Message to Mind Control Perpetrators

This message is directed to all perpetrators who tune in to this web site.

Anonymous questionnaire for you...

It is our belief, as your victims, that like all operations which use the methods of the intelligence services, your organization is extremely "compartmentalized". That means that every member of your group is given only enough information to get his or her job done and nothing more. "Need to know" is the term for this principle.

Furthermore, our limited candid face to face or voice contacts with your members suggest that you are probably given enticements to enter this organization, and are told lies about us to make it easier for you to participate in harassing us. I personally know of at least one lie circulated in an apartment building I have lived in about me.

You may also be told you are aiding a "police investigation" or some similar tale to make you feel your surveillance and harassment work is for the common good.

I'd like to tell you all that we targets see the picture from a vantage point you cannot: We see you come and go, year in and year out. Some of us have seen you come and go for thirty or forty years.

The picture is not always pretty. We have seen perpetrators who today may believe they are "on top of the heap" and do their harassment and surveillance with great gusto. However, in some cases, we see those same perpetrators in terrible shape, destitute, and obviously no longer being taken care of by the organization bosses. You are not allowed to see this, but we are and have.

Another situation we have observed are perpetrators, apparently no longer of use, or who have misbehaved in some way, who are now being targetted with the same mind/pain weapons we are. After all, a perpetrator knows too much, and to avoid explaining a lot of bodies, it's much easier to make them into victims so they will be thoroughly discredited too. That way, once a perp has outlived his/her usefulness as a torturer, that former perp now provides additional experimental data to the big bosses as a guinea pig.

Consider other organized crime members. Are they allowed to retire peacefully? Or do they "know too much"? What happens when a change in management decides they are "no longer of use to the organization"? Will they be given a generous severance package and wished well?

From the very practical standpoint of self interest, we urge you to ask yourselves these questions.

We know that once a guy has, say, "made his bones" in a crime syndicate, he is subject to much more severe penalties for screwing up or becoming "no longer of use". We recommend that if you are not very far into this covert "mind control" organization, you consider getting out while you can without severe consequences.

Finally, although Christianity is probably foreign to you, as a Christian I willingly and regularly pray for all of you. I pray that God will allow a pinhole into your dark shells so that you can see His unspeakable glory, and eventually be inspired to face skyward, open your arms, and simply say "Father, I have sinned. I beg you to forgive me."

The miracle of Christianity is that you will be forgiven.

And if you do this early in your careers, you may even be allowed to live a life among the rest of the community with little or no consequence.

As you go about your daily routine, or relax at home, please think about YOURSELF, and YOUR FUTURE, especially in the NEXT LIFE, and what sort of NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES nasty people have, and what is said here, once in a while.

Eleanor White