Examples of Thefts
from Mind Control Victim Homes and Workplaces

November 7, 2008

Listed below are a sampling of items which have been stolen (S) or stolen then returned (S+R) from the home and workplace of mind control victim Eleanor White and others. Theft is very common and involves items too small for police action. These small crimes add up to stressful conditions over time, however, and also significant financial cost.

Home/Car Thefts

- Books (S)
- Computer diskettes (S)
- Consumable supplies such as powdered coffee creamer (S)
- Entry to house while out with inside locks undone
- Food, half-eaten, not from victim's kitchen, found
  on kitchen table
- Identification wallet (S)
- Insurance renewal notice stolen, some personal mail re-directed
  to Albuquerque NM school system
- Items from stores victim has never been to found in home
- Items stolen, then returned AFTER target has replaced them
- Large quantity of batteries (S)
- Large ring of keys (S+R)
- Multi-voltage wall plug power supply (S)
- OLFA razor knife (S+R)
- Phone card, stolen until no longer valid then returned (S+R)
- Potted plants taken from neighbours, placed at victim's door
- Personal records, such as birth certificates, tax records
- Reading eyeglasses (S+R)
- Screwdrivers (S+R)
- Tools (locked car)(S)
- Toothpaste stolen, returned with tube marked up in red,
  half emptied, smashed up
- Zip-on hood for security guard uniform jacket (S+R)
- Public service and ham radio scanner (S+R)
- Case of beans (S)
- Short wave receiver (S)
- Short wave antenna preamplifier (S)

Report from Dr. Rauni Kilde, Mind Control Target
and Former District Chief Medical Officer
for Northern Finland

Thefts at Home:

- Fax paper rolls from fax machine while out (S)
- Several thefts of telephone books (S)
- Personal address book (S+R)
- House key (S)
- Silverware (S)
- "One of a pair" items like spoon, shoe, sock etc. (S)
- Every apple from personal apple trees (S)
- Incoming faxes (S)
- Entire mailbox (S)
- Personal papers, such as passport, insurance policies,
  medical journals, personal letters, especially of
  sentimental value, printed packages of personal letterhead,
- Wedding pictures (S, R after 2 years)
- Christmas ornaments (S)
- Easter decorations (antique) (S)
- Book manuscript from SAFE DEPOSIT BOX (S)
- Expensive jewelry (S, sometimes R)
- Both personal and library PCs, attachments removed (S)
- First notice of parcel at post office always taken (S) and
  second notice delivered late, resulting in return
  of the parcel
- Books from personal library (S)

Workplace Thefts

- Backup diskettes for telephone system (S)
- Backup memory card for telephone system (S)
- Deletion (or messing up of) important computer files (S)
- Floppy diskette drives removed from PCs
- Important books and manuals (usually S)
- Important memos from desks (S)
- Notebook out of desk (S)
- Office supplies like pens, printer paper, Post-It pads (S)
  (In the computer room which rarely had visitor traffic)