Eleanor White's

"Audio Tone Trigger"

Hypnotic Programming

November 21, 2000

MKULTRA, starting in the 1950s, never stopped. The 1977 U.S. Senate Hearings did not result in ANY charges against the institutional kidnap atrocities committed between the 50s and late 70s. One of the main goals of MKULTRA was to create programmed "assassins" whose programming will "self-destruct" after the event. The term for this is "hypnotic trigger implantation." (Not to be confused with electronic device implantation.)

One type of "trigger" or "cue" was audible tones. This note relates Eleanor White's own years-long tone trigger programming.

My mind control activity made a major shift from just sleep deprivation
and street theater around 1992, when I took a new job in Hamilton,
Ontario.  In 1993, I began to get daily doses of voice to skull, but
instead of voices, the menu consisted of fake alarm clocks, fake phone
call ringing, fake knocking, and wolf whistling.

At the same time, I began to get regular doses of silent "electronic
caffeine", during which I was forced from half-sleep (never genuine
sleep) to "bolt upright wide awake".  Silent.

In 1996, these electronic caffeine jolts began to be preceeded by loud
single tones of various frequencies, some morse-code like, others with
a warble, sometimes one of several variations of a wolf whistle, and
even some artificially loud hinge squeakings coming through a solid
concrete wall at impossibly high volume levels.

From 1996 to the present, this careful administration of a tone at the
exact same time as administration of electronic caffeine has continued,
but at a steady decline in loudness.  The object seems to be:

- to install a Pavlovian trigger such that the tone itself is all
  that is needed to bring on an artificial caffeine effect

- to program down to an almost imperceptibly soft loudness level
  while retaining full effect

- to program a wide set of tone styles, each one doing the
  same job

Now, an observer might say to themselves "So?  Who cares if you carry
a trigger around like that?  Doesn't do any real harm."

To understand the REAL threat from multiple tone programming, consider
a contact list, either on cards or on a PC.  To make recall quick and
efficient, someone might compose a short "key" to each contact address.

Suppose for example, the key and record for my address is:

Eleanor White

The key "EWHITE" would be written onto the corner of a file of 3 x 5
cards, or, would be typed into a search program to bring up my address.

By analogy, then, each of the many tones that produce electronic caffeine
effect in me, are KEYS.  The record associated with each key, right now,
is always the same:  Instant wakefulness.

What is happening now is that these differnt keys are constantly cycling,
over and over, to maintain them all as active and effective.

But now, suppose it came time when the perps decided I was to assassinate
someone.  These active keys and records are firmly established.  I'm
proposing that the real purpose of such programming is that the KEYS will
stay the same, but the information in the records is to be eventually 
REPLACED with some sort of other purpose, like assassination.

The firmly established and maintained-for-years triggers would then become

Additionally, the MKULTRA perps who have been interviewed over the years
have claimed that their programming is PASSWORDED.  In other words, 
another hypnotist could not (a) find out what trigger contains and (b) 
could not change it.

For this reason, I recommend that those of us receiving repetitive tone
(or other type) of programming take it very seriously, and be vigilant
for changes in our behaviour on hearing whatever the key tones or words

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