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UNIDIR categorizes mind control as a new weapon of mass destruction and is studying this issue, nuclear disarmament and only 14 other categories of weapons.

Allegations of illegal experiments by governments in highly classified mind control weapons programs is a legitimate and serious disarmament issue.

by Cheryl Welsh, Director, Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse, Cahra.

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July, 2002

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Mind control weapons are a serious enough threat to be included along side nuclear, biological and chemical weapons in a pamphlet by the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR). The 2002 Media Guide to Disarmament in Geneva was compiled to help the Geneva-based international media bring disarmament issues "to the attention of the wider world". For full Media Guide see


Cahra is listed on page 25.

Mind control weapons are called information and psychotronic weapons in the Russia and China and fall under the category of nonlethal weapons in the 2002 Disarmament Guide. Cahra, Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse is one of six listed Non-lethal Weapons experts which includes Human Rights Watch, International Committee of the Red Cross and University of Bradford Department of Peace Studies.

The Media Guide includes a nonlethal weapons "links" section to the Center for Defense Information, the University of Bradford, Non-lethal Weapons Research Project and to the article "Non-lethal Weapons- A Global Issue" by Cheryl Welsh. The Welsh article discusses numerous comments and warnings by international experts and public figures about mind control weapons. The paper explicitly mentions alleged illegal government experiments and classified nonlethal weapons which target the brain and nervous system, or as it is popularly known by the emotionally charged term "mind control". The 2002 UNIDIR citation of Cahra and the article means that allegations of illegal experiments by governments in highly classified mind control weapons programs is a legitimate and serious disarmament issue.

Information available on mind control weapons in mainstream press

Mainstream media presents mind control weapons to the general public as a future possibility and science fiction. For example, "Neuroscience", a May 2002 article in The Economist stated "They [people] should worry about brain science too". There are no laws or treaties or public discussion of neurotechnology as there has been for genetics and cloning. But like so many articles on advances in brain science, the article avoids alarming the reader. The Economist article ends, "...to those who fear that neurotechnology is a hair's breadth from catapulting society into a post-human future... There is a great deal of searching to do yet before human nature gives up its secrets."

A 1997 US News article reported, "In fact, the military routinely has approached the national Institutes of Health for research information. "DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has come to us every few years to see if there are ways to incapacitate the central nervous system remotely," Dr. F. Terry Hambrecht, head of the Neural Prosthesis Program at NIH, told U.S. News. "But nothing has ever come of it," he said, "That is too science fiction and far-fetched."

With deeper investigation, a more serious story emerges that is long overdue and should be mainstream public knowledge; the allegations of human rights abuses involving mind control weapons developed mainly by the U.S. and Russian governments. A 1997 US News and World Report article on Wonder Weapons, stated: "And for a good 40 years the U.S. military has quietly been pursuing [nonlethal electromagnetic] weapons of this sort. "Much of this work is still secret," [stated] Louis Slesin, a trade publisher for the electromagnetic industry.

The 1990 International Review of the Red Cross reported, "In spite of the rarity of publications on this subject, and the fact that it is usually strictly classified information, research undertaken in this field seems to have demonstrated that very small amounts of electromagnetic radiation could appreciably alter the functions of living cells. The article further stated, "Some research seem to have confirmed that low-level electromagnetic fields, modulated to be similar to normal brainwaves, could seriously affect brain function." The article continues, "Research work in this field has been carried out in almost all industrialized countries, and especially by the great powers, with a view to using these phenomena for anti-materiel or anti-personnel purposes."

Since the 1950s, the stereotypical experiment victim who claimed government mind control, wore an aluminum foil beanie to ward off radiowaves. The allegations sound crazy and have been dismissed as paranoid without further investigation. Similarly, victims of radiation experiments were dismissed as "the Crazies" according to a New York Times Magazine article. Illegal U.S. government radiation experiments were conducted in the 1940s through 1970s as a result of the military's development of the atomic bomb. Eileen Welsome, a newspaper reporter investigated and when Secretary of Energy Hazel O'Leary subsequently declassified government documents, the evidence was conclusive. Illegal US government radiation experiments became headline news in 1993.

To this day, there are no government documents, no witnesses, no legal, medical or scientific proof tying the current victim allegations of government mind control experiments to illegal government programs conducted at this time. The allegations are usually described as `bizarre' by the media. But now, for the first time ever, mind control weapons and the issue of illegal government experiments are included in the UNIDIR's 2002 Media Guide under the category of nonlethal weapons.

The more serious underlying story is the UNIDIR categorizing mind control as a new weapon of mass destruction. The military's position that mind control is science fiction serves their need to keep mind control weapons classified. The long overdue story that the public needs to know is this. For the first time, the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research is studying this issue, as it does nuclear disarmament and only 14 other categories of weapons.

The facts about mind control weapons

Here is a summary of the nonlethal weapons issue and the article, "Nonlethal Weapons-A Global Issue" cited by the UNIDIR 2002 Media Guide. The numerous footnotes and citations have been left out. The full article is at


Electromagnetic radiation weapons work on the theory that the mind and nervous system uses electromagnetic signals and signals from outside sources can mimic, block or alter the mind and body's own electromagnetic signals. A 1997 US News and World Report article explained. "That's because the human body is essentially an electrochemical system, and devices that disrupt the electrical impulses of the nervous system can affect behavior and body functions. But these programs-particularly those involving antipersonnel research-are so well guarded that details are scarce." "People [in the military] go silent on this issue," says Slesin, [a trade publisher of Microwave News for the electromagnetic industry] "more than any other issue. People just do not want to talk about this."

The 1997 US News Wonder Weapons article continued, "Scientists, aided by government research on the 'bioeffects' of beamed energy, are searching the electromagnetic and sonic spectrums for wavelengths that can affect human behavior." A 1993 Defense News article entitled U.S. Explores Russian Mind-Control Technology described "acoustic psycho-correction, the capability to control minds and alter behavior of civilians and soldiers..." It uses "transmission of specific commands via static or white noise bands into the human subconscious..."

The article further stated that U.S. and Russian sources were planning "...discussions aimed at creating a framework for bringing the issue under bilateral or multilateral controls". A Defense Electronics article discussed concerns that with the breakup of the Soviet Union, mind control weapons, like atomic weapons in Russia would get into the hands of terrorists and criminals and therefore international agreements were needed. Overall, there has been scant public input because international negotiations and weapons development are classified.

Electromagnetic weapons are as important as the atomic bomb, according to many experts. Gorbachev was quoted by the BBC in 1986; "new non-nuclear weapons [such as] ...radio wave, infrasonic... which, in terms of their destructive potential, could be no less dangerous than already existing weapons of mass destruction." Dr. Stefan Possony, called "the intellectual father of 'Star Wars' and "one of the most influential civilian strategic planners in the Pentagon" in a 1995 Guardian obituary, wrote about "messaging directly into a target mind with low frequency waves". A Harvard biological/chemical warfare specialist, Matthew S. Meselson warned: "We're going to learn how to manipulate every life process, genetic ones, mental ones, the emotional ones..." Dr. Robin Coupland, International Committee of the Red Cross, warned of nonlethal weapons which cause "psychosis, epilepsy and blindness".

For the last fifty years, neither the US or Russia has admitted to having electromagnetic weapons or mind control. Electromagnetic weapons have been described as scientifically possible or the weapons are about to be developed or the weapons are classified. Tass, 1994 reported that "Russia's Federal Counterintelligence Service emphasized that there is no psychotronic weapons on the territory of Russia, and never has been." On CNN, 1985, the Pentagon has stated that "Radiofrequency weapons are too sensitive to discuss."

Human rights groups work to ban mind control weapons

Human rights groups, including Cahra, primarily in Russia, Europe and the US continue to research and call for an international ban on mind control weapons just as blinding lasers have been banned before they were used in battle. A UN official contacted by Cahra in July 2002 stated in an email:

"We're well aware that the body of international law dealing with arms is extraordinarily incomplete: there are gaping holes in it where there really are no concrete, binding multilateral legal norms covering specific types of weaponry (including even such basic weapons like missiles and heavy conventional weapons). Non-lethal weapons is another area where there's a tension between inadequately developed law and rapid technological advances. We're aware of the need to develop new law --"

Cahra has worked with the human rights expert, Dr. Rosalie Bertell, who documented the zapping of Greenham Commons nuclear protestors with nonlethal weapons and who worked on Chernobyl for the UN, endorsed Cahra's work and consulted with Cahra on starting an epidemiological study of victim allegations throughout the world.

Last year, University of California students under a professor in the University of California, Davis Russian Department translated part of a russian book for Cahra. The 1999 book 'Psychotronic Weapons and the Security of Russia', was written by a russian duma expert, V.N. Lopatin who for 10 years worked to pass legislation in Russia to ban "mind control" weapons. Lopatin described russian mind control weapons, recommended international laws needed to control them and the human rights groups alleging mind control experiments in Russia. This issue is further discussed in several russian newspaper articles and books currently being translated by Cahra. Lopatin has stated that the US won't cooperate on any mind control treaties or agreements. He has met Dick Cheney and today is a Russian ambassador to Japan.

A fifty year classified cold war arms race

Cahra has found proof of a classified arms race between the former Soviet Union and the U.S. What little is known is a fascinating cold war story. For the last fifty years, Russia and the East Block's position was that electromagnetic radiation (emr) biological effects could be used to develop new weapons of mass destruction. These biological effects were also called athermal or nonthermal effects of emr because they are in contrast to the thermal effects of emr, such as caused by heating food in a microwave oven. For the last fifty years, the U.S. position was that there were no U.S. research programs or weapons based on biological or nonthermal emr effects. At the same time, the U.S. conducted classified mind control weapons research based on the athermal or biological effects of emr.

The Russian literature going back to the 1930s supported a theory of nonthermal or biological effects of emr. The UN Committee on Disarmament discussed russian proposals to ban "new types of weapons of mass destruction." One weapon described by the Soviet government in 1979 was, "Infrasonic 'acoustic radiation weapons. They would utilize harmful effects of infrasonic oscillations on biocurrents of the brain and nervous system;"

In sharp contrast, the U.S. military, industry and government scientists publicly supported the position of Dr. Herman P. Schwan, a Nazi paperclip scientist who established the safety limits of electromagnetic radiation exposure for the United States in the 1950s. Dr. Schwan's position; that there are no proven athermal or biological effects of electromagnetic radiation is still largely in place today. Professor Schwan worked at the University of Pennsylvania on numerous government contracts and received Navy and National Institute of Health, NIH funding throughout his entire career.

With the breakup of the Soviet Union, the Pentagon publicly unveiled the nonlethal weapons program which had been classified since the 1960s, including weapons based on athermal or biological emr effects. Publicly, the fifty year U.S. policy of "no proven athermal emr effects" took a 180 degree turn and in the process revealed a classified electromagnetic weapons arms race.

The public denial of athermal effects of emr by U.S. government scientists was a cover story for a long-term, very classified emr weapons program. This East/West scientific controversy has ended with the cold war. While the U.S.S.R. was right in it's public discussions of biological effects of emr and its application to new weapons development, the U.S. won the fifty year electromagnetic arms race.

Implications, obstacles and recommendations

A more thorough investigation of the cold war story behind nonlethal weapons is long overdue. The Economist article on the ethics of brain science is typical of what the public has been told, a superficial survey of an issue that completely ignores military research. The public can trust the 2002 UNIDIR research on nonlethal weapons and information available since the end of the cold war. The public has been able to trust UNIDIR disarmament research, for example on nuclear weapons, for years and the conclusion that mind control will never again be science fiction is a fact that the public can now accept. The military's position that mind control weapons are still science fiction is an obsolete cover story for a highly classified arms race to develop weapons more powerful than the atomic bomb, according to human rights experts and scientists. The UNIDIR endorsement of mind control weapons under the category of nonlethal weapons lends tremendous credibility to the fact that mind control is a new weapon of mass destruction.

U.S. scientists are on the record for lying about emr biological effects for national security purposes. The fifty year East/West scientific controversy ended with a 1997 US News article quoting the military's search of the electromagnetic and sonic spectrum for weapons which affect human behavior. In contrast, while some victims in aluminum foil beanies may be mentally ill, it is quite plausible that many have been telling the truth. Given this cold war history, the victim claims of government mind control should be seriously investigated.

Given the history of radiation experiments and classified emr research, the lack of solid proof of illegal mind control experiments is not surprising. If true, Russia and the U.S. are guilty of torture worse than the atrocities exposed in the Nuremberg trials, worse because most victims claim continuous experimentation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for years on end. It become clear why obtaining an investigation has been a fifty year uphill battle. The UNIDIR endorsement is a major breakthrough.

Cahra recommends that the evidence required for reporting illegal government experimentation and human rights complaints needs revising, given the advanced science involved in new hi tech weapons. Evidence to prove victimization is beyond the reach of ordinary citizens. Changing the current ineffective human experimentation laws and regulations with special emphasis on the problem of national security is essential. A serious investigation of the thousands of international human rights complaints of mind control experiments is long overdue.

You be the judge: mental illness or mind control?

Here is just one example of the human side of this issue. A 1988 Los Angeles Times article described Rex Niles, an FBI informant who reported kickbacks by defense contractors. "His aluminum foil hat has tiny holes in it," says Niles, proof that the government is bombarding him with microwaves in an attempt to kill him." "They were aggravating my conscious as well as my subconscious mind," he stated. He reported noise campaigns to cause stress and circling helicopters. Witnesses documented the harassment and the high microwave levels. Niles, a formerly successful defense contractor, after FBI informant role ended, faced retaliation and was labeled mentally ill in the newspaper.

About the author.

Cheryl Welsh is attending Lincoln Law School in Sacramento, CA. and is taking a year off to work on other nonlegal areas of this issue.

A note to victims.

Here are a few short opinions on my approach to stop illegal experiments. It is not going to stop unless we make them stop. Eileen Welsome, author of Plutonium Files stated that, given human nature, there will be another classified illegal experiment program that will be exposed in another fifty years. ( From July 18, 2002 "History Undercover" "Declassified: Human Experimentation".) There are no laws or mechanisms in place to prevent classified experiments like the radiation tests from happening again. The program also discussed a court case against the government and the government's use of the discretionary immunity doctrine as a defense to the claims of illegal experiments. An old rule, the discretionary immunity doctrine grants immunity for a public official's acts which require the exercise of judgment in carrying out official duties such as planning and policy making. It is based on public policy considerations which are judged to be more important than the rights of the injured litigant. The History Undercover program called the government's discretionary immunity doctrine outdated.

My own pro se court case was dismissed as frivolous because I could not show the existence of mind control weapons to the level that the court requires by law. Government or corporate statements that mind control weapons are classified is not enough. Therefore I had no possible legal way to prove my case in court and it was dismissed on that basis. Since then I have been looking for a different approach.

Working within the democratic system is the only viable option that I have found. When writing to congressman, reporters or officials, make specific statements and requests. Bring the Welsome book to appointments and quote her well-documented information. Ask for an official statement of support of laws against mind control weapons or a GAO investigation or a congressional report on this issue. Ask about the Rep. Degette bill, the Human Research Subject Protections Act of 2002 which does not address penalties for illegal experiments. Request government documents that are your right to have access to. Write freedom of information act requests. There is no doubt a paper trail of mind control experiments to be found. Check out investigative journalism tactics on websites such as www.ire.org. These are just a few suggestions that Cahra plans to continue working on. Victims have enough information for an investigation even without solid evidence.

With the UNIDIR endorsement, mind control victims can never again be dismissed as mentally ill for claiming illegal government experiments. John Ginter, today in his 60s, claimed 1967 prison mind control experiments and with only a high school education, wrote in his 1960s court case that San Quentin's chief psychiatrist, Dr. Schmitt's described the device as a M.I.N.D. or magnetic integrated neuron duplicator. Ginter wasn't sure he would ever see this breakthrough after living 35 years with a mentally ill label.

The biggest lesson is having to do it yourself; attempt to stop illegal experiments because democracy does not work in this situation, a direct result of national security law. Being targeted and not able to hire a private investigator, an attorney, go to a doctor and have this solved and over with is not fair. I hope for a better future than radiation victims have found. A future with new laws, an exposure of human rights abuses by the U.S. and Russian governments and corporations, legal remedies and redress comparable to the atrocities committed, jail terms for the guilty, is possible given a long fight with much planning, alot of caring and hardworking people and much luck. That is the best case scenario and also applies to an international approach. I have much more to figure out. But for now I am enjoying the UNIDIR endorsement and breakthrough, when I expected only that mind control weapons would thwart any substantial progress.

Finally, I am including Cahra's position below because there are extensive discussions on mind control technology, for example, whether psychic phenomena has been decoded and used by the government, similarities of mind control cases to ufo cases and how to delineate whether a person is mentally ill or targeted with mind control. In addition, a fairly good number of victims experience phenomena, like:

Therefore, Cahra endorses the following position.

Cahra's position on the technology causing victim's symptoms.

Very sophisticated, classified electronic warfare and psychological operations intelligence weapons technology can target every nerve of the body with scientific precision. New scientific advances unknown to the public most surely are involved. Any countermeasures or attempts to document the effects by targeted victims would have the best chance of success by world class professionals, especially with military electronic signals intelligence. Given national security, this is extremely difficult to do. Please note that ufos, psychic phenomena and mental illness are the major cover stories used in the illegal testing and use of these weapons. Therefore Cahra has no position on psychic phenomena, ufo theories or mental illness because it is impossible to prove scientifically and detracts from the goals of Cahra.

Cahra welcomes your ideas and opinions.

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