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Excerpts From an Article in Media Bypass Magazine

May 1998 Issue - Pages 24-29

By Gerald A. Carroll

SITE MAINTAINER'S NOTE: This article below is written for the Media Bypass magazine. However, the most significant source for this article is the book written by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeanne Manning, titled Angels Don't Play This HAARP.

"HAARP" or "High Altitude Atmospheric Research Project" refers to a U.S. Government research project in which a large array of radio transmitters located in Alaska is intended, at least on the surface, to study the effects of massive, focussed, and powerful radio signals on the upper atmosphere.

What makes this project of grave concern to the victims of electronic neuro-influence weapons is that the same equipment which can do "research" can also be used to carry out widespread interference with the human nervous system. It is the threat of misuse of this powerful research station which makes this a subject for this web site.

For readers not familiar with the term "ELF", that stands for the lowest range of frequencies for either radio or acoustic signals, and extends below the human hearing range. Decades of research, well documented, have shown that the human nervous system is sensitive to frequencies in the ELF range.

Eleanor White

Magazine Page 27 - Subtitle:  Utilization of ELF Waves

Begich, Dr. Richard Williams, and other noted researchers have
noted that HAARP's space-generated extremely low frequency (ELF)
waves, "reflecting" back down to earth from from the ionosphere,
can be utilized in many different ways, such as communicating
with submarines or creating harmful biological and mental effects
upon a specifically targetted population.

Recently, a Japanese cartoon show's special strobe-like effects
made scores of youngsters ill when they viewed the show on
Japanese television. [Name was "Pokemon". EW]

Similar ill effects can be induced with the proper application 
of ELF waves.

HAARP can also be utilized in a system of earth-penetrating
tomography, for locating hidden underground bunkers in enemy
territory or the buried arms, survival supplies, and valuable
coins buried by U.S. patriots and militias, Williams states.

The January 1996 edition of "Progressive" magazine reported that
a 1995 article titled "Non-Lethal Technology and Air Power",
appearing in the Air Command and Staff College's "Air Power
Journal" describes how so-called "non-lethal psychotronic and
electromagnetic weapons" will be used against civilians:

  "In the very near future, it will become clear that
  non-lethal methods have applicability crossing the
  entire spectrum of conflict, including crime and

  "In this research paper, the authors reveal for the
  first time, the U.S. military is developing high-
  powered microwave weapons for use against human beings",

something within the capabilities of HAARP's remote trans-
mitter in southeastern Alaska.

Such "microwave weapons are almost uniquely intrusive"
(especially when they are pulsed at ELF frequencies) the
article states.  "They do not simply attack a person's body,
they reach all the way into a person's mind... They are meant
to disorient or upset mental stability".

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