"Mind Drive" Thought Controlled Computer Games

The scanned page below is page 3 of the Winter 2000 Tools For Wellness catalogue. In case the image won't load for you, so I'll highlight some of the text here: This mind game uses differences in galvanic skin response of the fingers, not the head. This takes advantage of the fact that different thoughts cause differences in skin resistance. Before the reader is tempted to say "Aaaaah ... that's not mind reading", yes it IS mind reading, as while playing these games, your mind is controlling your finger skin resistance.

And do keep in mind that there are other measurable body parameters, such as thermal patterns of the face, and even the direct magnetic field patterns around the head which are in use at airports to pick up potential criminal intent. It is not necessary to directly read the brain via implants to do bona fide primitive thought reading.

Keep in mind also these other cases of mind reading:

With the information above in support, here is the image: