Simple Explanation of "Hyperspace"

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This is a tiny bit of lay person info from this book (read past
the biblio):

Subti:  A Scientific Odyssey Through Parallel
        Universes, Time Warps, and the 10th
Auth:   Dr. Michio Kaku

Publ:   Anchor Books, ISBN 0-385-47705-8
        Paperback, $14.95 US, 1994

About the Author (1994):

Michio Kaku is professor of theoretical physics at
City College, City University of New York.  He
graduated from Harvard and received his PhD from the
University of California, Berkeley.  He is author of
"Beyond Einstein", "Quantum Field Theory: A Modern
Introduction" and "Introduction to Superstrings".

He has also hosted a weekly hour-long science program
on radio for the past ten years.

This book, as I emailed you a short while ago, is written

There is one explanation of "higher dimensions" aka 
"hyperspace" that rings a bell with me, and I wanted
to share it with you in case you ever get cornered by
someone who uses the terms "scalars" or "hyperspace"
or "higher dimensions".  This explanation is easy for
anyone to comprehend.

Dr. Michio Kaku repeatedly uses an easy analogy
to our 3-dimensional world vs. hyperspace, by looking
at a make believe world of TWO dimensions.  This means,
everybody is flat and being born on to, say, a very large
sheet of paper, or even a globe, nobody can see the
third "height" dimension or even conceive it exists.

Suppose a 3D person, like us, comes across this flat
2D world.  We can see all the activity but they are
not able to see us looking down on their flat world,
because we inhabit 3D space.

Now suppose we put our hand "into" their world,
meaning, our thumb and fingers pass through their
flat world.

The people in the flat world would see five kind
of shivering flesh coloured circles, which would
be changing size every time "we" moved our 

If we pushed our forearm through their world,
they would see one large flesh coloured oval, our

So they would think that this "strange creature"
or creatures that appeared out of nowhere were
strange indeed.

If we withdrew all except two fingers, now the
flatlanders see two small flesh coloured circles.

They would see our hand as a magic creature with
the ability to appear and disappear at will, and
morph into all sorts of strange shapes.

If we reached down and pulled a flatlander up off
their flat world, his comrades would see him vanish
into thin air.  And reappear when we put him back.

This simple explanation, for me at least, makes the
delivery of harassment effects, normally a very 
spooky event for us, seem more like a fairly simple
operation of reaching into our three dimensions from

This explanation also makes it clear why the classified
weapons have such power - they have an entire
dimension (or two, or three) to move about in which
we can't see/feel/detect.

This is only my opinion but I believe hyperspace
is where the psychic events come from.

I hope this begins to wipe some of the mystery away
from "hyperspace" and classified weapons.

It is not a new idea, originating in Germany in 1854.