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Background information:

Emilia Cherkova was featured in an article mentioning Lopatin also. The article is The Moscow Times, July 11, 1995 by Owen Matthews. Here is the relevant excerpt:

"...'Ecology and Living Environment' an environmental and civil liberties group which claims a membership of 500 people in Moscow... Emilia Cherkova, an ex-member of Zelenograd's local council... Lopatin calls for legislation, which would "bring Russia into line with Bulgaria, the only other country to outlaw such equipment specifically."

Another article, Delovoi mir, "Business News", 2 15 92, "...Emilia Chirkova, a Deputy of the Zelenograd Sviet and member of the Human Rights Commission."

Another article from "Zelenogradskaya Gazeta", 1991, ".... is E. C. Chirkova, the national deputy of the city council of the city of Zelenograd, the member of the Commission on Human Rights."

Emilia Cherkova was also mentioned in the second book being translated by Cahra, "Psychotronic War from Myth to Facts" by Igor Vinokurov and Gorgij Gurtovoj, Moscow, 1993.

Here is the December 2001 letter of Appeal from Emilia Cherkova and her Russian human rights group. Translation by Ramon Ruelas.

On the activity of the public organization "Moscow Committee for the Ecology of Dwellings": against psycho-physical (psychotronic) violence against the population



The Moscow Committee for Ecological Dwellings: against psychotronic violence (Russian Federation) appeals to the World Community with a request for the conducting of an international investigation into the genocide of the people of Russia, into the facts about the large-scale application of psychotronic (psycho-physical) weapons against citizens of the Russian Federation. Our organization was created in the year 1990 for the purpose of attracting the attention of the general public and that of the government toward the problem of psychotronic terrorism and for assisting citizens in protecting their legitimate rights and freedoms -in particular, the right to reside in safety in ones own dwelling. The Committee is registered with the Management of the Justice of Moscow 15.08.1994. registration No. 3383. From the data cited in scientific publications, from the mass media and from the numerous complaints by citizens in various instances, it is known that psychotronic weapons are used for the conducting of bio-medical cybernetic experiments, for the control and management, and for the zombification of citizens of the Russian Federation, as well as for military and for repressive purposes. For the improvement of these types of weapons, any category of the population could be secretly chosen as victims, including younger people, children and pregnant women, and there are eliminated by these types of weapons also: scientists, writers, artists, composers, progressive figures --the very color of the nation. The socially active citizens who are exposing the application of psychotronic weapons as a new type of weapon of mass [destruction], are being subjected to particularly severe terrorism. The complete absence of any control of the development and the illegal distribution of these weapons, allow for the structures owning them to apply the entire arsenal of psycho-technological devices, methods and apparatuses for the psycho-physical manipulation of humans, their behavior, their consciousness, their gene-pools --on any person from the President on down to the ordinary citizen. Psychotronic terrorism has transformed the apartments of Russians into torture chambers. For the amplification (strengthening) of the effects of psychotronic influences, with the application of electromagnetic (in these cases, laser, CVCh., MICROWAVE, x-ray), torsional, leptonic, gravitational, as well as acoustic, infra-sonic and ultra-sonic effects, psychotropic and narcotic preparations, gases and various chemical substances and others, are also used. At the same time, methods of retaliatory psychiatry are used against persons who are trying to stop the violence and who turn, therefore, to law enforcement agencies In connection with the lack of protection in Russia of citizens on the part of the state, on a given command victims are exposed not only to physical terrorism, but also to moral, economic and genetic terrorism, since the effects of psychotronic method destroy the gene-pool of the people and leads to a total degradation [of it]. Numerous appeals during the course of the last 9 years by the Moscow Committee for Ecological Dwelling to all governmental levels, to the President, to the Administration, to the Governmental Duma, with the demand for an investigation into the available facts on mass experiments -including international -on the citizens of Russia, a genocide of people, and also for the demand to a stop the psychotronic terrorism and to forbid the further development and manufacturing of psychotronic weapons through the establishment of rigid controls on the part of the public and the government regarding scientific activites in this area, -- did not produce any results. Therefore, we are compelled to address the World Community regarding the above stated problem, as similar crimes (mass terrorism, the genocide of a nation) are subject to the jurisdiction of an International Tribunal.

Chairman, MKEZh
Chirkov E.S.
Vice-chairman, MKEZh
Petukhov A.JA.

Moscow committee of ecology of dwelling (MKEZh.): Against psychotronic violence asks for the rendering of financial help for the purchase of office equipment and for the publication of documentary and informational-analytical materials. Last Hero

From:             Eleanor White
Date sent:        Sun, 18 Nov 2001 18:45:58 +0000
Subject:          Additional Russian translation from Mojimir

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From:          Mojmir Babacek
Subject:       russian disclosures
Date:          Sat, 17 Nov 2001 21:00:14 +0100

Those are the excerpts from the first chapter of the book of the
Russian politician, V.N. Lopatin, head of the parliamentary comission
on information, who, last year, presented to the Russian State Duma
the draft of the law on informational and psychological security of
Russia. The draft calculated with possible mind control attack at the
population of Russia by the potential enemy. It is not yet clear
whether the law has been discussed or voted on in the Russian State
Duma. The co- author of the book is the scientist, V.D. Tsygankov,
specialized in the construction of neurocomputers.

"Theoretical works appeared, confirming the reality of
PSI-phenomena, the existence of so called torsion component in the
right  part of of the gravitational equation by A. Einstein (19), and
the construction of technical models of the torsion fields radiation
generators is reported in some works (20, 2). All such publications
and communications talk  about the possibility to use the presented
PSI-phenomena with the intent to attack as well as with the intent of
the perfection of the defense of the government  and its means of
armament. . The following PSI phenomena of human being and animals are
the object of the study: 

    x  prediction of future  
    x  secret reading of the present and past time 
    x  hypnotical effects and zombieng 
    x  search and finding of indicated lost objects

The basic problems of the construction and areas of the use of
psychotronic weapon result from those:

    x  construction and use of military PSI generators
    x  collecting of inteligence (PSI-detectors)
    x  construction and use of battlefield PSI generators
    x  construction and use of TSULIPs  -  centers for control of people
       and apparatus  -  basic system of  communication: 
       networks of telephone, radio and television broadcasting; system of
       torsion communication and radiation, i.e. networks of PSI effects.
    x  construction of bioautomats-robots

Building of  models and analogs of PSI-abilities and phenomena - the
task whic is nowadays in the order of the day.

PSI weapon this is the "ray weapon"  (powerfull generators, radiating
pencils of rays, serving as a striking factor) and ENERGO-
IN A SPECIAL WAY (coherently), of known as well as unknown
physical nature.
To make the reader understand everything what will follow we will give
some definitions and a short survey  of the PSW problem.

The first level - this is the psychological problem. I would call it
a MACRO-problem. This is the problem of the control of the state of
the consciousness of human being and society and, consequently,
depending from the consciousness - of the   psychology of the
behavior of human being as a person, group, socium.  This is the
problem of the use of internal biological mechanisms and laws
controling such or other psychological condition or behavior.

With respect to numerous manifestations of anomalous, unusual (for
the classical psychology) or parapsychological phenomena as is the
case of clairvoyance, extrasensory perception, telekinesis, phenomenal
memory and out of the ordinary calculating abilities (the experiments
by Messing, Kuna, Gorin) and other mysterious qualities of the
psyche, the new direction of scientific research and technical design
(construction of technical means of registration, measurement and
influencing of the brain) came into being  called PARAPSYCHOLOGY. ..

The second level - MICRO-problem. The designation of  this problem
as a PSI problem is derived from the use of  mathematical apparatus,
methods and means of measurement of the QUANTUM MECHANICS
(QM) for the research on AP (anomalous phenomena) of the psyche. 

The fundamental wave equation of QM, the equation by Schrodinger,
contains the mathematical symbol of the greek letter PSI defining
the wave function which describes the undulatory behavior of
quantum mechanical object (ensemble). It is believed that the
processes and the mechanisms of consciousness (thinking), the
processes of subconsciousness  (under the threshold processes),
i.e. all psychic processes in the brain, are governed by
quantum-mechanical laws.  Aside from that a much more sophisticated
scientific discipline came into being - scientific and technical
PSI-quantum mechanical discipline of the research and control of
the mechanisms and laws of thinking and psyche at the MICRO-level -
the level of elementary particles and physical vacuum (19).

So the two apparently opposed worlds or levels, MACRO world and 
MICRO world, enter  the worlds of thinking, consciousness and psyche. 

The ways and methods of their research and the control of their
intimate mechanisms merged into a single, more sophisticated problem,
the problem of identification  and control of the condition of
consciousness and psyche. .. . The theory of physical vacuum by G.I.
Shipov (19) unites the general theory of relativity by A. Einstein
and quantum mechanics by Heisenberg, Schrodinger, Dirac and offers
to the designers and researchers the key to the construction of the
power means which could act upon the topology and structure of the
space-time. The possibility emerges to build unusually powerfull and
effective means of coherent radiation and destruction of targets and
as well of high-manoevrable and economic flying apparatus (FA) and
aero-cosmic complexes (of the type of flying saucers . (23), see
appendix 1 as well). .. As a result of the solution of the PSI
problem numerous means usable with mercenary objectives as means of
violence, attack, subjugation and blackmail have been produced and
their production continues intensively.

1.2  Psychotronic Weapon and Psychotronic War

Definition 1. Psychotronic weapon (PSW) - any means of intensive
effect upon the brain of a single human being or mass of people, upon
the flora and fauna, upon plants, animals, upon the environment
(liquid and gaseous)..with the objective of the disturbance of their
normal condition and functioning 

Definition 2. Psychotronic war - the mass use of PSW aginst the 
state or its part. .. We will begin by presenting one of the possible
classification of PSW: 

1. According to their use: strategic, tactical,individual (personal) 

2. According to the strategy and tactics of the use: 
   offensive, defensive 

3. According to the scale of the destructive effect: 
   mass destruction, highly targeted local effect 

4. According to energetical factor: 
   - subliminal, extrasensory, subliminal (unenergetical) 
   - weak electromagnetic biofields and other radiations ... 
   - superstrong coherent power-energy fields and radiations, 
     producing catastrophic perturbations of ecological scale 
   - topological means, deforming structure and characteristics 
     of the space-time 

5. According to the target in the living object: 
   - sensory, extrasensory influences at the system of perception 
   - psychokinestetical 
   - motorinfluences at motions and displacemnent (output)
   - extrasensory effects at the processes of decision making, 
     at the personal "I" (central) 

6. According to the duration of the effect: 
   - short time, reversible 
   - longtime effects 
   - irreversible, pathological effects, defeating the psyche 

7. According to the outcome of the effect
   - non lethal
   - lethal (with lethal outcome)

8. According to the controlability

   - controllable by an inductor or generator with the 
     use of commands
   - uncontrollable, of a single effect

9. According to the distance of the effect

   - local, near effect (radius up to 1 km)
   - medium distance (until 10.000 km)
   - superdistance, global, all-earth scale

10. According to the speed of propagation

   - slow, lowspeed (of the type of epidemics, panics)
     fast of the speed of electromagnetic
   - immediate effects

The Research Abroad

Government structures, organizations and companies 
preoccupied with the PSI problem in the USA (28):

   x  The Department of Defense of the USA
   x  Office of Intelligence at the Department of Defense of the USA
   x  DARPA agency at the Department of Defense of the USA
   x  Airforce, Navy and land forces of the army of the USA
   x  The Center of Military Research (Redstone)
   x  Research and Science Institute of behavioral and social 
      sciences of land forces of the USA
   x  American Association for the Development of Science
   x  The company RAND
   x  The company Westinghouse
   x  The company  General Electric
   x  The company Bell Telephone Company
   x  Stanford Science Research Institute and many tens of other

The following countries carry out research in this area: USA, Great
Brittain, France, Germany, Japan, China, Vietnam, Izrael, Italy,
Hungary, Roumania, Bulgary, Russia, Ukraine (more than 30 countries in
the world).

Five basic directions of military research in the area of
bioenergoinformatics and PSI phenomena can be defined:

1) Works on methods of premeditated influence at psychical activity
of human being (29)

2) Fundamental theoretical and experimental research studying the
clairvoyance and telekinesis in military applications (gathering of
intelligence and sabotage activity) (29)

3) Study of the influence of bioradiation on military and commercial
control and communication systems, on military electronic apparatus,
work on bioenergetic generators capable to influence the staff of
armies. (30)

4) Work on systems capable to detect and control (systems of
monitoring) artificial and factual dangerous bioradiations and methods
of active and passive defense against them. (103,104).

Work on measuring devices and metrological services and  methods of
evaluation of such phenomena and effects. Modeling of PSI effects and
biocommunication. (28) Construction, on the line of aerospace
agencies and NASA in the USA, of power systems destinated for military
defense of the type of newer effective lethal apparatus (LA), making
use of the possibility of the transformation of topology of the
space-time and the control of gravitation. (23)

Aside of that the evaluations of the strategic potential of the
probable enemy possessing the PSW are taking place. The higher
effectivity of the PSW, in comparison with the thermonuclear weapon
has been proved already. The evaluation of the probability of the
"psychic invasion" from the part of states - potential enemies is
taking place. ... Let us tak, a look at a small part of the numerous
works carried out abroad in the area of psychotronics: ... x Expansion
of the bulk of  the works in the area of  parapsychology and
bioenergetics in the USA. 

Today more than 150 organizations work on this subject. After the
succesfull experiments with deciphering of photographs by
extrasensors (28), the U.S. Congres evaluated them as serious for the
security of the country and the research  was placed under the
National Information Security law. The military experts analyzing the
potential of the research in parapsychology in the USA admitted still
in the 80's, that the PSI phenomenon - this is a reality and it can
be used for the construction of principally new methods of warfare,
not inferior to thermonuclear warfare, i.e. for the development of
strategic forms of armament. In the USA the devices and methods were
created capable to introduce into the subconsciousness of a man the
information needed to make the man execute the orders which were
introduced there. Those are new man-and-computer complexes and their
objective is the control of the intellect. The concentration of great
doses of psychic energy of the determined spectrum acts destructively
on the brain. (28) x

Construction  of special biofield generators, headed by professor V.
Peschke and research of their influence at the change of character of
the personality of a human being (Stuttgart, Germany) x The use of
quantum mechanics laws for the explanation of the experimental work
in psychotronics (dr. Puharich, collaborator of NASA) x  Research on
bioenergetics and telepathical transmission of information, with the
budget of 6 million dollars (Pentagon, D.o.D., USA). The work was
placed under the National Security Information law. ... On the Works in
Russia  and the   Union of Independent States .. Targets for  the PSW
means To understand more profoundly the PSW problem we will select
FOUR essential "TARGETS" - the locations or areas of application and
influence of PSW means: 

1. GENETICAL APPARATUS of cells (chromosomes, mitochondria,
mollecules of DNA and RNA) 

2. LIQUID CRYSTAL MEDIUM of the cell, intercellular liquids, liquids
of organism surrounding environment (aquaducts, liquid food products)

3. BRAIN (centers regulating the state of consciousness and functions
of "subconscious") and by its mediation other organs, cells and

4. Biological and psychical fields surrounding living organisms and 
plants Every "target" has got its specific affectable parts with their 
qualitative and quantitative indices and markings on the part of the 
means of PSW and as well there is  general,  universal (unspecific) 
location of ifluence of the PSW for any type of "target".

If I find a publisher for the translation of the whole book, I will
translate it and send it to whoever of you who asks for it for free.

          Mojmir Babacek
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From:          Mojmir Babacek
Subject:       This may be a real breakthrough!!!
Date:          Sat, 1 Dec 2001 18:45:05 +0100

On September 9, 2000 the Russian State Duma passed the law "The
Doctrine of Informational Security  of the Russian Federation"

The title of the Lopatin's draft of the law was "On
Information-PSYCHOLOGICAL Security of the Russian Federation"
Unfortunately I can not pay for Internet services and the laws are
not for free. Could anyone find, by means of Search: state duma. When
I use this search, at about the third place appears the access to the
Russian legislation, you click on that and then appears the Russian
webpage in Russian, in the right upper corner there is written "eng"
if you click on that the English search appears. If you are lucky,
please e-mail me a copy of the law. Bellow you will find the
translation of the  part of the book, by the author of the draft of
the law concerning the declassification of mind control technology.

             Mojmir Babacek

(By V. Lopatin and V. Cygankov)



Page 96 and 97

Any party is obliged to oppose adequate means of power to the means of power
pressure illustrated above.
Such a power for our country, in the area of PSW (psychotronic weapon), in
my opinion, will be STATE
DEFENSE INITIATIVE which should translate

- into  GLASNOST, OPENNESS, disclosing of full INFORMATION and 
  KNOWLEDGE to each interested citizen of our country.

- Into formation of POWERFULL PUBLIC OPINION concerning 
  ban of such works and DESTRUCTION of the SAMPLES
  and . of  PSW

- Into an open work on the CONSTRUCTION  of the MEANS of 
  DEFENSE against the effects of PSW under the full and most 

- Into an immediate signature of an international agreement on the
  organization of collective work of INSPECTION of research 
  establishments and state territories where the PSI research is 
  carried out.

- Into establishement of collective interstat, international SCIENCE
  CENTERS . for coordination of projects and programs for the 
  solution of complications of the global formate of PSI-problem.

Based on the ideas presented above we will formulate proposals on the
conception of PSI-armament:

        6.3 The Conception of PSI Armament
          Fundamental principles

  REAL FACT as well as their not only at place, local influence 
  and importance, but as well the global noospherical influence 
  on all the mankind.

2) To admit the REAL FEASIBILITY of   informational, 
  PSYCHOTRONIC war (as a matter of fact it is already 
  taking place without declaration of war, secretly) and the
  FEASIBILITY of the use of violence by
  means of THE USE of PSW.

7)    DECLASSIFICATION of all the works on PSI problem. 
  The arms race is speeding up as a consequence of classification. 
  Secrecy - this is in the first place the way to secure cruel control 
  over the people. the way how to curtail their creativity, turn 
  them into biorobots.


From:             Mojmir Babacek
Subject:          Russian disclosures
Date sent:        Tue, 11 Dec 2001 21:31:15 +0100

V. Lopatin , V. Cygankov:  Psychotronic Weapon and the Security of Russia
Publishing house :  SINTEG, Moscow, Russian Federation, 1999
                     Chapter 7  - Legislational Problems and the

Psychotronical Weapon
Page 106 - 126

We believe that … an appropriate federal legislative act is necessary.
In response to numerous addresses by Moscow Committee on Ecology of
Housing to the organs of the prosecutor's office on the matter of
experiments of psychotronic type with the population, the Moscow
prosecutor's office, in it's response No. 32-7-15-97 from April
7th, 1997, divides dealing with this problem

- directs "corresponding information" to the  office of Prosecutor
General of Russian Federation, but while doing this it is obliged
to state: "The presented documents testify that basic need comes
for the establishment of legal control over the research in this

However there is no legislation concerning the above mentioned
question.  With respect to this the prosecutor's office is not in
power to secure in whichever way the defense of the rights of
citizens who are subject to the effects of psychotronic

Since the seventies the research projects are under development in
the best laboratories of the whole world: in USA, Germany, Austria,
France, Italy, Japan, Izrael, China etc. In the report on the
research by the committee of authority of Lamerican Society for
Physics, published in the USA, the conclusion is prsented that
similar systems of weapons (Psychophysical Weapons Systems) may be
effectively used for the slution of large number of military
missions. They can be used for the construction of prinicipally new
military means and methods, including the construction of the
strategical weapon of the new type (informational weapon in
informational war).

/note 3: on this subject see: Materials of Parliamentary Hearings
"Threats and Challenges in the Area of Informational Security",
Moscow, July 1996,   Informational Weapon as a Threat to National
Security of Russia (Analytical Report of SVR of the Russian
Federation, Moscow 1996),   To Whom will Belong the Conscienscious
Weapon in the 21st century?, Moscow, 1997, V.N. Tsygichko, G.L.
Smolian, D. Ts. Chereshkin - "Informational weapon as a
geopolitical factor and instrument of the politics of power",
Moscow, 1997./

Those facts prove the necessity to work out the national as well as
international legislation designed for the defense of human psyche
against subliminal, destructive informational effects.

7.2 The Concept of Information-Psychological Security and
Particularities of of the Ways of its Guaranteing

Information-psychological security we understand as a condition
where the human psyche is protected against destructive
informational effects (the instillation of destructive information
into the consciousness or subconsciousness of human being, having
for effect inadequate perception of reality).

Note 3 - Lopatin, V.N. Legislative problems of guaranteing
information-psychological security of personality (verbatim record
of the round table in the Council of the Federation FS of the
Russian Federation on information-psychological security of
personality, 27th of January,1995.

Information-psychological security appears to be the fundamental
portion of informational security and must uccupy a special place
in the state politics towards its guaranteeing.

This special place is defined by the specificity of threats and
their sources in the area of information-psychological security,
special character of principles and tasks in the realization of
state policy in this area..

Note 5 - on this subject see as well: project of the Conception of
Information-psychological Security, Institute of Psychology of the
Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 1995

Potential sources of threats in the area of
information-psycshological security appear to be

- sources of information
- programs for EVM
- generators of physical fields and radiations (stressed by the

The fundamental threats to information-psychological security
appear to be

- blocking, on subliminal level, of the freedom of will of human
being, artificial introduction of the syndrom of dependence

- research, construction and use of special technical and
programming means for destructive effects on the human psyche

- manipulation of societal consciousness with the use of special
means of effects

- ……

- destruction of indivisible informational and spiritual space of
Russia, traditional foundations of the society and societal

The activity, in the area of information-psychological security
must be construed on the following principles:

- priority of human rights in the informational area and  ensuring
of the state guarantees of the realization of those rights

- state and citizens control over the construction and use of
special means of effects at the human psyche

- state monopoly for the development of the means and methods of
subliminal informational effects

- obligatory licensing… of the activity, connected with the use of
means and methods of subliminal influence upon the human psyche and
as well their certification

- availability of psychological expertise

As a standard of psychological expertise we understand parameters
of informational environment showing no destructive effects on the
human psyche.

Guaranteeing of information-psychological security appears to be
the most important task of the state, therefore state guarantees of
the defense of human being against destructive informational
effects must be established.

The state must guarantee:

- subliminal informational influence (including hypnotical
influence) at human psyche can not be performed without the
person's consent except for cases defined by the law….

- …..

- the means of mass communication may not be used as instruments
for realization… of destructive informational influence at human

- the government of the Russian Federation will make sure that the
citizens, organizations, agencies of power and local
self-government will be informed on the possibility of the use,
against people, of subliminal (subconscious) informational

- The plenipotentiary organs and organizations organize education
in methods of defense of people from subconscious destructive
informational influence…..

7.3 The State System of Guaranteeing of Information-psychological

Psychological expertize must be a state  expertize and realized
only by the agencies of the state systém, empowered to this task by
the fovernment of the Russian Federtion. Psychological expertize
may be performed at the orders of the State System of guaranteeing
of information- psychological security or as well in the sequence
of requests of citizens or persons without citizenship.

If, as a result of psychoecological expertize, the destructive
informational influence at human psyche is determined, having for
consequence inadequate perceprion of reality by the person
subjected to such an influence, the medical help must be rendered
with respect to the existing legislation. Compensation of damages
and losses connected with social rehabilitation of persons
suffering from destructive informational influence must be realized
in legal trial

page 113

According to the data by FAPSI, in the past 15 zears the expenses
at the acquisition of the means of informational war in the USA
were increased 4 times and occupy the first place among all of the
armament programs.

Page 126

In the past year the author presented an initiative which was
supported by the parliamentary comissions of the State Duma, and in
December 1997 was turned into a political initiative of nine states
of the Union of Independent States. MPA of the Union of Independent
States approved the address to the Organization of United Nations,
OBSE, to the countries of Interparliamentary Union, with the
proposal to include on the agenda of General Assembly the question
of preparation and conclusion af an international convention "On
Averting of Informational Wars and Limitation of Circulation of
Informational  Weapon".

Note of the translator:

This initiative of the russian Federation was confirmed in the
article by the Russian newspaper Segodnya of February 11, 2000, the
article by Andrei Soldatov "The Riders of the Psychotronic
Apocalypse", the article announces the presenting of the draft of
the law by V.  Lopatin to the Russian State Duma stating that this
is the third draft of such a law presented to the Russian State
Duma and that this one has a good chance to be passed. At the end
of the article it is stated that the position of the Russian secret
services on the passage of the law is not clear, though their
representative took part in its preparation.

On September  9, 2000 the Russian president Putin approved the
Doctrine of Informational Security of the Russian Federation. There
is practically no mention of possible mind control operations
carried out by whichever state:


Paragraph 2   "Types of Threats to the Informational Security of Russia"

- threats to constitutional rights and freedoms of human being and
citizen in the area of spiritual life and informational activity,
individual, group and societal consciousness, spiritual renaissance
of Russia

- ……..

- illegal use of special means of effects on individual, group and
societal consciousness.

Paragraph 4 Status of Informational Security of the Russian
Federation and Fundamental Principles of its Ensuring

Fixation in the Constitution of the Russian Federation of the
rights of citizens to inviolability of their personal life,
personal and family secrecy, secrecy of correspondance, practically
do not have legal, organizational and technical guarantees.


In the sphere of internal politics

- work on special legal and organizational mechanisms of
non-admissibility of illegal information-psychological effects on
the mass consciousness of the society….

In the Sphere of Defense

To the objects of guaranteeing of informational security of the
Russian Federation in the sphere of defense relate:

diversional-undermining activity of secret services of foreign
governments realized by methods of information-psychological

Perfection of methods and ways of strategical and operative
camouflage, espionage and radioelectric war, methods and means of
active coutermeasures against information- propagandistic and
psychological operations of the possible enemy.  ………

International Cooperation of Russian Federation in the Area of
Guaranteeing of Informational Security

The basic direction of the international cooperation of Russian
Federation in the area of guaranteeing of informational security
appears to be ban on the works, dissemination and use of
"informational weapon" ……

Note of the translator

This my work is not intended to blame Russia, who, at least in the
person of V. Lopatin, made an effort to declassify their work on
mind control weapons. This my work is meant to blame all the
governments who are hiding their mind control research from their
citizens and, obliged by the international competition, carry out
experiments on them..

Here are few more quotations from the book by V. Lopatin and V.
Cygankov (the Russian scientist, who is for more than thirty years
developing neurocomputers):

Page 97

6.3 The  Conception of mind-control armament

7. DECLASSIFICATION - of all the works on mind control problem… The
arms race is speeding up as a consequence of classification.
Secrecy - this is in the first place the way to secure cruel
control over the people… the way how to curtail their creativity,
turn them into biorobots…

Conclusions for chapter 6

3. Only if the work on mind control problem is no more covered by
the screen of secrecy, extraordinariness, mysteriousness, if
complex, open scientific research with international participation,
is carried out, the psychotronic war including the use of
psychotronic weapon can be prevented.

Chapter 1

Page 23

"In the USA the devices and methods were created capable to
introduce into the subconsciousness of a human being the
information needed to make him execute the orders which were
introduced there. Those are new man-and-computer complexes and
their objective is the control of the intellect…"

And the last important information :  Vladimir Lopatin is no more
the deputy of the Russian State Duma (the reason is not known to me
so far).

Few notes, from the press, of his political life:

Interfax News Agency
Interfax Russian News
August 16, 1999, Monday

Headline:  Duma to debate PM's Confirmation , Dagestan on Monday

The  Communist party of Russia… group's coordinator Sergei
Reshulsky suggested that the Dagestan issue be included in the
agenda. Defense committee Chairman Roman Popkovich, our home is
Russia, and Vladimir Lopatin, Russia's regions, support him.
Lopatin went so far as to suggest skipping speeches by party group
leaders in debating Putin's confirmation so as to allow time for
debating a resolution on Dagestan."

The Xinhua General Overseas News Service
Xinhua News Agency
October 11, 1990, Thursday

Williams also disclosed today that yesterday, Cheney, met with a
young soviet military "reformer", major Vladimir Lopatin, and had a
"private conversation" with him. He declined to reveal the contents
of the conversation. Lopatin, who addressed a press conference at
the national press club here today, is in the United States on a
visit hosted by "Global Outlook", a research institute. Lopatin,
currently chairman of the military reform subcommittee of the USSR
Supreme Soviet Committee for Issues of Defense and State Security
is the "leader of a new breed of Soviet dissidents", acccording to
the organizer's introduction.

Text of the document from the NTC System
N 3829-II GD
Moscow, April 2, 1999
State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

"In connection with the rejection by the President of the Russian
Federation… of the federal law "On Commercial Secrecy"… the State
Duma decides

1. To agree with the proposal of the Committee of the State Duma on
Informational Politics and Communications to create a special

2. To chose as members of that commission the Deputies of the State
Duma Nesterov Jurij Mikhailovitsch.,  Kolomeiec Nikolai
Vasilievitsch, Lopatin Vladimir Nikolaevitsch  …

Mojmir Babacek (the translator)