IMPORTANT: This "spoof manual" describes targets of "true justice" activities having "criminal records." The actual current day target community members do NOT have criminal records. The references to targets having criminal records are SARCASM.


Rev: June 19, 2008



In earlier times, justice was accomplished in two ways: By way of the courts, and by way of community members for cases in which the courts were not available, or failed to deliver true justice.

During the 20th century, as law enforcement agencies grew and technology made their officers more efficient, community members who attempted to deal out "old fashioned" justice were prevented from doing so.

Unfortunately, there are many offenders who are not dealt true justice by the court system. These offenders are allowed full freedom, and can commit serious offences which the court system is either unable or unwilling to stop. Our communities deserve to have these offenders monitored and neutralized, to prevent them from endangering innocent citizens.

The True Justice organization fills that need, covertly, but powerfully, providing around the clock surveillance of targets, and punishment appropriate to their criminal acts.

In the latter half of the 20th century, with the quiet cooperation of law enforcement officials who have a keen sense of responsibility to the community, the True Justice system has been forming and is now nation wide. Offenders can no longer move to escape True Justice.

A powerful element of True Justice is the True Justice Electronic Corps. This manual is issued to operations personnel of the TJEC. The basic manual issued to all True Justice personnel is the True Justice Field Operations Manual and is a separate publication. The basic field operations manual outlines the broad spectrum of surveillance and punishment activities, while this manual focusses specifically on the electronic operations.

Members of the TJEC must demonstrate excellent performance as community-based agents (CBAs) before they can apply to become an electronic punishment operator.


Electronic surveillance and punishment is a powerful component of the True Justice operations, the other component being community-based visual surveillance and punishment applied by community-based agents (CBAs.)

Electronic operations are carried out by the True Justice Electronic Corps (TJEC) personnel, who are trained in the use of electronic equipment. New electronic corps operators (ECOs) will become qualified to use equipment described in this manual. However, technology continues to advance, and ECOs will need to advance by way of demonstrated skill and loyalty to True Justice goals in order to access the most advanced equipment.

The electronic equipment used by new ECOs is community based. The most advanced equipment does not require proximity to targets, and is operated from regional bunkers which can cover areas of hundreds of square miles.

New ECOs, having privileged access to critical equipment and information, are monitored by way of the remote advanced equipment to prevent breaches of secrecy. "Free lance" use of the equipment in the custody of ECOs is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

The conveyance of ANY information about True Justice electronics to people outside the TJEC level, or "hacking" or "having fun with" the equipment outside of assigned use, will result in instant and severe punishment. The advanced level equipment monitoring ECOs is equipped to deal out electronic punishment.

The following sections describe equipment currently assigned to ECOs residing in the target's community.


Through wall radar (TWR,) sometimes called "millimeter wave" radar, is the electronic corps operator's (ECO's) basic surveillance technology. The units assigned to ECOs are improved over similar equipment used in airport and other security installations.

The True Justice TWR units operate in two modes, active and passive.

In active mode, the small dish antenna illuminates the target's home, through the wall, using a signal which causes the hydrogen atoms in water to resonate and give off a backwave signal. This is similar to night vision units where an infared LED illuminates the scene.

The unit's rectangular lens then focusses the "millimeter wave" return signal on a charge-coupled device which is scanned to form the image seen by the operator. Because the unit excites hydrogen atoms, the target's body shows brightly, in contrast to non-living objects in the area. Here is a sample through-wall image recorded with a TWR unit. Note the highlighted chest and thorax area - that is the focal point of the illuminating dish antenna on the unit:

Some of the functions performed by through wall radar operators set up adjacent to the target's home are:

Determining if the target is alone - some punishment operations require the target be alone so the target has no witnesses

Reporting target's attempts to sleep to the True Justice Control Center (TJCC)

Reporting target's preparations to leave to TJCC for relaying to community-based surveillance and intercept agents

Reporting target's sexual activity to the TJCC

Determining exact instant when target's urine stream starts and stops, to cue synchronized starting/stopping of the downstairs bathroom taps, a punishment type used to make the target feel totally violated and helpless



The weaponized microwave oven is a simple, basic punishment tool which is used to maintain the target in a baseline state of vague health problems. True Justice punishments are designed to degrade the target's quality of life, deniably, over time, making it impossible for the target to point out one catastrophic event that could be construed by the public as a criminal attack.

The weaponized microwave oven can produce punishment effects like these:




Memory loss, early Alzheimer's, concentration loss

Bad dreams



Heart and blood pressure problems


IMPORTANT: Even though plans for weaponizing microwave ovens are commercially available, DO NOT attempt to modify an oven yourself. Doing so could be hazardous to the electronic corps operator (ECO) , and could result in poor focussing of the microwave beam, resulting in loss of punishment potential.

Your local True Justice Electronic Corps center will provide the modified oven. TJEC modified microwave ovens are disguised to look from the outside like perfectly normal microwave ovens, which is very important for deniability.

Weaponized microwave ovens are easily aimed through walls with the use of through wall radar (TWR). The microwave signal will show on the TWR screen as a brightened area.

Weaponized microwave ovens are most effective when aimed at the target's head and upper body while the target is in bed.

Avoid aiming the weaponized microwave oven (WMO) at a target when the target is seated at a computer. WMO signals are powerful and can disrupt the computer, giving the target a means of attracting unwanted attention from members of the public and officials.



The "Lida machine" dates back to the 1950s, and was developed as a drugless sedation device. It is basically a pulsing radio transmitter. The original is shown above. The "Lida machines" issued to True Justice Electronic Corps operators (ECOs) are more compact and are tripod mounted.

The Lida has two operating modes:

Forced sleepiness/fatigue, using a slow pulse rate

Forced waking, using a higher pulse rate

ECOs set up next door to targets will use forced waking at several points throughout the night, and in some cases, under direction from the TJEC regional command, all night long.

When forcing the target awake at different points throughout the night, ECOs will be assigned to do this at very specific points on the clock. For example, the target may be awakened at 12:30 am, 2:00 am, 4:00 am and 5:30 am for several months. The time duration of each period of forced waking will also be assigned. At the end of the several month period, the on site ECO will receive a new schedule.

When keeping the target awake all night, the waking signal is shut off one minute before the time the target sets his/her alarm clock for. The target instantly slumps and begins to fall into a deep refreshing sleep just before the alarm goes off. This is real justice.

In some target workplace situations, the Lida can be aimed so as to hit the target through walls, and at an angle so no other workers are affected. With cooperation from management, sometimes the Lida, the True Justice issued version looking much like a security camera, can even be in plain sight. When this is done, an optional surveillance camera is mounted with the Lida for optimum use.

Targets can be rendered so sleepy on the job that they can be forced out of their employment. This is true justice indeed!

The beam width of the True Justice Lida units can be widened. If a target gives a presentation to a group, the Lida can be used to make the audience sleepy, causing the target's presentation to flop.

The Lida can be used to put dogs to sleep through the wall in a target's home to facilitate entry for applying other forms of punishment.

The Lida is an excellent, deniable way to respond when someone in the community offers help to the target. The "helper" can be given a dose of a couple of months of no sleep. Most people undergoing this will not know how this is happening but will begin to realize it's a response to their friendly help offered to the target. When this is assigned, community-based agents (CBAs) will have the "helper" under surveillance and a vantage point next to the "helper's" home will be established.



Voice to skull (V2S) technology was first demonstrated in the early 1970s by Dr. Joseph Sharp, working for the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR.)

It is a means of transmitting sound directly into the skull of someone in line with the beam of microwave pulses. No implant is required. The V2S units provided by True Justice have been miniaturized, and look like a large camera with a battery pack attched by cable. These units penetrate most walls, and are easy to aim using through wall radar (TWR) because like weaponized microwave ovens and the Lida device, their signals will cause the impact area to brighten.

Like the other electronic weapons, V2S is particularly effective when aimed at the target in bed, however, an interface cable is provided so that the V2S unit can be connected to the TWR unit to literally track the target within the radar's scan area to maintain an audio stream into the target's hearing sense.

As an electronics corps operator (ECO) you will not be assigned to directly talk to the target. Special verbal punishment CDs will be furnished, having been custom recorded by staff psychologists for the target you have under surveillance. For the sake of speed, the audio files will be transmitted via the True Justice network to your local TJEC headquarters, where the actual CDs will be created.

Some of the punishment content forced into the target's hearing sense includes:

Endless insults, customized for the target

Endless statements that the target is of the opposite sexual orientation than the actually are

Endless threats against the target, and the target's family

Forecasts of punishment setups the target is actually scheduled for

Urging the target that his/her situation is hopless and that he/she needs to commit suicide

Fake alarm clock, telephone or pager sounds to interrupt sleep

Fake knocking on the target's door

Hypnotic trigger phrases or tones

To assist staff psychologists in creating effective punishment, you will be asked to put the TWR on record mode and send the recorded video to your TJEC headquarters for some of the CDs. Look for a red label on the CD to notify you of this requirement.



"Silent Sound" is the current form of subliminal sound. It is used in department store sound systems to transmit anti-shoplifting hypnotic messages. It is better than the older "time slice" subliminal sound because "Silent Sound" runs continuously.

The "Silent Sound" principle takes voice carrying hypnotic messages, and using a device similar to a telephone voice changer, moves the speaker's voice up near (but still below) the upper frequency limit of human hearing. To ensure the hearer doesn't become aware of silent sound, the audible sound the hearer is listening to along with the silent sound controls the SS volume level.

Silent sound can be conveyed directly through the air, or it can piggyback on to any radio or TV sound signal, it can be recorded on any conventional audio tape, CD or DVD, or, of particular use to electronic corps operators (ECOs), it can be transmitted by the True Justice voice to skull (V2S) unit by way of an interface cable.

Here is a concept diagram of a combined Silent Sound-V2S system:

While V2S by itself can inflict heavy punishment on a deserving target, when Silent Sound is added to V2S, the potential is there to apply hypnosis literally for years, with the target hearing nothing, or at most a faint ringing in the ears. When a target is not aware of incoming hypnotic suggestions, he or she is far easier to manipulate. When a target is exhausted from sleep deprivation operations, they are easier yet to manipulate.

Since 4 out of 5 targets have some degree of susceptibility to hypnosis, many targets can, in fact, have fundamental changes programmed into their personality and they will have no idea why.

There is the possibility of actually forcing a sexual orientation change. There is the possibility of actually forcing a target to hate their once-loved family members. Quite often, hypnotic instructions are given to force a target to be hungry all the time and overeat, resulting in major health problems for the target.

In some cases, voice to skull (V2S) coupled to Silent Sound (SS) is used on family members, friends, co-workers and managers at the target's workplace to create true justice for targets!

Because of the fact that V2S coupled to SS can be used for years with the target not being aware, hypnotic TRIGGERS can be installed in the target's psyche. A trigger can be a phrase or a unique tone or series of tones. A trigger is a password.

The trigger is hypnotically installed, along with one or more hypnotic instructions, silently.

When the target hears the trigger phrase or unique tone or tone sequence, much of the time, the target will execute the instructions installed along with the trigger. These instructions can be anything from causing a target to do something embarrassing, right up to doing something highly dangerous, aggressive, or fatal. The target's susceptibility to hypnosis governs how well a trigger will work, but many targets have successfully received punishment this way.

For targets susceptible to hypnosis, any level of excruciating pain can be applied.



True Justice has a number of darkened-window mobile units with miniaturized versions of all of the electronic weapons discussed above. This enables quick response and on the road following operations to be carried out with ease. The vehicles are various models of the sport utility type, with 4-wheel drive for best mobility. They are painted in a variety of colors so as to not raise targets' suspicion or attract much attention from the general public.

The mobile equipment has both daytime and infrared target acquisition equipment similar to that used in police helicopters, mounted in what appears to be a streamlined rooftop carrier. The carrier is fiberglass and the aiming ability is 360 degrees horizontal, and from 15 degrees below horizontal to 90 degrees vertical. This gear relieves the electronic corps operator (ECO) from having to continually aim the equipment, once the target has been identified and locked in.



True Justice electronic corps operators (ECOs) have recently added the electronic balance/coordination disruptor called "EPIC", by Houston, Texas based Invocon, to the electronic punishment arsenal.

EPIC units transmit electromagnetic pulses at the target, silently, through walls and affect the inner ear. One way a target's employability can be destroyed, in cases where dexterity is required on the job, is to apply the EPIC signal just as the target is observed to be doing delicate or messy work.

These units will be integrated into future mobile units, but currently are only available for hand held or tripod use.

ECOs stationed adjacent to target's homes have been able to relieve the boredom of long shifts by electronically knocking the target off balance just as they attempt to do something messy, and watching the results on through wall radar.

Invocon has begun supplying improved EPIC units which can also generate "magnetophosphenes", meaning the signal makes the target "see stars." This can be used in many employment situations to break the target's concentration.

Work is underway to add nausea and other effects to the EPIC units' capabilities.



The "acoustic spotlight" is coming in to commercial use as precisely targeted audio advertising which can only be heard in one place. Some True Justice Electronic Corps (TJEC) centers use them. They are not silent, through wall punishment devices but instead, they are carried by some roving electronic corps operators (ECOs) to project sounds which emanate from odd places as the target moves about outdoors. The acoustic spotlight uses ultrasound, and is not usable indoors due to echoing.

One of the most common tactics for the acoustic spotlight is to play recordings of unusually loud bird calls emanating from places there are no birds. Such as blank masonry walls, or trees bare of leaves where it's clear no bird can be seen. Such instances can cause targets to question their sanity, which is one form of True Justice punishment.

As the acoustic spotlight, and it's competitor HyperSonic Sound, come into wider use, this device may lose its effectiveness as punishment, but for the moment, True Justice will continue using it.



The True Justice Electronic Corps (TJEC) will assign two types of work to electronic corps operators (ECOs):

Cueing the local TJCC regarding target activities

Administering punishment to the target

There are TJCCs in every community with a population more than roughly 5,000 people. However, TJEC centers exist only in larger cities, roughly those with 500,000 people or more. Much of the supervision of local ECOs will therefore be by electronic means.

Local ECOs, those who are actually assigned to stay right with a target during their shifts, will perform various tactics, determined by staff psychologists, with the prescribed punishment orders being available on the True Justice network host computer for reference.

Making the target believe they are insane is a primary tactical goal.

Getting a target to talk about electronic punishment effects the general public don't believe are possible, especially voice to skull (V2S), is another primary tactical goal, as this will ensure the target is isolated and forced into the mental health system.

One very important tactic is the "guessing game" tactic. This tactic is basically monitoring the target's activities, and carefully noting the target's attempt to locate the source of their discomfort, and/or, use shielding against it. The guessing game tactic is assigned to ECOs, as it is highly interactive and cannot be effectively supervised at a distance.

One common assumption by targets is that they must have electronic implants. While electronic implants have been experimented with, they are not currently in operational use. The combination of True Justice around the clock surveillance, and the classified master computer tracking of every target at all times makes implants unnecessary. A few targets may have them but implants are not the rule.

However, because targets are not aware of the full extent of True Justice operations, they often assume they are implanted. This causes some of them to try aluminum foil beanies, and if they talk about such attempts publicly, or are seen trying a foil beanie, they have very effectively punished themselves by instantly presenting the appearance of serious mental illness.

The way ECOs can encourage targets to believe they are implanted is to immediately shut down electronic punishment when the target puts a foil beanie on, and on the first instance, stay shut down until the target takes it off.

In actual fact, for the beam weapons used by True Justice, a foil beanie is not very effective. So on each future attempt, the ECO can start using increasing power levels applied against the neck, face and spine and thus make it appear that True Justice is "having trouble" getting around the foil beanie to the supposed "implant."

This is effective even if the target is one of the few who do not believe they are implanted.

A few targets will try fully enclosing metal shielding. Those cases must be referred to your regional True Justice Electronic Corps (TJEC) center. There is classified equipment at higher levels in the organization which can penetrate the shielding. The operators at the classified level will also apply the guessing game, by allowing the first use of fully enclosing shielding to "succeed", then gradually turn up the classified equipment power level until the target, having spent considerable money, time and effort, is hit just as hard as before trying the shielding.

Mobile units are equipped with portable equipment as well as the vehicle-mounted units. They use their high flexibility and mobility to apply the guessing game to targets as well. Many targets suspect everything that even looks like a microwave dish. They particularly suspect the trunk link dishes or phased array trunk antennas on cell phone towers.

In some cases, mobile electronic corps operators (ECOs) have teamed up and positioned themselves along a route the target is known to be travelling, and hidden in cover at visible cell phone towers near the highway. They then apply the prescribed punishment from those points only, convincing the target that those towers are absolutely the source of their discomfort.

The goal of guessing games is to induce the target to complain to officials - law enforcement or perhaps cell phone providers - that those towers are harassing them. This can bring about the desired result of discrediting the target and getting them forced into the mental health system.

Satellites are not directly used. True Justice does use them for communications, but not for applying electronic punishment. However, most targets believe, because they are tracked everywhere, satellites just must be the source of their punishment. ECOs in the field are often stationed in the apartment above the target, and may be able to find ways to convince the target they are being hit from a satellite, but for the most part, field ECOs can't convincingly make a target believe he or she is being hit from above.

The classified equipment can create a variety of effects, such as beams of visible light extending well up into the sky that make it look as if they are originating from satellites. The classified equipment can also position a spot of light above the home of a target, also creating the impression the target is being hit from a satellite. Many targets do not realize that satellites cannot remain stationary and in view above their homes.

Specialists from your regional TJEC center can use their computers to modify cable TV broadcasts in real time, and cause the target to see a customized version of a show they are watching, full of messages to or about them personally. ECOs may be asked to monitor the target's reaction via through wall radar. To get a target to complain publicly about a customized broadcast is an excellent way to force the target into the mental health system.