Book Review:
When Medicine Failed
by Janet Leih

Reviewed by Eleanor White

by Janet Leih
First edition
Copyright 1998
ISBN 1-877649-32-5
Library of Congress 98-090701

Paperback, 173 pages, indexed
PLUS, a copyright 2002 supplement, 16 pages

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR (from the back cover):

Like most young people her age, she was taught to respect authority and
never to challenge it.  But the events which she experienced led her
eventually to a conclusion she would rather have never come to:  Many
doctors are inferior for one reason or another, and lacking the financial
means to look for one with the knowledge necessary to help her, she had
to find her own treatments.  This is her story.



Janet Leih, the author of When Medicine Failed, is clearly a victim
of the harassment type we popularly call "mind control".  She has
experienced voice to skull from her pillow.  She has repeatedly had her
medical prescriptions tampered with many times:  When she starts a
prescription with one new pharmacy, the first fill is OK, but every
other refill has been tampered with and does not work.  This continues
until she has exhausted every single pharmacy in a given town or city.

But on top of this, she has had a very tough life with chronic medical
conditions, requiring lots of medical treatment.  When a mind control
target has multiple chronic conditions, she or he gets to see the side of
medicine hidden from much of the public.  Janet's story will reveal such
incredible incompetence that anyone who is not also a mind control target
will have extreme difficulty believing it.

Janet is an intelligent, persistent individual and has had to find her
own cures for her chronic conditions for decades.  If you also struggle
with the medical establishment, or are interested in learning many
naturopathic ways to fight some really nasty chronic conditions like
parasites, this low priced book will be a great addition to your library.

The book is also an amazing human interest story of how a mind control
target copes with a double barrelled problem: mind control, and medical

To give the reader of this review some idea of what Janet's battles have
been like, I have written some quotes below.  The "meat" of this book is
the many very detailed descriptions of Janet's illnesses, and her
experiments trying to cure what the doctors could not:

Pg 7:  [After surgery on her left foot] "I got dressed and went down to
the [hospital's] pharmacy with the prescription for the temporary supply
of pain killer.  I gave it to the pharmacist and sat down and waited for
it to be filled.  He came back and told me that he could not fill it.
Still woozy from the operation, I asked him why, and he said that he
just could not do it.  I went back up to the ward and told the nurse
what had happened.  She did not offer any help.  I was so weak and
disoriented that I just asked for a cab to be called, and had to stop
on the way home and get the larger prescription filled.

"I later complained about this to the doctor, but never received any
explanation.  I now believe that the pharmacist was an addict and took
the medication for himself, or he was selling extra drugs on the street
for ten or even a hundred times what he would get selling them to me.
He knew that I had recently had surgery, and that I wouldn't be able to
copy with a discrepancy like this."

Pg 11:  [Clear sign of being a mind control target]  "Sometime during
this period, I really don't recall even what year it was, I woke up
one night to see a beam of light coming up from under my covers in the
area of my left foot."  Pg 12:  "I recall clumsily crawling to the foot
of my bed, passing my fingers through the light over and over to see if
it went through my fingers as it appeared to go through the bed.  It

Pg 17:  [Another clear sign of being an MC target]  "We finally sold
some more land, but no more had the deal been made, I was informed that
I had to move because of highway improvements.  I was almost inconsolable
as my health had been better there than any place I had lived in my life,
and it seemed that this was why I was being forced to move."

** There is a LARGE section of 60 pages of letters of complaint written
by Janet to a wide variety of recipients.

Pg 79:  [On developing sinus problems in her late 50s]  "Once again he
[the doctor] seemed skeptical, but sent me home with samples.  I later
bought some more medicine at a different source, and it was, to my
amazement, just like the samples the doctor had given me, safety
sealed.  I realized that the safety seals on the prescriptions I had
been buying had apparently been removed."

Pg 84:  [About Janet's son's epilepsy]  "I have recently found out that
there is a treatment for epilepsy that actually cures it in young
children, and that it has been in existence for eighty years or so, but
nobody told me about it when my son was young and could possibly have
been cured (cure rate is very high, way over 50%, and it is the only cure
I have ever heard of.)  Nobody ever referred me for my back pain, nobody
ever referred me for my leg cramps, nobody ever referred me for my
menstrual problems.  I have to ask:  What in Hell is wrong with the
medical professionals?  I am totally convinced that there were and are
treatments for every one of thos problems, yet nobody ever referred me
for them.  I think this is inexcusable."

Pg 84:  [About doctors' failure to inform Janet of known cures]
"Obviously, cures were available, but I can't understand why I had to
find them out myself?  If a cure was available and a physician who claims
to know how to treat an illness does not help me find it, is this not a
case of malpractice?"

Pg 88:  "I am angry that I have spent so much time and money sitting in
doctors' offices without getting any effective treatment.  If they
weren't able to treat my problems, and they chose not to refer me, then
they were fraudulently taking my money.  Nobody has ever paid ME to do
nothing, and I don't think that doctors that are not able to treat
patients' problems should take their money, either."

Pg 96:  [About the Mayo Clinic]  "I think the thing that impressed me
most about the Mayo Clinic was that the doctors really listened to
everything I said.  There were no glazed eyes, no changed subjects, and
they never questioned a thing I said.  I told them the same things that
I had been telling doctors for years.  I was accustomed [to doctors]
telling me that what I said could not possibly be true, but that never
happened at the Mayo Clinic.

"Certainly, a patient deserves the right to say what they have
experienced without being criticized or being called a liar."

Pg 97:  [About the decades of problems Janet experienced trying to get
her descriptions of her symptoms just listened to by doctors]  "If
nothing else, a doctor at least owes a patient the right to tell him
the symptoms he or she actually had without any coaching.  I have
gotten the feeling that a medical professional wants me to tell them
something they are familiar with to save them the inconvenience of
learning something new.  If a patient wants to be healed, that is
impossible.  By giving false symptoms, there is no possibility that the
doctor will be able to cure their problems."

Pg 99:  [Janet's discovery of sinus parasites - one of the most serious
problems doctors will NOT treat]  "I noticed something on the [nasal]
tissue, and picked it up.  To my amazement there was a small pink worm,
around a quarter of an inch long, travelling around the white tissue."
[Turned out this sinus parasite was a beetle larva.]

[...] "But as careless as my housekeeping is, I've never seen a worm
in my house."  [Worms planted in sinus via MC perpetrator hyperspace?]

Pg 103:  [More sinus parasites discovered] "Then I sneezed in a tissue,
and when I opened the tissue up, I found a small fly, still unable to
fly, its wings still plastered to its body, and I realized that the
specks [on the tissue also] were fly larvae hatching out in my sinus."

"Worms and now flies.  My God, no wonder I had headaches."

"One morning when I irrigated my sinus, I found something that was very
strange.  It was triangular in shape, with rounded corners. ... An hour
or two later, ... I gain blew my nose on a paper towel, and an identical
triangle was blown out of my nose.  I tested it and it seemed spongy.

Pg 104:  [More on what she did with the triangles]  "I brought it into
the house and left it on the kitchen counter.  I went back outside and
did more chores for an hour or two, and when I came back in, the paper
towel was there but the triangle was not. (!)"

"The [triangular spongy object] in my [locked] office was still there,
and was subsequently sent to my doctor at the Mayo Clinic.  It was never
acknowledged nor explained."  [The Mayo Clinic, the best there is, would
not acknowledge, never mind explain, these anomalous triangular
'sponges'.  Janet concluded these were tiny surgical sponges.]

Pg 105:  [More anomalous objects from Janet's sinuses]  "I then found
two items which left me convinced of my own inability to cope.  The
first was a tiny stick maybe an eighth of an inch long with a cross
piece or disk on top in a tissue after I'd blown my nose on it.  It was
hardly as thick as a fine human hair. ... [half an hour later] examining
the tissue through my hobby light and magnifying glass, I found what
appeared to be a tiny maze about a half inch square.  It was composed
of some pale grey fuzzy looking substance ... "

Pg 108:  [More anomalous objects]  "But when I finally got it out after
irrigating one night, I was horrified at what I saw.  It was about half
an inch long, pure white, had crab-like appendages in front, the back
was convex, and covered with scales or tiles and pointed. ... I probably
had at least six of them in good enough shape to identify what they were."

Pg 111:  [After difficulty getting sinus parasites properly treated]
"It seems to me that rather than trying to cure my ailments, doctors are
trying to manage my death to their own financial benefit."

Pg 120:  [One of MANY health tips in the book]  "One, Magnesium Potassium
Asparate is very helpful in raising my energy level."

Pg 122:  [BEFORE he could treat Janet's sinus parasites]  "My doctor at
the Mayo Clinic no longer saw patients."  [Reminds me, Eleanor White,
of the mind-control friendly psychiatrist, mind control friendly lawyer,
and seniour editor of a Canadian national paper who 'no longer work in
their fields' after enthusiastically offering to help in the mind control
efforts to expose and stop.]

Pg 125-126:  [Janet describes worms in a stool sample, in which she
made SURE that one of the worms was in the sample vial sent for analysis.
In spite of that very obvious indicator, the lab report came back FREE
of worms!  The trip had cost her over $1,000.]

Pg 126:  [Janet describes another case of this]  "... and he said that
when he was a boy, he had found worms in his stools and had shown his
mother.  His mother took him to the doctor, and they had told him about
this.  The doctor said this was not possible, that the boy had no worms."

Pg 127:  [Janet includes an important health tip for others who may be
fighting off parasites]  "The book that contains the naturopathic cure
for parasites is The Cure For All Cancers by Hulda Regehr Clark."

Pg 145-161:  Proven helpful naturopathic recipes.

In Janet's Addendum, pages 133-143, Janet shows her excellent skill at
experimenting to find her sources of electronic harassment.  I have to
say that Janet's electronic harassment, according to this book, hasn't
progressed far enough for her to see that ultimately, the technology
operates at the ESP/remote viewing/paranormal level, and that it is
very clear to this "old hand" at being a mind control target that she
was in fact being decoyed to believe various forms of conventional
electromagnetic signals were responsible for her observations.

But I have to say, if I were the proprietor in any type of business,
the insights and determination this lady has used to survive into her
60s would make her my first choice for hiring.  If medical detective
work and naturopathic cures are your interest, I recommend this book
most heartily.


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