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Saturday, March 13, 1999

Sent to all neuro-influence victims:

Most who see this message got another one yesterday
in which Pat Mougey states that a non-victim who
represents himself as "our helper" is touting an HP
spectrum analyzer as our magic bullet.

I get emotional when this happens, because my 
training and experience allow me to see the folly in
thinking a spec analyzer will do anything more
than deplete our resources.

Here is a less emotional list of the reasons:

1.  Spectrum analyzers are useful only for
    conventional radio signals with one "carrier"
    or "center" frequency.

    If the perps were to use spread spectrum,
    you would require extensive computer power
    to even catch a hint of a spread spectrum
    harassment signal.

2.  Harassment signals, if conventional radio
    signals, have a good chance of being applied
    in short bursts, which would require the
    user to either monitor with an LP camcorder
    then review, or watch the screen constantly.

3.  Radio signal effects, according to all I've 
    read, REPEAT, up and down the radio
    spectrum.  This is like the fact that, say,
    the "C" key on a piano has a similar
    sound as you play successive C's up and
    down the keyboard.

    A spectrum analyzer, at least an affordable
    one, could easily miss the band in use,
    assuming the signal had a single carrier

4.  Spectrum analyzers can easily be fed 
    FAKE signals.  Fake everything is the 
    stock in trade of perps - throughout
    history.  Just ask the MKULTRA
    survivors, or EM victims who have
    attended their meetings.

5.  Spectrum analyzers can easily be disabled,
    like every other kind of appliance, and we
    have all had that happen countless times.

    I had an ELF spectrum analyzer set up,
    and the perps teased me with two 60 
    second pure 5.00000 Hz signals, about
    5 minutes apart.  After that, I never saw
    a single reading, even during the heaviest

6.  Especially keep in mind that the perps
    know we are unlikely to afford our own
    spectrum analyzers, and can opt to shut
    down during visits by experts with
    spectrum analyzers.

    Keep in mind these two notable instances
    of temporary perp shutdown:

    - Emeryville, Ontario, where a government
      expert found no traces of unusal radio
      signals at the Tamia family home

    - Cheryl Welsh's visit by an expert, who
      blandly reported on the CNN spot that
      he found no signals at her home.

7.  Finally, keep in mind that even if you got
    a burst of signal that coincides with a
    harassment effect, you still need to convince
    a jury, who will likely be threatened or bribed.

Why am I being so negative?  Because I honestly
feel that unless a victim has money to spare,
we must not elevate having a spectrum analyzer
to some sort of Holy Grail status.


Eleanor White

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