Possible Perp Recruiting Pep Talk

by Eleanor White

Below is an entirely speculative "pep talk" as might be given to new mind control perpetrator recruits at their first meeting. (Street/ neighbourhood level perps have been observed to meet often, in houses near victim houses. Personally, I feel that the practice of meeting in view of a victim is to increase the victim's feeling of hopelessness and being very alone and outnumbered.)

The purpose of writing this "pep talk" is to provide the interested reader, including members of the public and journalists, with one victim's impression of the overall motive for this programme of in-home torture. While MKULTRA's motive was to find better espionage methods, the current programme seems to have a very different purpose: The total control of the world's population.

Although this is speculation, it is specuation based on 21 years of my own experience, and many more years of experiences reported by the several hundred victims world wide who take the trouble to correspond. Being backed up by a huge amount of first-hand observations and literature research, this "pep talk" is far more than a simple "conspiracy theory".

Perp recruiter to group of new recruits:

Good morning. As we all know, our world has been in a constant state of turmoil, war, famine and crime throughout recorded history. Mankind has lacked the will and the means to break out of this vicious, endless cycle of misery and destruction.

Well, I have wonderful news. A group of dedicated men of vision and means have been working quietly to solve these problems once and for all over the past half century. The means are now in place. The general public does not know this yet.

This group of dedicated men have formed what is to be called "The New World Order". The NWO is now in the process of implementing the most radical change to the way we human beings govern ourselves in all of history. The New World Order will succeed not only by use of advanced and still secret technology, but by the dedication and hard work of people who are willing to help rid the world of age-old problems.

This may surprise you, but the New World Order, a one world secret government, has held the real power for the past half century. The U.S., Canadian, and all other governments are simply figureheads which deal with the least important details of their respective citizens. No bill of law passes in any country unless it has New World Order approval. The next and final step is to train those people in every country who will bring the New World Order into public view.

Millions of people have been quietly evaluated for years, to find those with proper motivation and values to make the New World Order a workable and publicly known reality. YOU, in this room, have been selected because the NWO leaders and staff know you are capable. You are to be congratulated for earning this opportunity of a lifetime.

A major barrier to the final, public ascent to full power are those people who cannot understand the need for certain changes to make the New World Order work to the greater good. These people are all around you. They include:

The New World Order has also been monitoring these people for years, and we know who they are, where they live, and about their often criminal past. In order to clear the way for the New World Order to come into full and public power, these undesirables require "neutralization" so that as the NWO becomes more public, the undesirables will not be able to interfere with the process.

The New World Order is a humane government, and we do not simply murder undesirables. New technology and methods mean that is no longer necessary. Instead we apply pressure to them, both through technology, and through the work of our agents, so the targetted people don't have the strength or the means to cause trouble.

Here are some of the ways we humanely neutralize people who threaten the New World Order:

This may sound harsh, but the targetted people are not actually harmed, just prevented from causing trouble as the New World Order ascends to power.

Now, it is YOU FOLKS who will be carrying on this neutralization work. This is a great privilege. If you carry on this work faithfully and well, we can promise you that when the New World Order's presence is made public, the leaders which will replace the elected officials will be chosen from your ranks. You have every right to be PROUD of serving the one world government, and we are proud to have you aboard!

Now, if you will come into my office next door when I call your name, I will introduce you to your on-site supervisors and we will give you your first assignment, and schedule of payment for your services.