Case Summary: Pat Jackson

January 18, 2008

My name is Pat Jackson. I used to be in law enforcement in the
Vilas County Sheriff's Office in WI. A copy of my ID is shown
above so that you know I'm legit.

I was harassed then railroaded from the department in 2000 when
I was pegged as a potential whistleblower and the BOYZ (as I
call them) discovered I worked as a professional psychic and
was very good at it.

When filing a formal complaint of harassment with the head of
the County Personnel Committee, I was told nothing would be done
to stop the railroading and was threatened that I best leave the
county. I refused to do this, saying I'd take my case all the
way to the Supreme Court if need be.

Immediately after that meeting, I was slipped what I believe was
meant to be a lethal dose of GHB in what I believe was an
attempt to kill me.  I claim that I was also covertly injected
with a biowarfare agent while still with the department.

Others sympathetic to me also ended up being diagnosed with
infectious diseases, all around the same time.

I left the Sheriff's Dept. in 2002.  My terminally ill husband
and I were already being group stalked and apparently tortured
with bio-electromagnetic weaponry by then.

The harassment escalated upon my leaving the department. I was
deliberately left ill from the "biowarfare agent" for nearly 7
years and when I became suspicious the physicians "treating" me
were acting in collusion with the Sheriff's Dept. in what I
believe were attempts on my life.

I also believe a second attempt was made on my life.  I believe
a third was made when I told these doctors I was fully aware
they were acting in collusion with the Sheriff's Dept.

These same doctors also denied my diabetic husband insulin for
years, telling him his diabetes was "cured". His cancer has gone
totally untreated as has his congestive heart failure for the
most part.  He's dying.

The last time he was in the emergency room, I attempted to
report to one of the ER physicians we were being tortured with
this electronic weaponry.  The doctor's response was to laugh,
and say "Well I guess someone is getting rich!" and walked away.

A doctor whom I believe had been involved in a conspiracy
against me showed up in the ER, apparently to make sure I didn't
talk to anyone else about being tortured.

I'm now disabled as a result, my heart being so damaged that
according to the last doctor I could afford to see, it's like an
80 year old's heart.  I lost my gallbladder, probably due to
this torture, after being, deliberately I believe, left with an
infected gallbladder for 6 years.  My doctor reported the
toxicity level in my body was "off the charts".  I was repeatedly
denied referral to a thoracic surgeon for excruciating rib cage
pain around my heart. I believe the doctors knew the burning and
nerve damage from this torture would be discovered.

My appeal for Social Security disability was denied and my
hearing now appears to have been "swept under the carpet".

I have been subjected to every tactic used in organized stalking,
including my dogs being killed.  I held one of them in my arms
all night, helplessly watching him suffocate to death. We've been
financially destroyed and are now facing losing our home.

In addition to the torture with electromagnetic weaponry I
learned via someone claiming to be an ex-CIA agent that synthetic
telepathy had also been attempted on me using a very high level
"CIA trigger."

Like all victims, I have been portrayed to everyone as being
"insane" in order to discredit me when I speak out.

Myself and another informant the Sheriff's Dept. had recruited
as one of their "drug mules" went to the media to try to expose
what was going on.  Naturally, they refused to expose it or even
investigate our claims - despite knowing attempts were being
made on our lives! As did every govt. agency I reported it to,
right up to the U.S. Atty. General's Office.

An FBI agent told me when I reported it (and I quote) "Well
stuff like this happens all the time. I suggest you just get on
with your life and forget about it."

A federal undercover investigation was begun into the Sheriff's
Dept. where I worked in October, 2003. It was quietly dropped.
When another kid died in the custody of that Sheriff's Dept.-
again, the investigation was quietly dropped and hushed up -
despite my writing to the investigating agency that I suspected
the kid had been murdered.  So people just continue to die up

I'm told the latest plot the Sheriff's Dept. is hatching is to
frame me for crimes they themselves committed in order to
illegally imprison me.

Is law enforcement aware of this and even actively
participating?  YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT THEY ARE!  Are all law
enforcement officers corrupt and participating?  No.  But the
good officers like myself are railroaded out of our jobs for
refusing to "play the game", leaving corrupt officers in the

The organized stalking is the least of it.  These corrupt cops
are also engaged in drug trafficking, child pornography, child
prostitution and yes, even murder of those who "know too much".

You have my permission to print this on your website, including
my name and photo.  Only if I'm "public" and high profile enough
will I have any chance of not being falsely imprisoned or
murdered like so many others have been.

Pat Jackson
Vilas County, WI