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re: harassment, electronic weapons, chemical assaults: the story of a whistleblower. 

This web-site is dedicated to all postal workers, past and present, who have been subjected to criminal harassment at the hands of the postal inspectors. Also, if you know of a friend or relative who has made complaints about their employer, the U.S. Postal Service, that you dismissed as crazy, this web-site is also for you. I would suggest that you print this web-site and give this friend or relative a copy, for what they have alleged is not crazy. Also, if you are an individual who has personal knowledge of the abuses described on this web-site, I urge you to "do the right thing" and report what you know to the authorities. At the end of this web-site, I will provide you with a list of addresses and FAX numbers where you should send your complaints, but I should warn you that the postal service is obstructing mail communications relating to this matter and I strongly suggest that you FAX your communications or find some alternate means of delivery.

First, a word about the postal inspectors and their tactics: the postal service has it's own police force, known as the postal inspectors or the inspection service. While their stated mission is to "safe-guard the mails", all too often, their activities are, decidedly, less noble. They are the "enforcers" and they carry out the dirty work of the postal service. Their tactics are shiftless and reprehensible. When an employee is targetted for harassment, the postal inspectors entice and entrap, in wrongdoing, co-workers and friends who associate with the targetted employee, and threaten and coerce these others into participating in harassment activities against that employee, as the price they must pay to save their own necks. For example, an employee would be enticed into misconduct for which he could be fired; then the postal inspectors would threaten to have that employee fired, unless he participates in harassment activities against the targetted co-worker. And so the targetted employee finds himself besieged by an army of co-workers participating in harassment activities against him, while the postal inspectors sit back and watch their handiwork. These tactics of threats and coercion are not confined to the work-floor, but expand to include friends and associates of the targetted employee, outside of his employment. The use of threats and coercion by the postal inspectors is a matter that is well documented by my union, the American Postal Workers Union.

Then there is the matter of the nature of the harassment the targetted employee is subjected to: the postal service intentionally harasses the targetted employee in a bizarre manner so as to make his complaints unbelievable, and to portray him as mentally unbalanced. At times, the postal inspectors engage in elaborately staged "head-games", calculated to lead the targetted employee to come to mistaken, delusional conclusions. And so the besieged employee has a difficult time in differentiating between what is actual harassment, and what is just a bogus head-game. What the inspectors are most interested in, is to get the targetted employee to utter complaints that mimic the type of complaints made by a mentally ill person.

Now, I would like to describe the cicumstances that precipitated this campaign of harassment against me. It was in early 1994 that I had discovered information that led me to believe that the U.S. Postal Service, in collusion with the Dept. of Labor, had been systematically defrauding job-injured employees out of their federal health insurance benefits. They were intentionally concealing any official record of their enrollment in FEHB, which would make them ineligible to continue their health insurance benefits, if they should go off the job, either through retirement or disability. I had written a letter to a mid-level official in the Department of Labor concerning my fraud alegations. The initial response to this letter was dead silence..........And then there followed a response, of a nature I did not anticipate: in the form of a vicious and protracted campaign of harassment, both on the job, and around my home.

Now, I will itemize the harassment activities I have been subjected to. Before reading this list of harassment activities, I would suggest that you get the book, "Virtual Government" by Alex Constantine, and read the chapter, "CIA Mind Control and the U.S. Postal Service". While there was no "mind-control" in my specific case (although there was an extensive amount of "psychological manipulation"), virtually everything else this author states in this chapter is reflected in my "journal of harassment". I am not a big believer in conspiracies and I, frankly, have my doubts about this mind control business, but this author is uncannily accurate in ALL of his other assertions.

The Harassment

I could go on and on; this abuse has gone on non-stop, ever since my fraud allegations back in early 1994, but now I will cut to those harassment activities of a more serious nature, that can only be characterized as criminal conduct. For this list you will definitely need to refer back to the chapter, "CIA Mind Control and the U.S. Postal Service" by Alex Constantine.

Criminal Harassment

When this harassment first started back in 94, the snitches at work kept asking me if I owned a computer. I always answered, "no, I'm an old-fashioned low-tech kind of guy". But I could not fathom why the postal inspectors wanted to know if I owned a computer. Why would my owning a computer be of interest to the postal inspectors? Of course, in hindsight, it makes perfect sense: the postal inspectors knew that this information concerning electronic weapons was on the Internet. If I owned a computer, I would have access to the Internet. Of course, with the advent of "web-tv", computer ownership is irrelavent. The book, "Virtual Government", is no myth: I am a living example that what this author is asserting is true.

If you are a postal worker, past or present, who has experienced any of the above, or if you know of a friend or relative who has made similar complaints about their empoyer, the postal service, or if you are an individual who has personal knowledge of any of the abuses described above, I would very much like to communicate with you by e-mail. If you have relavent information concerning these matters, you will certainly get a reply from me. But I should warn you that the inspection service is obstructing my e-mail communications: I have had this Internet terminal for a few months now and I have sent out e-mail messages to web-sites who have complaints similar to mine, with information that would be of much use to them, and I have requested a reply from them. On no occasion, have I ever recieved a response. They are obstructing my incoming my incoming phone calls as well, so that avenue of contacting me is also not possible.

Then I should forwarn you that the postal inspectors are the great "impostors" and disseminators of disinformation. If you should get a reply from me, it may in fact be them posing as me. If you recieve a reply from me, ask yourself these two questions: "Is the writing-style of this e-mail reply consistent with my own?" and, "Does the reply you recieve sound like something I would say, or is it intended to put you off?". In any event, it is a problem that neither the Internet provider, nor the phone company can remedy: it is an injustice that must stand unaddressed.

While they can stop you from contacting me, they can not stop you from communicating to others. If you have relavent information concerning this matter, I urge you to print this web-site, add to it, your own personal letter or papers, and then mail and FAX this information to the addresses listed:

While you can mail your letters if you must, I would strongly suggest that you FAX them, send them by UPS, or by Federal Express. In this way, the postal inspectors will be less capable of obstructing their delivery.

So let the word go out, that terrible injustices have been committed here. To those of you who care about our Constitution, and the civil liberties that are guaranteed us, therein, do whatever you can to help this cause, if you are able. I can not accept that this is an injustice for which there is no known remedy. Divided we can do nothing; United, we will surely prevail.

I wish you all courage and determination,

Ronald Roose