp ... hear the way she talks ... she can't talk plain ... I can't have someone like that answering the phone. She's got to be fired, got to go, etc., etc.
    He was correct. Without warnig I could not speak correctly. I was lisping ... and the words were not being pronounced as they should be. I stumbled over syllables, etc. It lasted several minutes. Note: This equipment can and does produce defects in bodily operations ... speech, alterations in moods, etc. It as always accompanied by one of them calling attention to the alteration at the exact time it is occuring, not after.
    An example: here at home ... The present members of the group did not know I was aware of this. I walked into my basement ... and suddenly I was filled with fear as I looked to the rear of the basement ... a terrible fear about walking back there. At that exact moment, I heard a female, "Now watch. She'll look to the back and won't go back there. She'll be too afraid." When I heard that I knew what was happening and immediately walked to the back of the room .. shaking off that feeling at the same time, and very glad I'd been able to add this to my collection of proof ...
    In retrospect, I knew this had worked on my step-father. he did everything possible to avoid the basement, saying it was too dark, gloomy, etc. Our first summer in the house made it necessary to seek refuge in the basement because of the heat until we could ge a small window air conditioner.
    This event happened to me after he had been put in the hospital and nursing home ... there were many other events ... involving emotions ... but this was an important point, and one they were bragging about to others, while forcing me to hear it.

Form The Body Electric and Cross Currents by Dr. A. O. Becker ... "Specific thougts and moods can be induced such as compliance or complacency. Money was included for adapting bio-electric sensing methods back in 1960 to agencies. Micro-waves, modulated, can force specific electrical patters upon part of the brain." .. and ... "Electromagnetic Systems can be/are being used to produce mild to severe physiological disruption of repceptual distortion or disorientation. They are silent. There are indications that other pulse frequencies cause similar pressure in other tissues, which could disrupt various metabolic processes." This book was written in the 1980's ... at the present time, the "indications" mentioned have been confirmed ...

The present day equipment also gives access to anyone ... your every move, plan or intent ... Tracking you as they would a wild animal, or a whale at sea.

  1. The big boss, on another day was talking to one of the department heads. He said, "I said all the tapes. I want them all!" The man recoverd from surprise, reached over and took something out of his credenza ... and gave it to his boss. I was just outside his door, in his secretary's office.
  2. A conversation between two coworkers:  ... immediately upon arrival at work in the moring. "Let's change it," one said. "No, he'll notice," came the second reply. "... He'll catch it." ... She was referring tothe tapes that were in their hands at the time ... They'd been in the habit of revising tapes for a period of time ... And that still follows with present groups.
  3. One person to another: "Last night was something ... it was really something" ... he began rolling his eyes in his head, looking over at me and making a few more comments to his friend that were very direct.
  4. Today the involvement and connection to the broadcasting industry are still strongly in evidence. Recently I reviewed some audio tapes made in the 1980's ... that coverd incidents relating to the activities of the group at that time ... and used their "real" names on them. I did this in the privacy of my own home ... I've never permitted these tapes to be heard by anyone.
    They caused a furor in the neighborhood. Neighbors were discussing it at the curb in the street. The male resident of 1922 was saying, "Well, there must be something to it!" ... as the argument wound down. They were concerned about the possibilitythat it might be true ... therefor, their usual loud talk never occured to them as implicating them. The 1922 resident was talking to the occupant who wears the biggest police badge I've ever seen ... he lives two doors south of me.
    He is also the same main who vehemently denied the possibility of what I was writing in my letters as being true ... his words one day, several years ago were, "Just because she says it doesn't mean it's true."
    Later, at 6 p.m. ... same topic ... I heard a slip over the air from the news people on one tv station ... the male News Anchor was asking the female if it was true. She replied, "I don't know."
  5. On 1-21-93, the morning anchor from 6-9 a.m. referred to a letter I'd just written on this topic. On another morning as I lay in bed half-crying over the problem, I soon heard him referring on the air, radio, to the tears. The statement would have made sense to no one not connected with the immediate incident.
  6. another time (please note I had nothing to do with changing this from regular type to bold face type. I'm trying too hard to get this out ind in the mail ... as soon as I can to make that many unnecessary changes and/or extra work for myself.)
    Same man, at another time announced an the air he'd just received a phone call asking if he was playing subliminal tapes again. His reply: "I'm not going tosay. Maybe Iwas, and maybe I wasn't. As long as the boss didn't hear it." He thrived on these situations, and laughed over each one, along with others on the air. He was playing subliminals ... the tape used was "Poor Pat" ... This was played under the phrase "weather forecast" ... and never entirely subliminal ... part of it could be heard ... (which is why the phone call and his mention of it). I thought this was controlled by on-duty personnel but soom learned it was controlled by each on-air person, and has been performed successfully on television weathercasts also ... again ... used where ever the phrase "weather forecast" was used ... it is still in use on and off.
  7. Another incident re a former radio coworker: During my emplayment with MARMO, distribution of vacuum sweepers, he came to a store where I was demonstrating sweepers. He pretended to buy one, walked up without a basket, asked me various questions, and pretended not to know me. I followed suit. He said he'd take one, and picked up the box (no shopping cart with him) ... Before he left he walked up close to me and pulled his lips back in a sneer ... about 3 inches from my face ... He couldn't say anything because it would have been picked up by the equipment and could have proved embarassing. Here as well, the equipment was set up for others to listen to ...
    The last time I saw him was during my employment at another firm. We were both at a client's Christmas Party. It took me almost an hour to place him. He did not recognize me at all, even though we did speak briefly. Yet, this day he knew exactly who I was, where I could be found, etc. ... all through his connections with the broadcasting industry and the group behind this.
  8. One of the radio employees involved in this has been arrested twice for paying for prostitution ... perhaps more than that. I only know of two. He is a well known radio figure here. He and other coworkers were directly responsible for bringing in a pornographic tape at work ... how far it went around the station I don't know ... I witnessed their actions and heard the talk in one of the offices.

Note: While I worked at the employment agency and radio station, I continued to hear oddball statemets such as, "What are we going to do? Her Mom doesn't have any black and blue marks on her legs like Pat does." ... or I'd hear the click of a camera ... followed by a female voice saying "What are you going to do with that?" The answer one day: "Make it look like she and Harry are taking a shower together" ... or: "Watch her today. She's trying to figure out what to say so she can prove she was alone inthe shower," or "trying to proveshe wasn't at the "Brown Club like we said she was," etc.

These types of commets, combined with the skits and stories I'd heard began to make senst. With no way to prove anything, I continued to keep my own counsel, make notes, do a lot of reading, and paid more attention to activities in my immediate area, involving strangers and acquaintances.

Our culture said "ok" to publishing a computerized picture of Mrs. Hillary Clinton, dressed in short black leather pants and top ... holding a whip. The White House office interior is in the background ... and in 1992 ... someone produced a parody called "Hard Times," using the voice of President Bush. The article explained how theman rearranged President Bush's words into new words and syllables.

This is meant to remind you that when I began at the employment agency, I watched a coworker as she repeated the phrase "Oh Chuck," in various emotional tones which were later incorporated into skits ... some of which are still running.

The tapes produced were professionally done, situations that were made up by this group and claiming to be things I'd done and said, and including places I'd never been, or couldn't have been in ... as when I was in the Beauty Salon last summer. Except in this case, the beauticians knew I wasn't in two places at one time. Yet, one of them had just been told what the beauticians were watching when they left to go on break or to lunch. One said, "You mean she's doing all of these things when she's right here with us?" The answer was "yes" from the second beautician.

The broadcasting industry's marriage with the operation of this equipment should pose an excepional warning in your mind right now ... Our society is raised to look at people in this medium as positive, assisting in the betterment of our country, etc., etc. ... Instead, these people helped to produce the opposite, instead of exposing fraud, crime, etc. ... This group has stayed connected tothe broadcasting industry in this aread because of unlimited funding. They hire teen-agers, senior citizens, all races and creeds. They are an equal opportunity emplayer but they also put equipment in the hands of people who are trained to harm others ... not to mention the fact that most of them are short-fused with vile tempers, and once intheir hands, this equipment is meant to do only one thing: harm another ... and ... they do it happily and willingly.

Given equipment that biologically and mentally affects other human beings, their goals are not life-giving, unless it's to their own life. They have no medical license ... is this not a violation of our most basic medical and human right?

We need legislation and countermeasures now. Or ... is this the plan for Americans of the future ... to mentally and physically control them? There are many innocent bystanders who thin it's "amazing" that they can hear someone read without mechanical attachments ... and there are others who think "it's cool" to see someone in their personal/private environment withoutthe subject's knowledge ... But what about the rest of "whatgoes on in between just these wto outlooks of life" ... The "rest" of what thegroup in not telling the general public ... the managers/operators of companies they infiltrate, etc., etc. The group has not been honest with their employees/recruits from the start ... and are no different today.


Television Station
June 1981 - October 1983

  1. This is where "extend the hand of friendship just so far, to make her feel she's included" ceased. Harassment tapes I'd heard long ago that appeared ridiculous, including those referring to local law enforcement authorities, had been turned around. Incidents on the tapes were now referred to as things I'd done, including pornography ... all false. Few, if any, questioned what they were told. Easy to see how the group made stories "fit the occasion" they were describing to others.
  2. Shortly after the start date, I sat at my desk while another severe had attack occured ... which left me almost incapable of speaking, but not quite as severe as the earlier ones at Radio. The person engaging me in last minute small talk was a former supervisor at Radio. He was sentin to talk to me so others in another room in the building could see that "phase" of the equipment working, and view the results.
    At another point in time a luncheon had been planned that I'd not been invited to (the usual way things were done). Someone decided to include me ... otherwise at least one person or more would be forced to miss it because they'd have to monitor me. Upon receiving the invitation at the last minute, I stated I had made other plans. I heard the furor over it. One person volunteered to stay behind.
    On that day I had my auto tags renewed, and on that particular day they were running one of their programs that is guaranteed to put me into a state of feeling ill, no able to funcion 100%, etc. ... I had a very bad time getting to the license bureau and answering questions.
  3. The station moved toa new location mid-way in my employment. Prior tothe move, I heard one bookkeeper telling another coworker, "I feel so sorry for her. They're going to have this room at the top of the stairs where they'll watch her every move, everything she does." ... and there was more. Not knowing again, exactly what she meant, I just filed the statement away with all the others.
    Following the move I left my office one day to go to another department, glanced up at a monitor in "that room at the top of the stairs", and saw myself on a monitor ... walking down the hall, from a front angle ... The room was over to my right, I should have been seen looking over to the right. I wasn't ... I was looking straight ahad. That is the first and last time I ever saw that door open ... so I assumed it was intentional ... to intimidate me further.
    This same lady went absolutely bonkers on another day when I was also in the hallway .. on my way to clean out the coffeepot ... she started screaming ... from the other end of the hallway, "Stap looking at me. Don't look at me. Stop it!" ... and kept it up over and over ... until the General Sales Manager, my immediate supervisor, came running out into the hall to see what was going on. She was in hysterics. Lasting several minutes.
  4. Statement by my boss one morning. "The Mr. Frisch" is here today," to one of the girls in the office. That afternoon she walked toward my desk with a man unfamiliar to me. He was saying, "Oh, good! You're still doing it to her the same way!" ... She nodded ... they laughed together and walked past me.
  5. I'd earlier learned that employees of three fast-food chains in town were acquainted with activities of the group. Through direct experience of eating in one of their restaurants, and from hearing varied comments while eating in or ordering "take-out" food.
    Later, in 1985, while sitting in a restaurant, which has ince been torndown, I heard a male employee say the following to a female coworker: "They just sit and watch everything she does over at Channel XX ... Sit around the conference table and watch everything." ... I was with my step-father ... Harry E. Cooper. It was Thanksgiving Day, 1985, the first one since my mother's death. The female said, "Maybe she didn't hear you." ... He added, "She heard me." ... He was correct, I did, as did everyone else in the restaurant.
    He went on to say, "I don't see how they get away with it though because he works at the Sheriff's Departmenet ... I just don't know how they get away with it." That remark seemed to say that he believed we had only one police department in town (not a public as well as a secretone) ... and that he did not believe this station would be "above the law" ...
  6. Telephone lines were "open" in the afternoon, exactpurpose I don't know. It has something to do with observers sharing/checking in at that timeperiod rather than another ... The same thing wenton at Industries).
    Part of a conversation between John and Mary ... both sales reps. Mary asked, "John, why can't Harry hear our voices and Pat and her mother can? is it because he's hard of hearing?" He replied, "No, and he's not hard of hearing. It's because we use different frequencies."
    Mary's husband owned a jewelry store in town.


Automobile Club
November 1984 - October 1985

  1. Friendship among employees permitted until they began to tell me their feelings/actions of management. Because of negative personal descriptions the group began to approach and include coworkers. It becomes difficult to use the premises when management is insulted.. so they put the coworkers on their side.
  2. I began to hear discussions of my personal life, how I did my dishes, etc. It included everything I did/said from the time I left work one day until I entered the next day. Discussion of a letter I'd just written my son was heard between three employees. The letter was still in my purse, ready to be mailed. One of the employees was put in charge of placing a device in the lunchroom and retrieving it each night at closing time. Another was a regular monitor on duty after regular working hours.
  3. One department manager to another. "Man, in all that electricity, I couldn't think of a thing. I had no memory at all." There were one or two other conversations along this line. I noted them and filed the information away. He had just come from a location belonging to the group.
  4. I heard one of the group harassers say one day "Do you mean they let her up here on the floor with all these people." Answer:"I guess so." ..from a coworker of mine. A few weeks later I heard the manager telling my supervisor I was not to be allowed upstairs, but would have to remain in my office. (This was sales...telemarketing from the office, and in person upstairs). Both these remarks had everything to do with my supposed involvement in pornography..and it took a long time to learn this.
  5. One of the harassment skits on tape was "she hears everything we say." This was turned into a supposedly 'real' thing. I heard one coworker ask the supervisor, "Can she really hear everything we say?" The answer was "Of course not!" .(My supervisor was NOT on the side of this group or managements decision to cooperate with them.)
  6. There was also a tape with a female screaming loud and for a long, long time. This was passed around as me, and the reason why was different at each place I worked. At his office I heard Betty, one of the coworkers involved telling others in the office that I really believed in life after death and it wasn't me screaming at the death of my mother. (This tape had been made in the mid 1970' is still in use in the 1990's). One of the girls then said, "Then you mean it wasn't her screaming."...
  7. There was interference with my car - ongoing. Coming out of the office one day a neighbor nearby told me someone had been under the hood. (I already knew that). In the office another day Betty was telling the group "You should see what they've done to her car."
  8. I saw the manager of the office in my parking lot at home one day. Talking to the manager of the apartment complex. His question (right outside my window) was "And does she save newspapers and bundle them?" The answer was 'no.'. My mother did that....not me.

It's never been difficult to hear their comments...they seldom try to hide what they're saying...And in the case of the normal loud harassment they're paid to do, they have special equipment, yell, scream, play loud music, etc.

They have the belief of those they recruit. Their word is accepted as gospel. No one bothers to check any background on it or the people they're accusing.

One of the female supervisors one evening said (in the 1990's)..."it takes about a year to set someone up."


State of Ohio....Typist for Investigator of Claims.
(Position not covered by Civil Service)

Results were the same. Any comments and gripes about 'the boss' or anyone else would be known to management. At this place only management and 'key' employees were given access to the equipment At one point the manager came under severe criticism from one or two of the employees. He changed his clothing attire and began wearing business suits to work instead of old paint-spattered clothing & t-shirts. But bore a long and obvious grudge, against me and the two people issuing the complaints against him. They locked horns constantly.

I was here only a short time and left because of job offer to go back to broadcasting (tv).


Gift Shop
November 1985 - Decomber 1985

One of the clerks was the daughter of a state patrolman. Another of the clerks went to work as a security guard in this same mall.

  1. The 'then mayor' of that town appeared at the mall because of what was going on. I watched him as he put his coat on in preparation to leave. All he did was shake his head from side to side...over and over. I began to think things would change. They didn't.
  2. Here too I heard many comments of my personal life. Things they would have no way of knowing. Security guard involvement here was the same as at a couple of banks in the area...they were the ones privvy to most of it. One day I passed two of them in the mall. One saying, "I can't believe the things they've done to her car." He was right. I was always having it worked on.

(A security guard in bank near my present home is also aware of my personal life and one day, via his walkie talkie, as I walked in I heard him say "Rover is here. Rover is here." The answer came back, I"m already there." Meaning, they were already in my house. At another point in time I snubbed him when I walked in because I knew of his involvement. In retaliation he walked up to a customer and said, "Have you seen any of her pictures?" Answer was: "Some of them." The action/statement gave me more proof that I had the correct information about them.


Party Plan Sales ... Position: Supervisor
1986 - 1989

  1. During training period (out of town) loud noise and commotion from another room occured during a speech in our meeting. Approximately 15 minutes continuous. (One of their constants...) The company had been contacted about me and knew this would happen. As it began the speaker looked over at me, and continued to do so thru most of the speech. Later I heard comments about it from one or two of the regional supervisors about the distruption and why it took place.
  2. About this time they leaned heavily on physical disguises, which to me were always obvious. On my way to a meeting one evening I met a car being driven by what was supposed to be the Mr. "X"...owner/manager of this Party Plan Company. It was a poor impersonation. They tried to capture his wide grin...placed the person at a corner they knew I would pass. They were convinced I'd believe this person had flown all the way from his home to my city and sit and wait for me at a specific corner ... (I was on my way to a BPW board meeting. Two of the members were later than I was...because they'd 'been on duty'. And immediately on their arrival they closeted themselves with the President of the Board, but not before I heard part of their conversation about what had just happened.
  3. One of the demonstrators in my group is the daughter of a coworker at another job. She was never included in this group's knowledge.. instead she was used as one of the 'subjects'. Her mother was not told about me at first when I worked with her until just before I left... This was at a County-operated firm which I describe later.
    My point here is the dishonesty of the group behind this with the people they recruit/hire/train or use as subjects in other ways. They set up their own boundary lines on who will know what, who will know who, etc.
  4. I worked with a husband and wife who had a friend on the police department. He informed them about me. Exactly what it was I don't know. It was during this same time period that the manager of my apartment building said one day "When she gets one more demonstrator, we'll raise her rent." I'd never told him anything about what I was doing, either with this business or anyplace else that I worked. He did raise the rent after I hired 'one more demonstrator'.

At another time in the 80's I had business dealings with one person thru anothre party plan business. Later, in one of my part time jobs her brother worked where I was employed This group did nothing to stop my private conversations with this lady. They were played back in the office the next day (as is routine where ever I worked). And, one of those conversations included a blistering verbal attack on her brother. When I walked into the office the next morning he was just coming out of an office with a red face, and every one was looking as uncomfortable as he was. Just another example of not knowing the true history/background of their subjects, and not caring who they hurt or when. This lady is still a friend of mine, and still has never been told about this group and what they are doing. Yet her brother was brought into the fold many years ago.


County Run Organization Secretary
Working with developmentally disabled persons
September 1987 - November 1989

Some coworkers participated in the ongoing observation/harassment of their subject/target just as in other places. Transfer of money was/is always involved. Almost everyone on the staff had access to what went on in my life from time I left the office until I returned the next time. But! There were some members of the staff who had no idea this was in progress.

  1. On the day I was hired I heard personnel manager telling other department heads about me, and adding, "And, we're the only ones who know it.". Wrong! By the time I left two years later, they learned they'd been misadvised. Later, one of the supervisors took me on a tour, and I noticed another super laughing his head off about it. I thought he was very rude and learned later he was a former city police officer. I'd hear his words at another time during a meeting in the boss's office telling others that he'd seen the pictures of me.
  2. Not long after starting I heard one of the supervisor's telling a secretary about me. The girl said, "Well, maybe it's her mother". He replied, 'No. It's not her mother. Her mother has nothing to do with this." WRONG.! This group had been harassing and intimidating my mother more than I knew about. This fact must have 'slipped their' mind when they recruited the people in this office. Again, their word is never doubted.
  3. My hiring date was immediately following that of another new girl.. The matter of seniority was emphasized, as at the tv station. It was always important to hire me AFTER someone else.
  4. In the privacy of my home I made comments out loud to myself about the pictures & in time I saw the other secretary corner the big boss about an explanation of the 'pictures' I kept talking about. This information inflamed her so much that she insisted on calling a special staff meeting to which she said the Superintendent of the District must attend. I normally took minutes of these meetings, but was not to know about it. I found out, and ignored it anyway. One statement heard later was, "Those pictures of Pat re really rough/ugly"... (I was the sole care-giver at this time of my stepfather. There was no one else to help and I'd been considering leaving the job because of this, and was in no mood for a confrontation at this time).
    The meeting called that day did prove to me that upper mangement had no idea about what was really going on..nor did members of the staff who were being paid to monitor and harass.
  5. Following that meeting I watched as a large TV set was carried out by one of the workers. Following him was a blonde lady who I'd seen in other places, working for this group. She had also spent time quizzing others about my sexual tendencies..did I ever approach any of the men, etc., etc. That television set had been used to monitor me all day at work. (Again, refer to the St.Clair Akewi file that is in "The Mind Control Forum" pages to understand this). This group KNEW what I'd really been doing and spent years trying to prove I was doing something else...
    About this same time I learned that many of the clients there were knowledgeable on this subject, and some would give me "OK" hand signals. They knew about the duplicity involved. They were disabled, not stupid!
  6. One morning I heard a coworker complain that she still had to be at work on time even though she had the early shift. Another day I heard two counselors laughing about the harassment tapes that were playing. It consisted of a way my son had supposedly been killed in an accident..One man's words were, "How'd 'ja like to wake up to that every morning?" ...and both laughed about it. This was just one of the ways they supposedly had my son killed off. One was in a motorcycle accident, another was in a van....
  7. There were 'open' lines around me at certain times. Usually n the afternoon. To be certain I steered a conversation onto a topic that was off base for anyone not working there, and especially for manage- ment. Under normal circumstances this would not have been denied, but in this conversation it was vehemently denied. And there were only two of us in the ladies rest room at the time.
    It is very important to remember that anyone around me will NOT tell the truth on certain sujects, whereas they would if they were in a normal conversation. I've given examples in other material.
  8. I sat at the reception desk one day listening to one of my coworkers telling others about the interior of my home. His wife was also part of it. At another time I was working in the supervisors office who had been doing the talking above. He didn't see me and began yelling at two of the clients..kept it up as he crossed the floor and finally saw me. His voice changed, his tone changed, his face turned red, and he walked back the way he'd come in. This time talking politely and calmly to the people he'd just reamed out. This still happens on a constant 1997.
  9. I'd planned a trip to Florida that Christmas. Stood in a bank and listened to the security guard telling a teller and others 'and they don't want to go to Florida, but they have to...because of her."...and nodded over to me in line. When I returned from that trip I heard many comments about the incidents that happened.
  10. A former city office holder has a manufacturing plant and came in one day while I was sitting in for the receiptionist. He's the same person who checked into this before and did nothing. He could meet my eye that day, he was very uncomfortable in my presence,and one of the supervisors came up quickly and escorted him away from my presence. He's in another city position May, 1997.
  11. When I moved to this address I heard a neighbor talking about another neighbor, who is/was a former coworker of mine at this time. She also worked as a monitor/on duty to play the tapes, etc..While on lunch hour as well as during maternity leave.
  12. At a special seminar one day I heard someone trying to talk the manager out of doing something. He refused. Toward the end of day a lot of commotion was heard, and at one point I saw my boss tell another 'leader' of a seminar class to leave his door open. He did. Loud noises began, loud singing and talking and banging. It ran during the entire last hour of the day. As I sat in my car after the session my boss came out with other managers, saw me sitting there and said, "She still here. We made all this noise to get rid of her, and she's STILL here." (Again underlining another of their basics...that of making much as they can, anywhere they can.) This same manager also made a statement one day "They're probably doing the same thing to us." I think he was right.
  13. One of the people working there was using their equipment on a regular basis and helping out long after I left the place. While paying for my purchases at a grocery store on day, I heard him say, in my left ear..."Now...that's not very much money.!". No one else could hear it. I also saw him later coming and going when I was working elsewhere.

Shortly before I left I heard the big boss tell another secretary to 'turn it on again'. She passed my office and walked down the hall to an office that was always kept locked. On the way I could hear her muttering..."I'm sick and tired of this *#**". No matter how sick and tired she was she was still willing to continue playing these harassment tapes on a daily basis so that I had to listen to them during most of my working well as in the car and at home.


Fairs and Home Shows
Summer/fall of 1990

During this period I worked at various Fairs and Home Shows for a home improvement company. At one of the fairs away from my home the news crew from the tv station I worked at in the 80's came in. I did not know the crew. At one point she came directly over to me to talk, and ignored everyone else. I thought nothing of it till later in the day when an engineer I'd known from many years ago began giving me dirty looks as I walked by their van.

I recalled then the statement about the room at the top of the stairs, and the other statements about watching me from the board room, etc. Too many years went by, and I'd aged incredibly through this for any one to 'know' me and be giving me dirty looks before I was even up to their site at the fair.

At a Home Show one weekend:

  1. Two men stopped at an exhibit of a vendor I'd met at various other shows..right across from me. They stood with their backs to me, talked to the vendor for a minute. I watched his face react as if in shock and surprise. He never talked to me again. (We had become friendly enough to exchange chit chat).
  2. The vendor next to me that night had been telling me earlier about business differences with the management of the Home Show. No one talked with him about me, but the vendor across from me was told later, 'be careful what you say'. We'd also been talking quite a bit that day. His friendliness changed to aloofness from that moment on.
  3. While in the rest room alone, I heard the voices of two men outside in the vestibule talking about other words, I was forced to hear what they were saying, but they didn't know it. When I returned to the hall and talked to another dealer for a minute I could hear the echo/feedback of my voice, and someone further down looked up surprised and said, 'oh..that's her!'
  4. The manager of the building and his wife passed my booth. As they walked up, she kneeled down, looked up into my face, much as the Personnel Manager from the University did, and tried to look into my eyes. I saw them approaching, and looked down at a book when they neared my booth which is why she did this.(Refer to the material in mind control forum on the court case by John St. Clair Akwei for more on 'seeing through the eyes of another person'.
  5. There was a large television set somewhere int he building and only certain people were given access to it, judging from the above vendors. I merged paths with the man carrying it out at the end of the day. He trie dto avoid me, but that's difficult to do when you're carrying a large object and there's nothing to hide behind.


Insurance Firm - 1992

I'd worked for this firm a short time in 1987 & again in '92, discussing financing with their clients on the phone. The first time I worked there this group approached the firm with 'pictures of me'. They were turned down. I heard the conversation. This time they accepted and the wife of one of the owners was hired to be a monitor. I do not believe she was given access to the equipment that renders pain to the subject/victim. But I could be wrong.

One evening I heard her telling her husband about things I'd done, including a check I'd written, etc. I said nothing. Eventually, during my work on the phone I talked with several people who were unhappy about the services being performed for them, and I was discharged. Again, a case of 'the truth must not be heard by anyone who has this equipment aimed at them..because it will usually be the truth about someone who's using the equipment'.

I left and continued to use their services for Notary Public..and each time I went in I would hear certain phrases that were being used on the tapes that were being played, or certain things would be said that relted to personal activites in my home.

This group's motives are not humane or sane. They need people to work on as guinea pigs. and it fits exactly the following quote from an Air Force Manual which is found on page 189 of "Angels Don't Play This HAARP" by Begich/Manning.

While initial attention should be toward degradation of human performance through thermal loading and electromagnetic field effects, subsequent work should address the possibilities of directing and interrogating mental functioning, using externally applied fields within the possibility of a revolutionary capability to defend against hostile actions, and to collect intelligence data prior to conflict onset.

(They also tried to use the cold air blasts in the office, but their were too many complaints from the other people in the office. They did succeed with this at two other places, which resulted in my becoming ill.)


Computer Corporation
July - Sept, 1991

At the time I worked here I had my own booth at a local flea market. And said nothing about it at work. At this point there were three separate groups working as harassers, one at the flea market, one here and another in the neighborhood I lived in. Very little communication went on between the three. At each I had ample proof that nearly everyone in each organization was given access to what I was doing most of the time.

  1. I attended a meeting one evening about a certain product...I said nothing at work. At the end of the next day two people began a talk about getting runs in their hose constantly (the product was panty hose). They kept it up for at least 4 minutes. I knew why and ignored it. Finally my supervisor said, "Well, I guess she's not going to say anything." There had been numerous other attempts to get me to talk about my flea market work, and I ignored each. Point: This is done at every job I go to, and the new people involved are NEVER told I'm aware of it.
  2. Another conversation went on about hiring another sales person. I was on the staff only on a short term basis. After half an hour one said, "Well, I guess she's not interested", and they closed the conversation. None of these two conversations took place more than 10 feet from my desk.
  3. Passing the lunch room one day I heard one department head say to others, "And, she hears voices at her desk." The second man said, "Even when she's walking around?" The answer was 'yes.'
  4. During a period where every one was out of the office at a meeting except me I began reading a copy of a letter I'd written to an agency in Washington,D.C. I covered the date. Within a few minutes I heard my boss telling another employee to rewrite it. He must have, because I then heard him being congratulated by the boss on doing a good job. (I was forced to hear these words...I feel certain that no one within that business did the forcing). Later inside my own home I made a statement that only I could hear which was about the date on the letter, and the fact that I knew they'd rewritten it. The next day when I walked in, everyone was angry. (Note: This means they also have a copy of my signature and are capable of sending anything they wish to anyone with my name signed to it...and without my knowledge or permission.) One of their earliest skits has to do with a letter I am supposed to have written... This can be done to anyone!
  5. The harassment tapes began playing during the third week of employ- ment. At every job I've had there is a 'stag party night'. The night after theirs I received obvious insults as soon as I walked in the next morning. The owner walked up to me, said good morning, and did nothing but look at my chest during the entire talk. Had I not wanted more information I would not have remained a lady longer than two seconds. He's since been the president of a leading National Service Organization in this area..and recently had his picture in a local paper. (May, 1997)
  6. My supervisor kept the list of who was on duty when, and one day John walked in saying, "I've got some new tapes. I can't wait to give everybody these new tapes".
  7. My answering machine picked up a message from a female who claimed to be staying at a certain place. She referred to things no one there would know about. At the office I heard other workers congratulating her on a job well done. (Telephone harassment has long been one of their foundations...this was only a twist in it.) I later saw one of the girls enter the house across the street from me, which I knew had some connection to this. The next day I heard them saying an old phrase from another skit "She knows". But this time it was real. I learned that there were two coworkers living within three blocks of to the west and one to the east.
  8. Words of my supervisor to one of the above women: "It's ok... you can go over on your lunch hour to work, but only at your regular rate of pay. No overtime. Her rate of pay at that time was $7.00 per hour.
  9. I went home for lunch generally. One day I had an urge at the last minute to pull into a restauant just behind the office. I ordered, looked up and saw the boss come in. He looked at me,ignored me and went around talking to others at several tables in the restaurant, and continued to ignore me, I did the same. Began reading my book. Looked up later and saw many police officers sitting around. Two in front of me had a shocked look on their face, they were not talking. The next time I looked up one of the executives from the County facility I'd worked in was seated at a table opposite me, with what I assumed was a non-uniformed officer. She was looking daggers at me. Then I realized that this equipment was 'turned on' and that I'd been manipulated into turning into this restaurant..because the impulse was quick and at the last minute. (My justification to myself was I deserved a treat for a change.) Had I not followed that urge I'd not have seen all of this happening, including my boss running around to all these tables in this restaurant). Again, refer to the John St.Clair Akwei case in Mind Control Forum.
  10. At a carry-out store one morning I was waiting in line to pay for purchases, and saw & heard some of the people outside reacting to what was being said inside. (I was being forcedto hear what one man was saying about it). I knew then that 'these people were being forced to hear the conversations inside. As I drove to the office I grumbled about it aloud. When I arrived at work I heard a big argument going on, and John saying,'no wonder we're not getting anything. we were promised all the audiofrom the time she leaves. We've got to get rid of her. We've got toget rid of her." And, from there on another campaign was waged to fire me...

Near the same time: at 5PM one evening as I prepared to leave my office I heard a new tape start and I started to laugh because I knew the background of it. The secretary said, "John, arent' these real people?" He answered, 'Yes. They're real people". I replied: "Of course they're realpeople..they're your leaders. They're the ones who made all of these tapes.". What the tape said was:'Oh Chuck, I love you." and then a man said, 'I love you too". Then.. "Chuck, let's turn these switches off,because she can hear everything we say."At that point you hear several clicks and a female says 'There..that's enough, we'll leave that one on." I don't know what my coworkers were told about that tape or anything else, but it wasn't the truth. Shortly after this incident I heard the boss's secretary and him in a discussion about everything, and he stated, ' Ok. so she didn't do it...but nobody's ever going to believe her because of her reputation. Don't worry about one's ever going to believe her."

Entering my home when I'm out has always been part of this. One day I heard my supervisor on the phone, as I walked in.."Ok. It's safe to go in now. She's here. Be careful"....

As to monitoring within the building, each employee had their own monitor. How much use they put them to I don't know.


Flea Market - Summer of 1991

Equipment was set up in one room (I don't know where) to which most of the dealers were invited, including those on a short term basis. There the 'lady' in charge of the group had a tape recorder set up and a video monitor. One tv set was set up also in the booth next to me, but when I would start to walk in that direction you would always hear a lot of clicks on the set..

Some of the comments heard about this:

  1. "I told John he shouldn't have taken the money...I told him"..that was from his mother after they read a letter I'd written from home.
  2. "I told Art he'd better be careful, I warned him!" ...that was from one of the dealers

Other comments after returning from the back room:

  1. "The tape recorder's clicking and it's driving her nuts..(meaning the lady on duty)."
  2. "Did you know they have to tape every word she says?"
  3. In reference to the pornography accusations, the following was heard: "She didn't know we were doing this to her at first."...that from someone I knew was connected to this group many years back. He also admitted that I'd never posed for anything.
  4. "What about the police?" Answer: "No problem".
  5. "Now's the time to hit her. When she's feeling relaxed"...this referred to the 'body attacks' which were aimed at (in my case) the mid back, kidney area. This was from the 'official' representative of the group who had taken a booth next to me. He was selling video tapes and would tell customers that he went out of business and was selling his video tapes. He then told another dealer he didn't know what to charge for them, since he was new at it.

There were only two dealers that I know of who were NOT told about this, which again gives a good example of how easily then can manipulate and lie to people.

At the beginning the sound of my voice was magnified throughout the building..I could usually hear the feedback/echo...and still do at various points in time.

There has not been one job I've had where this group has not attached itself. They've also managed to work with school administrators at three educational institutions in this area. At the University where I applied for work I sat in the office waiting for my interview. My back was to the Personnel Manager's office. He came out into the room walked around me, bent down,looked up into my face, said nothing and went back to his desk. I heard nothing after the interview.

At one college during one course the cold air began in our room. No one was there to turn it was on a week-end. This would normally make me catch cold, because of bronchitis, emphysema, etc. This time I had protection with me.

They also started a 'yelling' spree in the halls one day, apologizing to someone saying, "I'm sorry, but we have to do this. We had to do this also at "XXXXXX"." It lasted at least 15 minutes.

At another they passed around pictures during class, showing something to my teacher as she was talking. They were behind me, I couldn't see them but saw her shocked look and watched her stop in mid-sentence. By the time I turned around they were headed out of the room.


Post Office and Public Library - 1990's

The influence and power of this group seemed incredible to me, and did speak for itself. In the early 90's I received a phone call from the Civil Rights Commission in response to a letter I'd written. I walked into the post office one day and heard a man screaming from what seemed like the back of the room, "Someone's finally paying attention to her. She did it..she did it. Someone's finally paying attention to her."

Two clerks stared at me as did others who came up from the back. At both sides I could see people looking out at me while this male voice continued to yell and scream. I don't know where he was that day. He could have preceded me since he knew where I was going, or he could have been at another location given the nature of their equipment.

Another day I heard the manager say: "Did you go back over there again?" ..meaning to the alcove where most of the people seemed to go to. It was at the right side of the building. They nodded yes. It seems she had just been told that I'd been seeing this behavior of the workers,but I'd noticed it for many months. No one passes anything along unless I mention it aloud (and always in the privacy of my own home). Which is one of the ways the workers of this group can hold things back. They are not honest with most people they deal with, including their own workers and recruits.

I had similar incidents in other stations,and one day when I asked for their new fee schedule I heard her tell another worker, "Yeah..then she can send more letters to Washington".

One day I gave the manage of the station a large padded envelope to mail. She just stood there with it and did not move. I asked her if anything was wrong, she said 'no' and continued to just stand and look at me. (She'd been on the phone when I walked in and was alone.)

At another time I took in two letters. They needed to be weighed. As the clerk lay them down behind her, the manger walked up with her coat and as she was talking to another clerk, leaned over twice to pick something up, and walked away..talking about something being very lost in the mail.

I saw her much later as she left a bank. She was smiling, saw me and gave me a dirty look. When I entered the bank one employee said, "There she is now" and pointed to me. Then she said, "I think I'll go over there first and then eat.". I assumed this was tied in to where they have their "Holograms" and video tapes.

Public Library

Harassment tapes were played there, and in many cases they used some senior citizens...much as the government does, but this was in relationship to harassment tapes. These 'citizens' were and are also 'used' by this group. Manipulated as easily as the victims/subjects normally targeted are moved around. I have many examples of this, but space doesn't permit it.



Holograms or ?

Recently had a permanent in a local beauty salon. My beautician had too many personal phone calls and had to put a stop to them. I could see a lot of excitement among the others. Later I heard one of them say, "And, you mean she's doing all of this while she's sitting right here with us?" The other beautician shook her head up and down and said 'Yes.'

Before I went in I heard loud music coming from a truck pared in front and saw a man pacing back and forth outside the salon. And, shortly after I entered you could hear EXTREMELY loud music being played. Too loud for this place. As soon as I left, the music stopped. The beauticians had been going somewhere on their breaks and lunch hours, and mine said she didn't have time to trim my hair (which she was going to do at the end). Her words were, "If you don't like it, you can come back and they'll cut it all for nothing."... then added she was in a hurry. I did go back the next day for that 'free cut'...but at least I knew what was going on.

Earlier in 1992 in another salon I'd seen a woman come in and stand at the desk. She was the same one I'd seen a few years earlier in the doctor's office. The beautician tried to get her to act like she worked there and answer the phone, but she wouldn't. She finally walked to the rear of the salon. When I left I took her license plate numbers. Those on the front were from one state, those on the rear from another. That was on 11/4/92. This scene has repeated itself more than once, but with variation.

Another important statement to remember is: "Why didn't you know that they use lip sync?" That is from a former neighober of mine, who also was involved with this group.

All of these 'things', 'statements', 'actions' have been noted in my journals, and over time make more and more sense. In this immediate neighborhood this group has recruited many of the people in the neighborhood. I've watched children in high school recruited (with the ok of parents)...and some of them are still involved.

When I attempted to work for a magazine publisher company it was through the members of the group who lived in adjacent houses that I knew when they would be setting me up to be fired, I knew when they were going to 'knock out my television sets'...which they did on a regular two year basis. Almost to the exact day. I continued to 'not go to the authorities'. This was still something I could not find enough research material about to put into the proper persepective. I was cut off and segregated to a degree.

Through "Mind Control Forum" I've increased my collection of material, become acquainted with others who are living with many of the same problems, but in varied form, and continue to keep notes.

The basis for this group and their method of operation is really one thing...'intentional disinformation' Both to the people they recruit to work for them, the employers and company they infiltrate, and many of the law enforcement people.

They do have an efficient mind control project which enables them to know your thoughts, your plans, your ideas, etc. Every aspect of one's private life is in their computers...

The pain they inflict is hard to bear, and since it is silent can be inflicted on their subjects in public, without notice. Their 'sleep attacks' can be closely akin to a sleep disorder, but it is controlled by them. With hindsight, I've noted where this began on me...

They use children to hide behind, as well as train. I've seen it done heavily in this area. And I've seen them use children as young at 10 or 12 in their plan to 'take over'...etc. With an agency who hires and trains security guards as the basic commodity, their influence there is wide.

Keep notes. It doesn't take a lot of time to jot down something. My memory could never have contained this without journals. I've recorded many license plate numbers, taken some photographs, and have had recent communication with our local police force....which has, at least, resulted in a cutback of the 'neighborhood harassment that went on as far as loud music from homes and cars was concerned' They did terrorize an entire neighborhood for several a cover for what is really going on. I've seen them control and change people, in their own group. Turning them from decent humans into mean, hateful, dangerous people.

Thanks to Ed Light for this place to share and alert others with information that is a living nightmare for us.

Pat Mougey