Calls to NCVC Show Huge Scale of
Organized Stalking Crimes in the U.S.

October 30, 2009

Below is an affidavit of an organized (sometimes called "gang") stalking target who made a series of calls to the U.S. National Center for Victims of Crime (NCVC). The NCVC is a non-government organization which receives support and cooperation from the U.S. government in the area of services to victims of crime.

The NCVC maintains a stalking victim resource branch, to serve victims of stalking, and, to educate the public and other organizations about the crime of stalking.

For a couple of decades, targets have been repeatedly told that organized or group stalking doesn't happen. That may be changing a little, thanks to these statistics from the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom. The NCVC has been asked for help for targets of organized stalking and to date has not offered any.

A target, Keith, recently pressed NCVC staff for at least an estimate of the size of the organized (or as Keith called it, "gang") stalking calls NCVC receives. He made several calls, and here below is Keith's affidavit describing the responses of NCVC staff.

As to credibility, I don't know Keith well, but I do have his contact information and I know where I can access the original affidavit. I suggest that as a minimum, the sworn testimony of a target is as credible as the testimony of sworn witnesses in a court of law. Furthermore, from my almost 30 years as a target and almost 14 years as an activist, Keith's statement below sounds reasonable to me.

Here are redacted scans of the affidavit:

Bottom line: NCVC indicated to Keith by phone, but refused to commit in writing, that "gang" or "organized" or "group" stalking could well account for 10% of their calls, and that would indicate thousands of calls per month, as this is a large national organization.

For an online booklet about organized stalking, (which is often accompanied by electronic harassment,) see: