Book Review: My Life Changed Forever -
The Years I Have Lost as a Target of Organized Stalking
by Elizabeth Sullivan

Reviewed by Eleanor White
March 8, 2009

ISBN 0-7414-4920-X
Infinity Publishing
1094 New DeHaven Street, Suite 100
West Conshohocken, PA 19428-2713
First printing October 2008


Introduction ..............................................   1
Chapter One    1994-1997:  City A .........................  10
Chapter Two    1997-1999:  City B .........................  34
Chapter Three  Contacting the FBI in city B ...............  51
Chapter Four   1999-2003:  City C .........................  53
Chapter Five   The Discovery of Group Stalking ............  65
Chapter Six    Contacting the FBI in City C ...............  70
Chapter Seven  2003-2005:  City C .........................  71
Chapter Eight  2005-present:  City C ......................  91
Chapter Nine   Service People ............................. 122
Chapter Ten    Final Thoughts and Conclusions ............. 127
Appendix One   Web Sites .................................. 136
Appendix Two   The CATCH organization and site excerpts ... 137
Appendix Three Organized stalking FAQ (CATCH) ............. 146
Appendix Four  Quotes from David Lawson ................... 153

Overall, "My Life Changed Forever" is an exceptional testimonial by a married lady, a mother, who has been through the Hell of organized stalking since 1994. Overall, I am really impressed by Elizabeth Sullivan's obvious respect for terminology and content chosen for maximum clarity and credibility.

The fact that she chose the CATCH (Citizens Against Technological and Community-based Harassment) web site for her backup material in her appendices is also first rate. The CATCH web site is the only site as of the date of this review which has been reported as helping targets convince family and doctors of the reality of organized stalking. Normally, family and doctors, along with police, are nearly impossible to persuade.

At its price of around $12 US, I consider this book a bargain, and its clarity and matter-of-factness should be of considerable help in persuading any non-targets of the reality of organized stalking.

Let me explain that there are a some abbreviations that are commonly used among organized stalking targets and which I will use here:

OS: Organized stalking, sometimes called group stalking, "gang" stalking, "cause" stalking, "mobbing" (organized stalking in the workplace)

EH: Electronic harassment, occurs when organized stalkers use advanced technology to ensure organized stalking targets are harassed invasively, including through walls in their homes

PERP: Perpetrators of the organized stalking crimes; group stalkers

STREET THEATER: Annoying actions by people in the community making targets uncomfortable, late, and in a few cases actually endangering the target; these happen daily; typically based on "life's normal breaks" situations but with good observation, discernable as harassment and not just "bad luck"; objective to make target aware they are "being had" but not often seen as deliberate by bystanders

TI: Targeted individual, a target of organized stalking and/or electronic harassment; not used in this book but used among targets to describe themselves

Elizabeth Sullivan has focussed this book essentially on OS (organized stalking,) and this can be a good thing in terms of educating the unaware. Everyone has some idea what stalking is, and how nasty people can be in terms of harassing those they have a grudge against.

EH (electronic harassment) technology is not well known to many non- targets, and many targets don't have technology backgrounds. To bring EH into public education, particularly first contact public education, risks questionable, or outright nonsensical, statements being made. This can set back the cause of educating the public about organized stalking.

Many targets rank EH (electronic harassment) as the top priority, and I'm not disparaging their public education attempts which focus on EH, rather, I'm just expressing my opinion that a book like this one devoted to OS may well prove out to be the easiest way to introduce the basic crime of OS/EH to unaware non-targets. That's just my opinion based on 13 years of face to face activism.

Time will tell, and I'm really looking forward to hearing how well this book performs in the education and persuasion role.

Elizabeth Sullivan is a thorough investigator, and reports many incidents which are persuasive because of her ability to record careful observations. Elizabeth, I would imagine, is as close to being "the perpetrators' worst nightmare" as a target can be.

The perpetrators have presented Elizabeth with a long series of crimes or antagonistic actions which, when described well, actually provide her, and the rest of us, with top-notch testimonial form evidence.

Elizabeth's observation and communication abilities make it easy for a reader to discern the difference between random bad luck, and deliberately set-up harassment. And that is key to any testimonial's usefulness in educating the unaware.

For example, she reports on a home security alarm upgrading job she hired a local firm to perform. After some promising initial encounters with the alarm company, the very familiar "everything-that-could-go-wrong-did-go-wrong" experience took hold. (Ask any OS target.)

For starters, thirty-three appointments for which Elizabeth had to be at home were made and cancelled, often on the day of the appointment. Excuses, such as "problems with equipment," requiring the installation company to "do more testing on" before they could install. Elizabeth researched the excuses and eventually found them to be untrue.

The installer claimed he was "working with his boss" to resolve the problems.

Elizabeth took full advantage of the huge, 5-month history of this monstrous heap of lies and threatened a call to police. This actually brought a confession from the installer. The installer apologized for all the now-admitted lies, saying he got "involved with people he shouldn't have." The installer's boss reported to Elizabeth that the installer was fired.

Usually, targets get lies but not a statement that the perpetrator "got involved with people he shouldn't have." More such admissions should be helpful to us, as such statements take these harassment incidents out of the "ineptitude" category and point much more clearly to crime.

I have high praise for one place in the book where Elizabeth describes "loud banging noises" which seem to come from her TV set, typically when her husband is out of town. These noises occur just as she is falling asleep (very common) and can sometimes be used to jolt the target awake from being asleep.

We in the OS/EH target community do not know how these loud banging noises, which have been recorded, are accomplished. They are too frequent and too perfectly cued to our falling asleep to be random noises, and they are at least as loud as a cap gun going off.

Many targets will create a personal "mental model" how this is done, and tell the world, including non-targets, that their "mental model" is fact. Many "mental models" cannot happen as described based on physics as taught in school, because many targets don't have technology education and experience. This is not their fault, of course, but it can be problematic when personal theories are presented as fact to public officials, police, doctors, politicians and the like.

What's great about Elizabeth's book is that she is willing to say she doesn't know how something is done, instead of concocting a dubious "explanation." That is somewhat rare among targets, and it is very welcome that this intellectual honesty found it's way into a published book.

Another harassment incident described persuasively took place in a motor vehicle licence office. The waiting room was "stacked" with people who filled the chairs, but had no numbers from the take-a-number system. It's almost as if Elizabeth's perps wanted to give her clear cut incidents which are obvious harassment. And we who own the book benefit.

For non-targets reading this, "stacking" public service places, and especially stores, with large numbers of perpetrators is common.

How do I know that crowded stores are one of the perpetrator tactics?

I was having crowded store problems mid-morning and mid-afternoon, well outside rush hour, consistently. Way, way beyond random chance. I then created a colour poster, with a picture of two group stalkers and a link to my own organized stalking web site (, had it laminated and mounted it on my backpack. INSTANT cessation of ALL crowded store problems. I mean literally INSTANT. First day out with the poster.

Apparently, the perpetrators don't want their community-based harassers to look at our web sites, and learn the true scope of the crime they are involved with.

Both from comments occasionally heard by targets, and from the investigation by American private investigator David Lawson, many of the community level harassment perps are told vicious lies about the target. Because web sites about OS (organized stalking) reveal that such things are lies, it's understandable that the perpetrator supervisors would not want their local harassers to learn what they are actually involved in.

I could go on relating Elizabeth's testimonials, but there is no need - she does a beautiful job of coherently laying out evidence, and not concocting explanations and calling them fact.

I rate this book as a definite "BUY" for targets, and in fact, multiple copies may be helpful for targets to loan to family, friends, co-workers and officials who may be skeptical but open minded.

Well done, Elizabeth!

Eleanor White