"Mind Control's" Portion of the OS/EH Crime

NEVER NEVER NEVER use this chart for FIRST
contact with the public! WAIT until and unless
the member of the public has expressed *genuine*
interest in learning more about OS/EH! Use of
"mind control" with uninformed non-targets can
and will destroy your credibilty!

Historically, because many targets of organized stalking and electronic harassment have reacted most strongly to that portion of the OS/EH crime which can be called "mind control," in the 1990s this crime acquired "mind control" as its semi-official name.

This historic name for the OS/EH crime is both confusing and discrediting when spoken or written to non-target members of the public. This is confirmed by actual face-to-face experience. It often produces the "you are a wacko" response from the public, and gives the listener or reader the excuse to ignore the message.

Because of the considerable amount of information about OS/EH on the web which uses the older "mind control" name, the diagram below has been created to assist new OS/EH targets, particularly those inclined to discuss this crime with non-targets, see that indeed there is some "mind control" activity involved, but "mind control" is only a portion of the full crime:

If the OS/EH crime is new to you, here are two easy introductions:

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