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Electronic Mind Weapon ARTICLE List

Updated: August 11, 2000

This fine list of electronic mind weapon related articles is courtesy Nancy Buss.

Newspaper & Magazine Articles on MC & NLW
(Users are asked to verify citations.)

Aftergood, Steven:  Secrecy and Government Bulletin, Issue 28, Nov.

Aftergood, Steven:  "The soft-kill fallacy,"  Bulletin of the
Atomic Scientists, pp. 40-45, Sept./Oct. 1994.

Alexander, John B.:  "The new mental battlefield:  Beam me up
Spock,"  Military Review (A US Army Journal)  pp. 47-54, Dec. 1980.

The Associated Press:  "Mind-altering microwaves:  Soviets studying
invisible ray,"  Los Angeles Herald Examiner,  Sec. A, p. ,  22
Nov. 1976. *

Bacon, S.:  "Now they're probing the hidden depths of your mind,"
Popular Mechanics, Vol. 136:  pp. 62-65, Aug. 1971.

Barry, John, and Morganthau, Thomas:  "Science of war:  Nonlethal
weapons,"  Newsweek, pp. 24-26, 7 Feb. 1994.

Bartch, Paul:  "Neurotransmission.,"  Resonance, No. 17:  pp. 8-10,
July 1990.

Bearden, Thomas:  "An approach to understanding psychotronics,"
DDC (AD-A027866) June 1976.

Beardsley, Tim:  "Making waves,"  Scientific American, Vol. 268 No.
2):  p. 32, Feb. 1993.

Beck, Robert C.:  "ELF:  Extremely low frequency fields:  They
affect us all in ways we may never consciously realize!"  Nexus,
Vol. 2 (No. 6):  pp. 11-15 & 66-67, Jan./Feb. 1992.

Beck, Robert C.:  "Extreme low frequency (ELF) magnetic fields and
EEG entrainment:  A psychotronic warfare possibility?"  Association
for Humanistic Psychology Newsletter, Apr. 1978  or  Biomedical
Research Associates, Los Angeles,  CA,  1978.

Besly, Kim:  "Electromagnetic pollution:  A little known health
hazard.  A new means of control,"  Preliminary Report, Greenham
Common Woman's Peace Camp, Inland House, Southbourne, Emsworth,
Hants, England , 1993.

"Biomedical Aspects of Nonionizing Radiation, Naval Weapons
Laboratory (NWL) Dahlgren,  VA,  Symposium, 10 July 1973.

Blackmon, Janet:  "Woman fears government zapping,"  Sun Journal,
New Bern,  NC,  28 Sept. 1992. (Mildred Cooper)

Boyce, Nell:  "Bioterrorism Special Report:  Nowhere to Hide,"  New
Scientist  Vol.  : pp  .,  Mar. 21, 1998.

Brodeur, Paul:  "A reporter at large:  Microwaves -I and -II,"  New
Yorker, 13, 27 Dec. 1976.

Budiansky, Stephen, and Good, Erica, E.:  "Orlikow v. US," US News
& World Report (Investigative Report) Vol. (No.):  p. 34, 24 Jan.

Burrell, Garland E., Jr.:  "Mental privacy:  An international
safeguard to governmental intrusion into the mental processes,"
California Western International Law Journal, Vol. 6:  pp, 110+,

Butler, Declan:  "Advances in neuroscience may threaten human
rights,"  Nature, Vol. 391 (Issue): p. 319, Jan. 1998.  *

Butterfield, Fox:  "$2.15 million for hidden weapon research,"  The
New York Times,  Seattle Post Intelligencer, Sec. A-3, Friday, 10
Mar. 1995.

Byrne, Harlan S.:  "California microwaves,"  Barrons, Vol. 72 (No.
13):  pp. 48-49, 30 Mar. 1992.

Cannon, Martin:  "Mind control and the American Government,"
Lobster, No. 23, 1993.

Caylor, Ron:  "Government working on machine that can read your
mind," The National Enquirer,  June 22, 1976.  (article created

Chernishev, I.:  "Can rulers make 'zombies' and control the world?"
Orienteer, pp. 58-62, Feb. 1997.

Collins, Larry:  "Mind Control," Playboy, January 1990.

Coupland,  Robin M.:  "Non-lethal weapons:  Precipitating a new
arms race?  Medicine must guard against its knowledge being used
for weapon development,"  British Medical Journal, Vol. 315: p. 72,
12 July 1997.

Crary, David:  "Soldiers recount most memorable Iraqi surrenders,"
Associated Press  The Daily Commercial, Mar. 1, 1991.

DeBoskey, Bruce H.:  "Nonionizing radiation:  Hidden hazards,"
Trial Magazine, Vol. 26, (No. 8):  pp. 32-36, Aug. 1990.

De Caro, Chuck:  "Washington:  The zap gap:  The Soviets may be
ahead of us in the development of radio-frequency weapons,"
Atlantic Monthly, pp. 24-28, March 1987.  *

DeLeno, Steven:  "Electronic Concentration Camp",

"Disabling people and electronics,"  Microwave News, Jan./Feb.
1996.  *

DoD, Intel agencies look at Russian mind control technology
claims,"  Defense Electronics, July 1993.

Dodgen, Larry:  Nonlethal weapons,"  US News & World Report, Vol.
(No.):  p. 5, Aug. 4, 1997.

Dornheim, M.A.:  "USAF studying brainwaves to increase crew
performances,"  Aviation Week and Space Technology, Vol. 20: pp.
18+, Feb. 1986.

Doswald-Beck, Louise and  Cauderay, Gerald C.:  "The development of
new antipersonnel weapons,"  International Review of the Red Cross,
Vol. 279 , 1 Nov. 1990.

Edwards, D.D.:  "Cells haywire in electromagnetic field?"  Science
News, Vol. 133:  pp. 216, 2 Apr. 1988. (work of W.R. Adey)

Edwards,  D. D.:  "ELF:  The current controversy,"  Science News,
Vol. 131:  pp. 107-109, 14 Feb. 1987.

"Electromagnetic fields:  New-wave coverage issues,"  Best's
Review, 1991.

Elliott, Dorinda, and Barry, John:  "A subliminal Dr. Strangelove.
Mind:  Using the power of hidden suggestions, this Russian
Scientist (Igor Smirnov) tries to rewire the brain,"  Newsweek, p.
57, 22 Aug. 1994.

"Emerging threat

"Expert meeting on certain weapon systems and on implementation
mechanisms in international law,"  Report of the International
Committee of the Red Cross, Geneva, Switzerland, May 30 - June 1,
1994 (issued July 1994).

"Final Report on Biotechnology Research Requirements for
Aeronautical Systems through the Year 2000,"  Vols. I and II,
Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio,  TX, 1982.

"From Russia with love.At Los Alamos?" Intelligence Report:  Parade
Special Supplement, 1993?

"German workshop on mechanisms of EMF interactions," Microwave
News, Nov./Dec. 1991.

Glenn, J.C.:  "Conscious technology:  The co-evolution of mind and
machine,"  Futurist,  Sept./Oct. 1989.

Herron, Robert (Maj.):  "Electronic Warfare:  New priority for next
generation fighters,"  Aerospace America, p. 64, 1984.

Hough, Warren:  "High tech civilian control studied:  Secret
Pentagon - DOJ Memo of Understanding, `Nonlethal' weapons under
development are being added to the government arsenal in its war
against its own citizens,"  The Spotlight, p.  , July 31, 1995.  *

Hutchison, Michael:  MegaBrain Report:  The  Psycho-technology

Keeler, Anna:  "Remote mind control technology," Full Disclosure,
Vol. 15: pp. 1-14, 1989.  Also published in Mike Coyle's MindNet
Journal, Vol. 1 (No. 23a: Part I & No. 23b: Part II); and in
Resonance, No. 23: Part I: pp. 3-14, Feb. 1993 & No. 24: Part II:
pp. 3-16, May 1992.  *

Kelly, Jack A. and Conway, Joseph:  "Nonlethal weapons:  Emerging
requirements for security strategy,"  Insitute for Foreign Policy
Analysis, May 1996.

Kempster, Norman:  "Sci-fi comes true:  Mind reading machine tells
secrets of the brain,"  Los Angeles Times,  Mar. 20, 1976.  *

Krawczyk, Glenn:  Nexus, Vol. 2 (No. 22);  pp., Oct./Nov. 1994.

Krawczyk, Glenn:  "Big brother's recipe for 'Revolution in Military
Affairs'", Nexus, pp. 31-36, June/July 1995.  *

Lopez, Ramon:  "Special operations survive Pentagon budget
constraints,"  International Defense Review, Vol. 26 (No. 3):  p.
247, 12 Dec. 1994.

MacGregor, R.J.:  "A brief survey of literature relating to
low-intensity microwaves on nervous function,"  RAND Report,
R-4397, June 1970.

MacGregor, R.J.:  "A direct mechanism for the direct influence of
microwave radiation on neuroelectric function,"  RAND Report
R-4397, June 1970.  ("The electrical component of microwave
radiation induces transmember potentials in nerve cells and thereby
disturbs nervous function and behavior.")

MacKenzie, Debora:  Bioterrorism Special Report:  Bioarmageddon,"
New Scientist, Vol.  Sept. 19, 1998.

Maddox, J., et al.:  "",  Nature, Vol. 334 (No. ):  287-, 1988.

Mann, Paul:  "Mass weapons threat deepens worldwide,"  Aviation
Week & Space Technology, Vo.. 144 (No. 25):  p. 58, 17 June 1996.

Manning, Jeane:  "Electronic telepathy devise"  (unnamed source,
from Angels Don't Play This HAARP)

Martin, Harry V., and Caul, David:  "Mind control,"  (A 13-part
series) The Napa Sentinel, Napa,  CA   1995.

Matthews, Owen:  Report:  "Soviets used top secret 'psychotronic'
weapons,"  Moscow Times, Sec. 750, 11 July 1995.

McAuliffe, Kathleen:  "The mind fields,"  Omni Magazine,  pp.
258-267, Feb. 1985.

McKinney, Julianne:  "Microwave harassment and mind control
experimentation,"  Unclassified, Vol. IV (No. 3) Parts I & II: 20
pgs., June/July 1992.  *

Merritt, J. H., et al.:  "Some biological effects of microwave
energy directed at the head,"  (Unpublished and unclassified
abstract circulated to conference participants.  Conference was
sponsored by the DoD Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis Center)
19??.  (See Steneck, Nicholas:  The Microwave Debate, p.)

Metz, Steven, and Keivit, James:  "The revolution in military
affairs and conflict short of war,"  Strategic Studies Institute
(SSI), US Army War College, US Government Printing Office (No.
1994-504-111/00089) July 25, 1994.  (references to mind

Michrowski, Andrew:  "Covert ELF warfare," Specula  (formerly pub.
as The Journal of the American Association of Metascience) p. 27,
Jan./Mar. 1980.

"Microwave measurements,"  Aviation Week and Space Technology, Vol.
144 (no. 18): p. 73, 29 Apr. 1996.

Microwave News, May/June 1988.

"Military on nonlethal weapons:  A very attractive option,"
Microwave News, Nov./Dec. 1993.

"The Mind Control Papers,"  Freedom News Journal, 1980.  (ISBN:

"Mind-reading computer," Futurist,  p. 49, May/June 1992.

Mintz, John:  "The secret's out:  Covert E-Systems, Inc. covets
commercial sales,"  The Washington Post, p. A-1, A-10, 24 Oct.

Mizrach, Steve:  "Electromagnetic effects on human behavior,"
MindNet Journal, Vol. 1 (No. 82) July 1996.  *

Mollick, Ethan:  "A gentler war:  The debate over non-lethal
weapons,"  Harvard International Review, Vol. 18 (No. 4): p.46,
Fall 1996.

Morrison, David C.:  "Sites unseen:  A sketch of the Pentagon's
secret 'black' bases used for stealth aircraft, special operations,
and electronic eavesdropping programs emerges from a National
Journal study," National Journal (Defense Report) pp. 1468-1472,
June 4, 1988.  *

Opall, Barbara:  "US experts:  Focus arms control goals,"  Defense
News, p. 6, 24-30 Nov. 1997.
Opall, Barbara:  "US explores mind control technology,"  Defense
News, pp. 4, 29, Jan. 11-17, 1993.  *

Opall, Barbara:  "US, Russia hope to safeguard mind-control
techniques,"  Defense News, p. 4, 11-17 Jan. 1993.

Page, J.:  "Tuning in on brainwaves,"  Science, Vol. 5:  pp. 88+,
Oct. 1984.

Pasternak, Douglas:  "Wonder weapons:  The Pentagon's quest for
nonlethal arms is amazing.  But is it smart?"  US News & World
Report (Special Report), Vol. 123 (No. 1):  pp. 38-46, July 7,
1997.  *

Pengelley, Rupert:  "Wanted:  A watch on non-lethal weapons,"
International Defense Review, Vol. 24 (No. 4): p. 1, 1 Apr. 1994.

"Perry plans to launch nonlethal warfare",  Defense News, Sept.
19-25, 1994.

Persinger, Michael A.:  "On the possibility of directly accessing
every human brain by electromagnetic induction of fundamental
algorithms,"  MindNet Journal, Vol. 1 (No. 65) June 1995.

Pool, Robert:  "Electromagnetic fields:  The biological evidence,"
Science, Vol. 249:  pp. 1378-1381, 21 Sept. 1990.

Posner, Michael I.:  "Seeing the mind,"  Science, Vol. 262:  pp.
673-674, 29 Oct. 1993.

Possony, Stefan:  "Scientific advances hold dramatic prospects for
phy-strat,"  Defense and Foreign Affairs, Vol. 34, July 1983.

Ray, J.:  "The body magnetic,"  Buzzworm, Vol. 4: p. 22, Sept./Oct.

Ricks, Thomas E.:  "Nonlethal arms:  New class of weapons could
incapacitate foe yet limit casualties,"  The Wall Street Journal,
pp. A1 & A4, Jan. 4, 1993.  *

Rosenberg, Barbara Hatch:  "Non-lethal weapons may violate
treaties," The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists,  pp. 44 - 45,
Sept. - Oct. 1994.  (Note:  Rosenberg gives the full name of this
treaty as "Convention on prohibition or Restriction of the Use of
Certain Conventional Weapons which may be deemed to be Excessively
Injurious or to have  Indiscriminate Effects.")

Schmitt, Eric:  "Zany new weapons for US team in Somalia,"
International Herald Tribune, 16 Feb. 1995.

Schmitz, Tom:  "California's Livermore weighs plan to use Russian
technology,"  The Journal of  Commerce, April 8, 1993.  *

Selden, Gary:  "Machines that read minds,"  Science Digest,  Oct.

Sharp, Joseph C. et al.:  "Generation of acoustic signals by pulsed
microwave energy," IEEE Transactions on  Microwave Theory and
Techniques,  May 1974.

Shorto, Russell:  "Armageddon:  Killing them softly," Gentlemen's
Quarterly,  March 1995.  *
"Still under wraps" Aviation Week and Space Technology, pp. 35+,
June 7, 1993.

Sweetman, Sherri:  Report on the Attorney General's Conference on
Less than Lethal Weapons, US Dept.    of Justice, National
Institute of Justice, March 1987.

Thomas Timothy:  "The mind has no firewall,"  Parameters:  US Army
War College Quarterly, Vol. 28 (No. 1):  pp. 84-92, Spring 1998.  *

Tigner, Brooks:  "NATO panel to consider nonlethal weapon
guidelines,"  Defense News, p. 14, 29 Sept. 1997.

Tigner, Brooks:  "Europeans protest US ionospheric research,"
Defense News, p. 3, 16-22 Feb. 1998.

Tyler:  IN:  Dean, David J. (ed.):  Low-intensity Conflict and
Modern Technology, Air University Press, USAF, Center for Aerospace
Doctrine, Research, and Education,  Maxwell AFB, AL,  June 1986.  *

"US Nullifies Nuremberg Law,"  Earth Island Journal, p. 18, Winter
1996-97.  *

Victorian, Armen:  "The military use of electromagnetic, microwave,
and mind control technology,"  Lobster,  No. 34: pp 2-7, Winter
1998.  (Also published in Resonance, No., Apr. 1998)

Victorian, Armen:  "Mind reading computer,"  Time Magazine,  1 July

Victorian, Armen:  "Neural manipulation by remote radar,"
Resonance, No. 30:  pp. 25-28, March 1996.  (Also published in
Lobster No. 30)  *

Victorian, Armen:  "Psychic warfare and nonlethal weapons"

Walker, Martin:  "Dark dreamer of Star Wars,"  5 May 1995.

Wall, Judy:  "Electromagnetic weapons,"  Resonance, No. 29: pp
27-33,  May 1995.  *

Wall, Judy:  "Military use of mind control weapons,"  Nexus,  pp.
11 - 16, Oct. - Nov.  1998.  (Unedited     version originally
published in Resonance, No. 33,  April 1998.  *

Wall, Judy:  "Synthetic telemetry," Resonance No. 29:  pp. 17 - 26,
May 1995.  *

Weiner, Malcolm H., Chairman:  "Nonlethal technologies:  Military
options and implications", Report of an independent task force
sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations released June 22,

Wright, Steve:  "An appraisal of technologies for political
control,"  European Parliament Scientific and Technological Options
Assessment (STOA) Luxembourg, European Parliament, 6 Jan. 1998.

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