Local Perpetrator Groups

January 22, 2005

"Local perpetrator groups" are those groups which carry out the day to day targetting of mind control victims. This page is to present information which we have been able to learn during this several decades long program of covert harassment of innocent people. It is hoped these insights may help mind control victims in their local fight against around the clock, covert harassment.

Important: See also this book review of Terrorist Stalking in America, which solidly backs up the insights reported on this page.

One reason given...

...by a church group known to the remote viewer whose testimony is the first section below. That church group feels perfectly justified in keeping a neighbour under surveillance and performing repeated harassment because "...we believe we are angels kept behind to straighten people out so they can come to the Lord."

This can start out innocently, but some people embellish their role in volunteer groups beyond the mandate, spurred on by malicious lies about the person being targetted.

I. Local Perp Groups Exposed
by Victim, by way of Remote Viewing

Here below are comments from an anonymous victim who is an accomplished remote viewer and hypnotherapist, outlining the SUCCESSFUL battle to expose and largely stop the 'mind control' torment. The information is from that victim, and I have edited it only to make for smoother reading:

My remote viewing abilities definitely did make a difference. Bottom line, these groups usually thought they were 'rehabilitating' me, believing I was some sort of criminal, welfare cheater, drug addict, or of a similar past.

My own 'mind control' harassment was done by:

I saw by way of RV where each of the people fit into the puzzle, and how they were separated, but none of that did that much good. I wrote to each of the different groups, at the headquarters, and told them that someone who had their icons (or other revealing identifiable things) was going aroud doing what ever that group was doing and that if it were thieves who were giving their group a bad name I thought they needed to be aware of them.

If the harassment was part of their group, they needed to be more aware lest the entire group get the wrong kind of name, sued or prosecuted. These things caused each of the different groups to cut short their activity. I really don't know anyone else who is being targeted the way I was. These people (who were victimizing me) were identifiable to me, because of either knowing them before, and recognizing them at the time, or because I got to know them, and who they were associated with. That is just the way I do things, uncover any linking evidence, then go for the upper echelon of that club, church, whatever, and inform them of what is going on. Each of these people whom I contacted did not help me, nor admit it could possibly be any member of their groups. However, one by one THE HARASSMENT SLOWED DOWN.

Then the final big deal was with the sheriff, when harassment from that source stopped. Now it is just some people who are jerks, with individual tricks, nothing like it was before.

There are certain ways I said things that instead of sounding like it was a complaint against them, was rather a word of help. I made it sound as though I thought highly of the group in general, and thought there may have been someone (or group) who was trying to make it look as though they were from that group, or it is a deviant group within, that they may not have been aware of. It let them off the hook, making them less defensive toward me.

I never gave out the names, license numbers, or anything to anyone except the sheriff, and I still kept some of the information to myself.

I never mentioned suing, except saying so out loud in my car where I know they were listening, (although they may not be now) becasue I had proof positve and I knew it could not be construed as a threat because it was said out loud only, even if they were making recordings. I carefully explained I was a public speaker and was practicing my skills there in my car with the windows up. My attorney daughter has mentioned that to say you will sue someone is a personal threat, and is construed against you, if you say it, you either go to an attorney or you don't, you never threaten with it.

However, I did mention that I did have the licenses, makes, models, street names, dates and times of occurances to each of the people I contacted. I also mentioned that I had contacted authorites already with the all information, so that it could be correlated later if need be. [Meaning the local sheriff.]

When I was certain of the identity of some people from church, due to knowing them within the church I had formerly belonged, then I went quite specific (but still not the licenses or that info), because I knew the Church would only deal with them internally (The [deleted on request] keeps it's business to itself), and becasue of their high percentages of Intell workers, within the church. I also included people that I had found by way of remote viewing (but did not say how I had made the correlations) who had set up meetings where there were perps, and who were in on it, but playing out their friendships for it. The fact that they had played the part of a harasser, I had not understood until remote viewing revealed their involvement, then I was able to trace back their involvements and things they had said that I had missed when the harassment was happening.

I also sent the names of the perpetrators to [deleted on request], (both becasue of his name popping up at the scenes of crimes, and becasue of the personal involvements) each person with their official position, and what they had done, including that it had been done in public and was provable. I did as I had to the Church because [deleted on request] also [deleted on request], and I figured he would either not tell outside officials, would tell the church officials, or quite possibly do some remote viewing of his own, but with a very different vantage point. I figured if he told the church officials it would get the same information working up and down, simultaneously. To him I included the anomalies of his system of remote vewing and the corruptability I had found in their system, that photos could be used that set numbered sites set up to see something that was not what they were really looking for. I did this because I had a laundry basket of photos missing, after a break in. I assured each that "Even the elect can be decieved, and that evil can come cloaked in light".

I also included with the church and [deleted on request] that this had happened right after being the most seriously ill with cancer (which I had had for years), and that it had degraded my heath further. I mentioned this because I thougth it might explain to them some things they might be percieving as wrong behavior, when in fact it was not.

Several gourps asked for further information, (licenses, etc.) but I said I could not give it to them until the official authorities had finished thier investigations.

I did not include what exotic items that had been used on me, except that I had experienced pain in the night starting on a particular date, only in my own home, and the degree (on scale of 1 to 10 that it had been at 100, and that my own former 10 had been either root canals done on infected teeth without any novacaine, analgesic, or laughing gas, or my cancer in it's later stages).

I never got a single word back from the church or from [deleted on request]. But debate was not what I was after. I figured it this way. If their people were not involved, the people I contacted would either ignore my information, or they woud investigate on their own, and that would take the pressure off me if they did.

The firemen's association, whom I contacted in [deleted on request], did return my letter with a follow up phone interview. There had been 'fireman association sticker hats' on each of the cars in fornt and back of me, during several months of stalking and reckless endangerments. That changed to cars with no license plates (new cars) and no identifiable stickers, after I spoke of the stalking at the stores where other forms of both stalking and harrassment had been happened. In the phone interview with the firemen's association locally, I could tell other's were listening in the office, (there was noise of muffled speaking in the background) dispite his saying he was alone in his office for confidentiality, which he offered, i had not asked.

You have to be very careful what you imply when informing a group about illegal activities involving their logo or stickers. My statements to the firemen's association were that some group, using their stickers, were doing it, I was merely warning them that either the firemen's kids, someone who had stolen stickers, or their vehicles, was perptrating the crimes against me, and that they sould be aware of it.

It all was really much more complex than outlined here, but I figured no one was going to do anything, so I would, a great defense is a good offense. I kept track of everything, and so it panned out. I only used the remote viewing to see though my own lack of certainty, and to link people together, and to see inside homes where during meditations, I followed (something) backwards to those homes, from things that seemed to be hitting my home.

I also mentioned to [deleted on request] and the Chruch, as well as, the sheriff I knew, about the sabatages that had accumulated, and the disabilities and discriminations done to me in school, in public, during class, and the life threat by the teacher,"... if I told (those things)...", and that all this harassment had started a couple of weeks after that threat by the teacher.