Just wanted to share an item from science TV which
is not a cure for our ills, but is very much an item
which backs up the mind reading part of the spooks'
tools.  It may be useful as a comeback if anyone
pickets or has media contact.

Apparently, only recently it has been learned that
sharks, especially hammerhead sharks in the Hawaii
vicinity, use the magnetic fields of their prey's
brain and nervous system to locate them.

There is one species of fish which, in order to 
sleep safely, burrows into the sandy sea bottom.

This video segment showed the burrowing, followed
by a visit by a hammerhead shark, who circled the
spot where the sleeping fish had burrowed then
lowered his lower jaw and scooped the prey out of
the sand.  There were absolutely no visual clues.

Apparently sharks have little black "pits" on their
upper lip, which look like large whisker stubble.
These pits lead a short way into a cluster of nerve
cells whose function is specifically the detection
of magnetic fields given off by prey fish.

What makes this even more startling is that the
sandy sea bed and the surrounding salt water are
highly conductive, which means any magnetic field
oscillations would be dampened by currents through
the salt water tending to oppose the changing

Again - it doesn't exactly "prove" our case, but 
it is indisputable backup, which no doubt could 
be had by contacting a major marine research