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Sabotage Photos and List

March 13, 2010
Camera tips for photographing sabotage

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This page is for photos of sabotage perpetrated on current-day organized stalking targets. Sabotage is constant, and occurs both at home and at work. It is used in conjunction with street theater and electronic mind/body attacks to totally crush the victim's quality of life, and do it in a way that the victim will not be believed by the authorities, family, friends or co-workers.

Click here to read about "Gaslighting", a book which describes the motives and purposes of this type of harassment perfectly.

Click here to read about "Terrorist Stalking in America", by David Lawson, who reveals nation (and now world) wide networks of stalking groups responsible for such things.

Most sabotage is of a type where naysayers can allude to alternate explanations, and individual sabotage incidents are of too small a value to involve action by police. The collective impact of years and decades of sabotage adds up to serious financial repercussions. Sabotage at work, along with electronic sleep deprivation and "mind messing", and other workplace harassment most often leads to loss of job and possibly career. So the sabotage the visitor sees here should not be taken as anything like the whole story.

A victim of two decades of electronic harassment will have experienced literally thousands of individual sabotage incidents. Not all sabotage can be meaningfully photographed. So what you see here are only the tiniest possible thumbnail sketches.

An interesting sabotage page from an Italian site reporting unusual breakages from some sort of external advanced "influence". Some sabotage involving breakage of strong, stable materials has yet to be scientifically explained. In these cases, the force is applied at a distance and leaves no scratches or other marks which would have to be left if any conventional type of destructive force was applied. In some cases the surfaces have soft, easily damaged finishes like shiny aluminum or soft paint. It should be noted that these cases do NOT include manifestations typical of the poltergeist type - this is a distinctly different phenomenon and occurs in an environment where many small crimes and much harassment occur for long periods of time, at home, at work, and throughout the targetted person's community.

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Steel Folding Chair (Eleanor White)
The silvery coloured material is duct tape. The grey slotted steel channels clamped to the legs are stiffeners. The original back of the chair is lying on top of the seat cushion. Within a month of purchase, the duct taped support bar had both its welds snapped and they were good welds. (I have welding experience.) The welds securing the sheet steel padded web on the back were snapped, even though I never lean on the web as I sit at my table. The perps then started incrementally bending over a large radius the legs, making the grey stiffening channel necessary. The design of this chair with steel tubing would not bend in a large radius if loading beyond the weight of a person were used to break the chair. The bends would be sharp and local to where the legs are pinned together. There was no mis-use, such as standing on the chair. About three years after purchase, I returned home to find the back seemingly sawed off, though the clean break pattern is not exactly like a conventional saw. All damage occurred while I was away from home, usually at work.
Velcro strap destroyed
Above is a closeup photo of the loop ends (as opposed to the hook ends) of a pair of elastic velcro straps used to secure a poncho in a roll, for carrying in my (Eleanor White's) backpack. The organized stalkers sometimes destroy velcro on various goods, particularly clothing, often rendering the item useless. This is done by using a sharp blade pushed horizontally into the loops then upwards, cutting the loops open.

In the foreground is one of the two poncho securing straps which has perfect gripping power. Its mate, exactly the same age and having been used for this light duty application for the same time (about a year) in the background shows the cut open loops ripped upwards.

On the day before, both velcro straps had full, normal gripping power. One day later, the strap in the background had absolutely zero gripping power. The perpetrators have ruined velcro-closed shoes in the same way.

Balcony roof used as garbage dump
Organized stalkers frequently use garbage as a way to deniably assault OS targets. In the photo above (March 13, 2010) an apartment above mine (Eleanor White's) has recently begun to dispose of fairly large hunks of bone on the small flat roof which extends beyond my balcony.

In other instances, each time I find a place frequented by wildlife, and where I leave very small treats which are fully consumed daily and leave no residue, the stalkers will start tossing substantial amounts of garbage on that spot until I give up trying to leave wildlife treats there.

Aluminum Frame Cot Leg (Eleanor White)
Within two weeks of purchase, I discovered that the center leg, which is a wide "U" shape, had been pulled apart in a classic tension fracture. Tension. This leg is under compression while in use, and the fracture was tensile. This damage occurred while I was at work.
Long John Underwear (Eleanor White)
During the first winter, these long johns, which were generously sized (I always buy very loose sizes) suddenly developed a pattern of many small holes at the crotch, each hole about the size of a dime, after I washed and put them in the closet intact. A second incident suddenly "grew" the small holes together into two large holes with a bit of material dividing them. Typically, worn out crotches form a single hole, and the pattern of small holes made this clearly an occurrence of sabotage, not normal wear. This has happened to several pair of long john underwear over my two plus decades of being harassed.
Panties (Eleanor White)
At the time of this photo, I owned 8 pair of identical panties, all of top notch quality, all less than one year old. Several months after most of these panties were bought, I came home from work and discovered all seven pair had the crotches ripped out in the classic curious "two hole" pattern, so often used by the perps. Another classic perp attack on underwear is to cut or tease open the elastic waistband at the seam.
Kitchen Electrical Outlet (Eleanor White)
The stain below the outlet shows one perp harassment event when I got home very tired and sick with a cold. I entered the apartment to find water pouring out of the outlet. I removed the cover and receptacle so I could see the inside of the box clearly, and the water was coming from inside the conduit. This conduit does not pass into any other apartments, but goes directly to the breaker panel within the apartment. There was no evidence of water in the breaker panel. There was no water coming down outside the conduit. The water may have been injected by way of a hole drilled from the apartment above. The building was in excellent shape and about two years old when this happened.
Robe (Eleanor White)
Within a month of purchase, this robe had both its armpits ripped open. The armpits and crotches of my clothing are frequent targets of perp saboteurs. They also like to rip holes in pockets.
Dr. Scholl's Leather Shoe (Eleanor White)
These comfortable velcro-tie shoes are popular among us security guards. This style has the toe leather stitched across the toes. With no rough service, and after being at work using my skidoo boots for heavy snow conditions, the perpetrators had ripped several stitches out of this seam, necessitating my own amateur repair in the form of heavy embroidery floss (a very thick type of thread) repair. Gradual picking of seams is a favourite of my perpetrators, and their picking sessions always occur while I am away from home, and to clothing that is nearly new and which has not been abused. On one top, the shoulder was ripped open before I even wore it. And, the embroidery floss stitch to hold the toe closed was later cut while I was out.

The velcro tie pile was teased to the point where it no longer held the strap in place, and this includes the lower strap which often isn't even opened and closed in normal use. This happened on two pairs of these shoes. On one pair, I installed repair velcro pile sections, and these only lasted three months, and the occurrence was SUDDEN, not gradual.

Satin Finish Heating Pad Cover
(Eleanor White)
This heating pad cover is the common, gold coloured satin (smooth, glossy) quilted finish cover. The cover deteriorated with the damage being inflicted while I was away at work, and reached the severely ripped open condition in the photo within about a month of purchase. I do not sleep on top of heating pads, and even if that were done it would not cause the destruction shown, even over a very long time. Over my two decades plus, this had happened to every heating pad I owned, and after the cover was thoroughly shredded, the perps would, while I am out, yank apart the wiring internally rendering the pad unusable. I was slow in realizing that these pads typically have long warranties, and the reason the covers were being attacked so viciously was to make sure I could not exchange the pads for new ones under warranty.
Vacuum Cleaner Hose Lock Ring
(Eleanor White)
The accessory attachment end of my vacuum cleaner hose is shown in the photo. When the medium priced vacuum cleaner was purchased new, one day within its first three months of light duty use (small apartment) I picked up the hose and noticed that the accessory pin locking ring section had been largely broken away for about half of the circumference of the hose end. Note carefully: The plastic fragments were NOT found anywhere, meaning they had been carefully discarded. This did not happen at any time while I was using the cleaner. This type of damage is one more example of the constant sabotage that is "too small to involve action by police". However, the visitor can see that over time, such "small" sabotage adds up in the same way "Chinese Water Torture" does.
Dumping of Consumable Supplies
(Eleanor White)
A regular perp harassment stunt is to enter the victim's apartment, and dump consumable supplies. On the photo at left, you can see two of these dumping occurrences marked "DUMP". Dating containers and daily marking of levels does help but does not stop this practice. Without the dates and level marks, the dumping is worse. An at-work equivalent is to remove supplies from the victim's work area, such as pens, Post-It pads and printer paper. When these supplies are plentiful and easily accessed, such nightly thefts are harassment and not normal.
Screws Removed from Apt Door Hinge
The wood in this apartment doorway is in good condition and the screws used on the hinges are quite long. This was done while the victim was out. Other common screw removal sabotage is done repeatedly with chairs and table legs.
Ironing-Over of Button Hole and Button
Side Flaps, All Button-Style Shirts/Tops
(Eleanor White)
Since becoming a target in 1980, every one of my button-style shirts/tops have had the inside of the flaps carrying both buttons and button holes deliberately ironed over, making it very difficult to put the shirt/top on. When examining the fold-over closely, it is always an IRONED OVER crease, and not any accidental creasing. The only exceptions have been button-style tops where the flap is actually sewn in place preventing this.
Brand new metal hydride battery twisted and rendered useless (Cairo DAlmeida)
Metal hydride batteries are expensive, top of the line. This one had not even been used once before perpetrators twisted/crushed it and rendered it useless. Attacks on batteries are frequently reported, particularly camcorder batteries, as these can significantly aid in gathering evidence of the harassment crimes. Most batteries are not physically crushed, just discharged.
Stain on sheer curtains while Brenda was out
Can't say much more about this one ... typical of the stalking group members who enter the homes of their chosen targets.
ABOVE: Disabled Windows Programs (Eleanor White)
The above PC screen section was captured December 4, 2002, and shows Eleanor White's desktop screen. The machine is a Compaq, purchased new on October 8, 2002, with the Windows XP operating system. In the two months since the machine was new, three often-used programs have been disabled by way of perp sabotage. I use an emailer which does not run programs as does Microsoft Outlook. If viruses are responsible, they had to arrive other than by way of email. However, computer sabotage, including real time (i.e. sabotage taking place while the user is doing things on the PC) is widespread and common among organized stalking targets. This sabotage is done by way of some other method than through the modem, as it happens even when the machine is not connected to a phone line. An attempt to restore one of the bad icons resulted in other features being deleted, indicating a type of real time sabotage has been in use on this PC.
ABOVE: Acid spots on bedspread (Eleanor White)
The above photo is a section of my bedspread. After returning from a 2 hour daytime hike, I discovered two white spots, the larger being about two inches across. At first I wondered if some type of white powder had been spilled, so I took a damp dishcloth and tried to pick up some of the powder. The center of the spots fell apart, as if acid or possibly very concentrated bleach (which I do NOT use) had been spilled.

A classic goal of the criminals that enter our homes to do these things is to attack all of our possessions so we appear shabby. Often, we are unable to afford to replace everything the criminals make shabby. Our guess is that making us appear shabby makes us appear less credible. This gets expensive, as this has been going on since 1980 in my case.

ABOVE: Destroyed Heating Pad Cover #2 (Eleanor White)
The foreground in the photo above shows the cloth cover of a Sunbeam heating pad, 5 year guarantee, which at the time of the photograph had been in use for only ONE year before it failed. My health isn't the world's greatest, and I find that a heating pad helps reduce the impact of both natural colds and flu, as well as the frequent perp - induced artificial illnesses. I do not abuse my heating pads, and do not sleep on top of them. I live alone and have no pets.

Having learned that the perps viciously attack the cloth covers so as to make the unit appear to have been abused when attempting to get a warranty exchange, on this heating pad I never used the cover, and left it neatly rolled in the original box. (I used an old cover from another of the many perp-destroyed heating pads instead.)

As you can see from the photo above, when I went to get the cover for warranty exchange, it had been roughed up and abused some time during it's one year in the box. The only way to avoid this, I guess, is to keep the unused original covers open in plain view, wrapped in a transparent bag.

Visitors should understand that the perpetrators freely enter the homes, cars, and workplaces of their targets with impunity.

ABOVE, highly unusual broken weld in mountain bike above pedal bearing housing. Bike shop reports they haven't seen this type of failure. The owner had this happen in city riding and he had never abused the bike. The substantial weld material broke cleanly all around, and there is no sign of bad manufacture. Because the break was in the weld bead itself, and not a separation from the structural tubing, this is not a case of "bad penetration".

Another very unusual failure in a tempered glass coffee cup can be seen for comparison at the links above.

The owner, a victim of multi stalking harassment reports people outside his house said the bike would break shortly before he rode it. Another multiple stalking victim reported a voice to skull transmission in which he was told "It's going to break", and very shortly, the turn signal indicator snapped and became useless.

ABOVE: ANOTHER extremely unlikely break in a NEW bicycle owned by the same person who had a never-before-seen break in the tubing holding the pedal bearing housing, shown just above this photo. New bike. The ability to cause heavy metal items to fail is a "signature" of the advanced equipment used on people being targetted as described on this web site.
ABOVE: A sample of the unmovable files
from Eleanor White's defragmenter screen
(the unmovable files are shown in green)
PC sabotaged: After 6 months of use and with NO new software installed, the perpetrators began taking files needed to operate often used software, like browsers and emailer, and made these often accessed files (a) unmovable and (b) placed at widely spaced points on the huge hard drive. This caused a 1.44 MHz machine to operate as slowly as an Intel 386 machine running windows (i.e. VERY slowly). User has no way to know which files are the ones so placed, but they clearly show up (a) by the extremely slow speed compared with the first 6 months and (b) these groups of files suddenly showed up on the disk defragmentation bar graph screen, and defragmentation doesn't move unmoveable files.
ABOVE: A "modem minder" device, needed to cope
with perp disruption of modems at Eleanor White's
last place of technical employment

Eleanor White set up a bank of 24 modems at her last place of technical employment for a program system which allowed customers to dial in and place orders directly on the company mainframe. The perps would constantly cause the modems to fail to hang up, and by doing so, all calls after the modem locked were blocked from other modems in the bank. The only cure was to stand beside the modem bank and switch modem power off then on again. There were no commercial products available to monitor this modem locked condition, because it does not happen without this specialized type of harassment.

Eleanor designed and built these devices, at a cost to the company of $500 each, for a total and UNNECESSARY cost of $12,000, and while they did solve the problem, this cost was 100% the result of criminal activity.

ABOVE: Dirt artificially placed by local stalkers,
Eleanor White's kitchen floor

One of the common harassment methods of organized stalking perpetrators is to artificially place dirt or stains in the living quarters of targets. In my case, the perpetrators are exceptionally cautious about leaving viable evidence so they use materials present in my apartment to create this dirt. The dirt always shows up when the target is out. In my case, I live alone, and there is no activity which could possibly have accumulated as much dirt in the space of time (often just one trip away from home) happening in my apartment.

As with many harassment methods, the perps make "normal breaks of life" or "normal wear and tear" happen so frequently that the TARGET is aware it is harassment, but the general public, who do not want to be bothered with someone else's headaches, consistently refuse to appreciate the FREQUENCY of "breaks" that are happening to targets. So far, this carefully crafted harassment is the perfect crime.

ABOVE: A butane lighter, one of three owned
by Margo Tilton

These three butane lighters have suffered anomalous meltings from the INSIDE, as well as a small hole through ONE wall, not both, which appears to have drilled by a laser. Technology to do this so precisely is very advanced indeed.

List of Sabotaged Items Where Photos Unavailable

  • 13 uninterruptible PC power units in one year
  • 4-way flasher button broken off, company car
  • Air cleaner filter in car removed
  • Air cushion on car shock abosorber slashed
  • Attempt to fit new taps to bath and sink: house stopcock handle snaps off in my hand! Return to car to find it across from where I parked- although handbrake was fully on, car has roll reversed into lamppost, back light smashed, damage to bodywork (cost around $500). Fix house stopcock, all ok. Go to stopcock situated in road to turn on main supply - stopcock turns and turns, and turns and turns, but no water coming through - another stopcock broken - call water company - $100 callout charge + labour + any part costs
  • Baby pigeons placed on grille above major computer equipment, done at start of long weekend, fecal mess
  • Backup diskettes completely erased at work
  • Boot sector erased from victim's PC while out
  • Brand-new, never used underpants found with classic perp "two hole" sabotage pattern
  • Car radio programming changed, especially during service
  • Car radio put into permanent seek mode
  • Cat killed while victim out
  • Chipped paint on car (deliberate pattern, not accidental)
  • Chips knocked out of turquoise jewelry
  • Computer hard disks (all 5 of them) fail - machine will not start
  • Countless temporary "self fixing" PC failures, home and work
  • Countless PC system board deaths at work
  • Countless failure of home appliances, home and work
  • Craft replica of thunderbird totem with feathers, found with individual feathers scraped to destroy
  • Cutting open of many glove fingers well before worn out
  • Cutting surface of freshly painted furniture
  • Dashboard screws removed except one
  • Delayed turning on of TV
  • Deliberate ironed fold-over of button and button hole edges of shirts, making putting the shirts on very annoying and difficult
  • Destruction of custom-made printer and terminal stands
  • Destruction of velcro pile on velcro shoes; happens between two wearings and does not happen gradually
  • Dirt put in car engine oil
  • Dog fatally stabbed while victim was out
  • Draining of car radiator
  • Draining of master brake cylinder
  • Drilling into car water pump bearing causing premature failure
  • Food containers in fridge disturbed, food taste "off"
  • Fridge re-wired to heat up daytime, cool at night
  • Front and rear windshield wipers, company station wagon
  • Garage light re-wired to position 2 feet from original
  • Gas cap securing chain, personal pickup truck
  • Headphones, ten new sets of, in succession over 20 years of being a target, had one of the two earpieces fail shortly after purchase
  • Heating pads, 11 over 23 years, had one or more settings (L-M-H) fail after one year of gentle, non-abused service
  • Heavy duty (hunting/fishing) knit gloves with rubber protection had third finger tips pop open within two weeks of purchase with light duty use. Furthermore, repairs using multi-strand embroidery floss are discovered ripped open within days
  • Hems pulled out of barely-used clothing
  • Holes punched in new food wrappers while out
  • Holes ripped in brand new T-shirts
  • Ice picked holes in car radiator hoses
  • Important computer diskettes corrupted or erased overnight
  • Indian rug hanging on wall had corners tied in knots and threads pulled out and left all over floor
  • Industrial vacuum cleanerS - major damage to new units
  • Industrial vacuum cleanerS - frequent wiring motors to run backwards
  • Jello in transmission
  • Leaks in roof over major computer equipment, deliberate
  • Little 15-pound dog tortured and abused while victim out
  • Mail removed from box and placed on table on front porch
  • Many socks develop large holes, fairly new, places not subject to wear
  • Needle on record player smashed while out
  • New bathing suit had elastic pulled out to the point of being unwearable
  • New spark plug wires destroyed within a month
  • PC sabotaged: I got broken into,I got hacked, my firewall passwords were changed, my Merrill Lynch password was changed, my Windows manual was stolen, my Norton Systemworks CD was stolen, and I had to do a system restore to get back on the net. The bastards are getting vicious. They uninstalled a registry cleaner. Someone broke into my apartment, installed Snapshot on my computer, downloaded a bunch of files, and uninstalled the program
  • Premature blowing of light bulbs, especially hard to replace like radio dial lights
  • Putting bitter-tasting substance in drinking water being chilled for drinking later whenever I am out for an extended period (same water taste-tested before leaving home and OK at that time)
  • Rain coat found with oil smeared on it
  • Rear window spray system, company station wagon rear window
  • Rear window heater, company station wagon rear window
  • Remote control for TV, time delay and autorepeat functions intermittently disabled or operate improperly
  • Replace Javex (Clorox) with water, new container
  • Ripping of new duct insulation to keep computer room cool
  • Ripping of lining and stitching inside zippers, to jam the zipper
  • Re-routing of food service exhaust into victim's home or work area
  • Seams on new clothing cut
  • Sentimental value (grandfather's) glasses lens chipped
  • Several new sweaters had yarns pulled out
  • Slashed tires
  • Steering wheel found smeared with rare toxic chemical (tri-phenyl phosphene)
  • "Swapping" of a later version of software CD for an earlier one; victim forced to discard later version as it could have been (and probably was) tampered with
  • Telephone line cut, setting off alarm
  • Tiled items: "Whenever I get anything with inlays in it, it suffers physical damage. A trivet with an inlaid tile my sister brought me from England was perfect when I opened it and set it on the table. The next time I saw it, a corner had broken off and was missing. A trivet of a tropical wood with ivory inlays my aunt gave me before she died was perfect when she gave it to me (it was surely many years old then, as it is illegal to import ivory objects into the US now) suddenly, without any trauma at all, lost some of its inlays. For Christmas, my daughter have me a small ring box of stone with different colored stone inlays in the cover which was perfect when I opened it, but within a month or so, I noticed that all of the inlays in the cover were missing.
  • Time display on VCR destroyed
  • Twisting of various cords when victim is away from home or office
  • Unknown liquid, turned out to be gasoline, ADDED to car's gas tank
  • Victim's name written in lipstick in elevator on return home
  • Wires cut under dashboard to radio/cassette player
  • Four utility "luggage straps" stolen in a 2-month period
  • Two large spring loaded utility clamps stolen
  • One nickel-cadmium battery pack charger stolen

Reports from Dr. Rauni Kilde, Organized Stalking Target
and Former District Chief Medical Officer
for Northern Finland

Sabotage at Home:

  • Literal electrical burning inside clothes washer, dishwasher, stove, fax, freezer and other appliances while abroad lecturing on electronic harassment and mind control
  • Garden lamp fixtures filled with clay and water
  • Theft or false reading on electric meter of 10,000 kWh while abroad lecturing on electronic harassment and mind control
  • Half of house loses power then "fixes itself" several times; (having power stopped even though the power outlet is working and power cord is in good condition also happens to others)
  • House wiring changed to produce powerful shock when turning on a light
  • Constant hum heard in house (accompanied by fatigue)
  • Microwave detector disabled and glue applied all over circuit
  • Intense heat from unkown source suddenly causes doors and painted surfaces to crack
  • Rugs made of natural skins (tiger, wolf, wolverine) cut up
  • To-do lists cut while out
  • Door paint stabbed with sharp pointed instrument repeatedly
  • Furniture ripped
  • Oriental carpet fringes cut
  • Flower baskets cut with knife
  • Frames of paintings cut or paint spots applied
  • Kitchen furniture spotted with paint, ripped, scraped
  • Destruction of 4 TVs, 5 radios, 1 loudspeaker tape recorder; a brand new TV lasted only 3 days
  • Sabotage of telephone answering machine
  • Garbage strewn on property when expecting guests
  • Garbage bin packed tightly with snow
  • Finest porcelain dishes and glasses chipped and broken
  • Bed linen, table cloths, and lamp shades stained or paint spotted
  • Bathroom marble floor destroyed with acid and glue
  • Living room stone floor marred with acid
  • Apple trees somehow attacked to produce blighted apples
  • Chimney painted with yellow and orange streaks
  • One meter diameter circle painted under bed
  • Large spiders and cockroaches planted in house while away
  • Mailbox smashed 11 times
  • Mail dumped in snow instead of being put in box, sometimes in the neighbours' yard
  • "Mistakes" appear in utility bills
  • Trees and shrubs skinned and destroyed
  • Valuable books (some dating back to the 1600s-1700s) have pages torn and other damage
  • Noxious substances in air ducts and water system
  • Noxious substances sprayed on pillows, sheets, and underwear
  • Noxious substances in clothes cupboards
  • Telephone and power line drops go to neighbour's house before attaching to my house